❤️ ❤️ 📷: @DavidFritzGoep https://t.co/HUUvjGsHtJ
RT @Arthur_Dvx: « You can’t kill rock n’roll. » Ozzy Osbourne https://t.co/iJw1tAdMH5
RT @MtzReuma: A moment forever.. The stage.. Much love.. The set list.. Tonight @EODMofficial #Prague #Praha #Praga #Lucerna Rocks.. Thank…
RT @Eve_Toth: The night when you see @EODMofficial, make new friends, with whom you come to an agreement to go to drink somewhere downtown…
RT @GRIMM_Gent: Check out the pictures of a night of rock 'n' roll and fun with @EODMofficial and @deadsara at @TRIX_online in Antwerp Belg…
Only sometimes? 😘 https://t.co/UGUL4VVcrV
BREMEN!! GERMANY!! TONIGHT!! 🛀🏻 https://t.co/gOaePUGNbl
VENUE CHANGE: #Munich - we’ll see y’all at #BackstageWerk on 12 May! Bring your boogie shoes!! 🤘🏼 https://t.co/vn3TcgXgna
RT @bough_laura: @jesseEODM @EODMofficial was completely blown away by your set @TeddyRocksFest. Seen you lots before but this was 20 mins…
RT @_LilLil_: Rarely taking photos these days but here you go, while in Paris... Who's number 1 ?! @EODMofficial @jesseEODM https://t.co/50
RT @what_watched: ⁦@TeddyRocksFest⁩ ⁦@EODMofficial 🔥 ⁩🤘🔥 https://t.co/AoTZWWgb9y
RT @donttakethepeas: @EODMofficial well, you guys rocked. Awesome 👏 https://t.co/z3Umpva6kM
Music dudes doing music things! #tbt https://t.co/Fs8Y1wY3yG
RT @lifeforparis: Thank you @jesseEODM @EODMofficial for proudly wearing our Life for Paris badge on this legendary pair of red braces, for…
RT @_LilLil_: Love, Hugs & Rock'N'roll @EODMofficial @OLYMPIAHALL #Paris https://t.co/evidpFpPQA
RT @Frederick3700: @EODMofficial Thank you for the rock & roll we all needed so hard after a long time tonight in Antwerp. @jesseEODM https…
RT @moodybitch68: If I am in a bad mood this song lifts me , the video cracks me up , I swear I am like the girl on the bed when I hear ⁦@da…
RT @bastienp2a: @EODMofficial ✨ https://t.co/tYnSXCIrOS
TONIGHT. #Paris ❤️ https://t.co/t9bX6VrMRe
“We are fammmm-ily…” 🤘🏼❤️🤘🏼 https://t.co/oYDj4xfPAO
RT @musicfestpt: Os fantásticos @EODMofficial celebraram 24 anos de carreira, ontem, no Coliseu dos Recreios de Lisboa. A @martikas fez a r…
RT @kurco_sKs: Fuck yeah! @EODMofficial @jesseEODM @thejennievee @SalaCapitol #eaglesofdeathmetal #eodm https://t.co/fkMNnP3Sg1
Rock ‘n roll, live and direct from #Madrid!! https://t.co/Ksnyl9n8Tk
RT @blueinigo: @EODMofficial!!! #music #eaglesofdeathmetal #eodm https://t.co/zpXTU2nywQ
One week into our European tour and we are having a BLAST with y’all! Enjoying a lovely day off today (Happy Easter… https://t.co/TWTlIJpwlY
RT @Locutus2Borg: Demain.. The place to be.. @EODMofficial to Besançon ✌🤟🤘 https://t.co/eRTmdLYEbq
RT @NadiaBernaz: Great show by Eagles of Death Metal @EODMofficial https://t.co/KhWZkadAsv
Drum’s eye view! 🤘🏼 #Amsterdam https://t.co/8CgQ5kt7gO
RT @waterookgebeur1: Oh damn❤❤❤ @EODMofficial https://t.co/IkQTd3QPd8
RT @RoyvdSteen: @EODMofficial https://t.co/14U5Bw6o72
After some final rehearsals in London this week, our Euro tour starts TOMORROW NIGHT in #Amsterdam!!! We can’t wai… https://t.co/mPgcvUuKCz
RT @EverythingNewPT: Já só tens 10 dias para garantir o teu bilhete! Vê aqui o convite dos @EODMofficial e não percas o concerto no dia 22…
RT @konichila: TRIBUTE TUESDAY🔥. A tribute to @jesseEODM @EODMofficial Eagles of Death Metal is an American rock band from Palm Desert, C…
April 11, 2006 // That’s sixteen years of uninterrupted sexiness!! Turn this one UP today!!! 🤘🏼 https://t.co/3otwhzdEhU
RT @MaxxxPower68: @EODMofficial doppelgänger
Last day of band rehearsal in Los Angeles = Band headed to Europe this weekend for our MEGA TOUR that starts 14 Apr… https://t.co/vQ0qrQGhQZ
RT @LiveNationGSA: 🚨 Support-Alarm 🚨 @DeaMatronaBand sind als Support für die Termine der @EODMofficial in Münster und Berlin bestätigt wo…
RT @TicketmasterES: 🔥 ¡Eagles Of Death Metal (@EODMofficial) están de aniversario y vendrán a celebrarlo con nosotros/as!🎸 Entradas a la ve…
We’re rollin’ our way into our big, sexy, mega, Euro tour that starts NEXT WEEK!! Are we coming to YOUR town??? 🛼🛼… https://t.co/WwNRutUPwz
Happiest of Birthdays to our drum-bangin’, motorcycle-ridin’, champion of a human being: Mr. @JormaHChrist!! 🥁 🎂… https://t.co/lRnSOaP8O5
We’re comin’ to see y’all in just over 2 weeks, playing rock shows all over Europe!! Grab your dancin’ shoes and co… https://t.co/Y5PoXhVi73
March 23, 2004 #HappyBirthday ✌🏼 🤟🏼 🤘🏼 https://t.co/I1llCVOBV7
Austin! Here we come on July 24 for #RippleFestTexas !! Tickets/Deets: https://t.co/1ZKZ7udLFO https://t.co/wmAYGrsX2V
It’s spring cleaning o’clock!! Grab your EODM merch this week with some special discounts & treats! 👕 SHOP:… https://t.co/iRoT2Ps5Pi
🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 https://t.co/sdCP5dy7FN
Shows on our April/May European tour are starting to SELL THE F OUT!! Do you have YOUR tickets yet..??!! 🎫🎟… https://t.co/RrhPdV4suM
My first time/place seeing EODM live was: __________ ⚡️ 🤘🏼 ⚡️
RT @patgriffinleeds: @EODMofficial https://t.co/EPSJkpMOnv
RT @deadsara: ⚡️We are going to Europe in support of @eodmofficial !!⚡️We will be adding on dates so keep a look out👀 #deadsara #eodm #eu…
...plus added a couple new stops. We're also psyched to be bringing along our pals @deadsara for a good chunk of th… https://t.co/rn1o2cCVaR
ATTENTION ALL ROCK 'N ROLLERS: Now that the covid cloud seems to be lifting, preparations are well underway for the… https://t.co/MKCk6LdTVu
RT @TicketmasterES: 🔥 ¡Eagles Of Death Metal (@EODMofficial) están de aniversario y vendrán a celebrarlo con nosotros/as!🎸 Entradas a la ve…
Six years ago tonight. ❤️ @OLYMPIAHALL https://t.co/cRkYI6DHUb
RT @Maremaidstar: Oooh a bit of @EODMofficial - what a bass line and Josh Homme again 😍 https://t.co/a7R19f6jHO
2 dudes, 1 mic …… circa 2015 https://t.co/u3rClWqXZd
RT @SwingerFitz: Everyone should listen to @EODMofficial https://t.co/Oke8q3hmHe
RT @ToddArnett6161: @EODMofficial #bootselectric #guitarpick #tattoo https://t.co/ruziT1wNzD
RT @pjfan29: @3croookedhearts Yeah, so there was a time when this happened… @EODMofficial #WishYouWereThere https://t.co/n98CRFPKP2
Tattoo excellence!! ✌🏼🤟🏼🤘🏼 https://t.co/2ODElDENDk
RT @RockArtDaily: EAGLES OF DEATH METAL @EODMofficial Art by Emek @emekstudios #Emek #EAGLESOFDEATHMETAL Buy on eBay http…
@FarrowandBall @pollyherbert5 Mix away!! ☕️🎨
Jesse🤘🏼Jorma🤘🏼Joshua🤘🏼Jennie 📷: #MartinThompsonPhotography https://t.co/6yHJbDMZsq
Y’all wish a VERY happy birthday to the badass that is @thejennievee!! 🎁 https://t.co/lP7mDqPpn0
RT @AlanToddWHS: #SundayFunday @jesseEODM and @thejennievee of @EODMofficial at @Greek_Theatre in 2019. #EaglesOfDeathMetal #livemusic #con…
Happy Birthday, Jacob!! Keep rockin’ it!!! 🤘🏼❤️🤘🏼 https://t.co/uStnJmR9W3
RT @losers_lost: If listening to @EODMofficial is wrong then I don't want to right https://t.co/ABychGvean
RT @holywhitehounds: @EODMofficial and @radiomoscowband for sure
Soon!! ⚡️⚡️ https://t.co/h9cH9LnhZb
RT @laurakaykelly: All Hail Rock’n’Roll: many of the international bands were cancelling, but @EODMofficial brought the party. There’s noth…
@MaxHorrorHouse @FatherBadass 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
Here’s to an electric 2022!! ⚡️🤘🏼⚡️ #HappyNewYear https://t.co/hV95wCT8VY
Come to them all!! 🤘🏼 https://t.co/LTxK0zPOR5
RT @wendycroney: ⁦@EODMofficial⁩ I want to do this again #eaglesofdeathmetal https://t.co/7AUFBcRfkp
RT @TicketmasterES: 🔥 ¡Eagles Of Death Metal (@EODMofficial) están de aniversario y vendrán a celebrarlo con nosotros/as!🎸 Entradas a la ve…
Happy & Merry (Eve & Day)!! We love y’all so, so, so hard!!!!!! ✌🏼🎄🤘🏼 🎨: #adrawingbykate https://t.co/iddzAnxDZ5
RT @MCMoot: The best band that I have never seen live...I want it... @EODMofficial https://t.co/TfAxh7ZWd2
🤘🏼🎄🤘🏼 https://t.co/1VdqH4QUH5
RT @MikeTodd614: Hearing @EODMofficial cover of @duranduran “Save a Prayer” for the first time. 🤯
This little angel has now been out in the world for 1 month!! Have you brought your Boots Electric Christmas home f… https://t.co/PepxgzzMU4
A photo that perfectly encapsulates our excitement for the weekend!! https://t.co/ygQtaJTIsG
RT @PacificCurd: @EODMofficial playing my fave track and one I can play on the drums 🤘I can recognise that beat anywhere!!!! https://t.co/L
🤘🏼🦪🤘🏼 https://t.co/tG94Y60Hwz
RT @AlanToddWHS: #FlashbackFriday @thejennievee of @EODMofficial at @Greek_Theatre in 2019 #FBF #livemusic #concert #concerts #concertphoto…
❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/8FZ78ka6oH
RT @joeLikesTofu: Amazing gig last week, one of the most fun bands to see live 🤘 #eodm #eaglesofdeathmetal @EODMofficial https://t.co/26ruh
RT @PacificCurd: The mighty fine @jesseEODM of @EODMofficial last Monday at the @o2academybris - shot for @rocknloadmag #eodm #eaglesofdeat…
Have y’all voted for @thejennievee for Coolest Song In The World 2021??!! #LSUG VOTE: https://t.co/OgwTBn7LCZ https://t.co/4K67UcQ4Kb
RT @bigbadwalks: Two great gigs, two nights on the spin! Cheers @EODMofficial, that was a proper rock and roll show in Leeds! https://t.co/
RT @thejennievee: special thanks to @HiwattOfficial for my amazing rig on the @EODMofficial UK 2021 tour!! https://t.co/wGCaNTyG7A
RT @franken_boris: Jesse and the crew absolute brought it to the @o2academybris - so much love given to @EODMofficial and so much given bac…
That’s a wrap! #EndOfTour We love y’all so hard, and already can’t wait to hit the road again in 2022! Much love, … https://t.co/Vz6uW3Giub
😝 Last show of the tour tonight!! Not sure how that’s possible, but hot damn have we had a rad time these last few… https://t.co/viZ9yZIleX
RT @kosso: Take a bow #EODM @EODMofficial #Bristol https://t.co/nh9Y5xW7Tm
RT @_morbidite: I got my @EODMofficial shirt for xmas coming.
RT @louderthanwar: Eagles Of Death Metal: @O2RitzManc - live review by Wayne Carey 📸 @mudkissphotos “Jesse Hughes, a genuine superstar rol…
RT @shahanshahan: Another great show from @EODMofficial tonight! Thanks for coming back to #Bristol as part of the 24th anniversary! @o2a…
Only THREE shows left on this rock ‘n roll tour! #Manchester, #Bristol, and #Leeds the next 3 nights! See y’all the… https://t.co/h40ZdMhAkL
RT @vickip1104: That was everything the heart and soul needed. Thank you #RockAndRoll #eodm @jesseEODM @EODMofficial https://t.co/mw8n1gAtsz
RT @drkerrygough: In other news, I've waited 15 years to see @EODMofficial @jesseEODM held my hand & sang for a bit. Think I might have fal…
Thank YOU for being there! ❤️ https://t.co/RXaWqLvMag
RT @adamdavey70: @EODMofficial at @Rock_City_Notts just wow 🤩 🤟🏼 https://t.co/FXr6zQsRnQ
RT @superclive101: 2 years since last gig and well worth the wait, thank you @EODMofficial, you just make me smile @jesseEODM, we love you…
A magical #London evening amongst all our friends!! Could not be more grateful for every single one of you that has… https://t.co/zDz6J764aC
RT @mikeDH71: Great show from @EODMofficial last night at @RoundhouseLDN. #London #livemusic #gig 👋🎸🎶 https://t.co/BYPurzXS3m
We love y’all real, REAL hard!!! ✌🏼 🤟🏼 🤘🏼 @spotify #spotifywrapped https://t.co/gPu25XwyxE
A beautiful day honoring a beautiful man. ❤️💔❤️ #stevestrange #farewelltour #soldout #rip #dad https://t.co/DY7PgZQ6Ic
Today, we lay to rest our beloved Steve Strange in London. Rest easy, “Dad” — we’ll see you on the other side. ❤️… https://t.co/GfeBi3nSZ6
RT @BackseatMafia: Live Review: Eagles Of Death Metal - The Academy Dublin 27, 11, 2021 plus gallery @EODMofficial @academydublin https://t.c
RT @LBSUevents: REMINDER that the @EODMofficial show previously scheduled for tonight has been postponed until 7th Dec! If you've got your…
RT @SwingerFitz: I have a slight @EODMofficial problem 🍸 https://t.co/Kz3jfIld0u
RT @sewertimeblues: #SpotifyWrapped2021 hyping me up ahead of my belated birthday present seeing @EODMofficial on Friday. 👏 https://t.co/Vb
Throwin’ it waaaay back to the 2006 #DeathBySexy record release party in Hollywood. 💿 📷: #misfitloved https://t.co/3QqpSSQkCF
RT @laurakaykelly: We. Need. Rock. N. Roll. @EODMofficial 🖤 https://t.co/aQI67QEKf2
RT @girlsour: Another epic entrance from @EODMofficial at @SWG3glasgow Fantastic night. Maximum energy. Totally on point.I just needed. Tha…
It’s true….. the original title for the #BootsElectric Christmas EP was “Human Santapede” and featured this incredi… https://t.co/4XSXFWFau7
RT @SWG3glasgow: 𝗧𝗢𝗡𝗜𝗚𝗛𝗧! @triplegmusic US rock heavyweights @EODMofficial + special guests in the Galvanizers! 7pm doors Final tickets av…
RT @ihateadulting84: @EODMofficial You absolutely rocked my world tonight in Birmingham, first band I've seen live since the pandemic hit a…
RT @JackBuckler21: What a gig! Thank you @EODMofficial for tearing up Birmingham tonight 🤘 https://t.co/Aapw10aQ59
#BlackFriday merch sale!! Stock up for the holidays with all the boogie/woogie gear your heart desires! We love y’a… https://t.co/eVeSOEtxm1
🤘🏼❤️🤘🏼 https://t.co/C4XcbtgYRU
A day off on the tour = an incredible band/crew #Thanksgiving dinner on the road! 🦃❤️🦃 #gobblegobble https://t.co/aNF3Pb0oLA
Happy #Thanksgiving wishes, one and all! ✌🏼 🦃 🤟🏼 🦃 🤘🏼 https://t.co/7oliASUe12
RT @WriteBluesAway: Had the best boogie seeing @EODMofficial again at @TramshedCF a massive fan of all the Welsh love too! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Very muc…
RT @Huw_Williams80: @EODMofficial were brilliant as ever today in NCL. Scores of people chanting “one more song” after the set. Always leav…
RT @Doc_Wall: Thank you @jesseEODM and @EODMofficial, bloody awesome gig! @TramshedCF https://t.co/i4BWY8dXHG
RT @TNTracklists: Rock and roll cabaret with Palm Desert's finest @EODMofficial tonight in Cardiff. The bassist is evidently a @Manics fan…
✌🏼❤️🤘🏼 https://t.co/4rPzmswKWh
RT @aidanfarrelly: Just back from the @EODMofficial in Cardiff. Have wanted to see them live for years and they did not disappoint. What an…
It’s go-time in Brighton !!!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼 https://t.co/vJKHZcRi1w
RT @WillGregorian: Yes!!! @EODMofficial https://t.co/Hb5JzGcTyL
Our first tour in lord-knows-how-long starts TODAY in Brighton! Oh… and tonight’s show is SOLD THE F OUT!! We can’t… https://t.co/2grGPPrp23
RT @DeapVally: The wait is over, folks! MARRIAGE, the record, is out TODAY! https://t.co/nXyvX9bPpd We are so proud & elated to be putting…
One of these things is not like the others! 😎 🤘🏼🎅🏼 https://t.co/4YbHY2mXtf https://t.co/T3vTIBjRWP
This beautiful bundle of holiday cheer is out NOW!! Allow #BootsElectric to slide down every single one of your ch… https://t.co/R3HNGsBnV5
RT @LimelightNI: @EODMofficial '24th Anniversary Tour' hits Belfast later this month with special guests @bonesbandbones! 🎟️ Limited tick…
RT @LoutPromotions: 12 SHOWS OF XMAS! 🎅 @SamRyderMusic (sold out) @EODMofficial (sold out) @TheSnuts (sold out) @byronwallen @SeafretOffic…
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ https://t.co/zSeyIbqY9d
DATE CHANGE: Our show at Beckett University in #Leeds has been moved to Tuesday, 07 December. All original tickets… https://t.co/khl6BfThxf
RT @TylerShayler: @EODMofficial Stand by it https://t.co/ubQOl9IMuH
RT @LoutPromotions: 4 TICKETS LEFT to catch @EODMofficial & @bonesbandbones play @ChalkVenue #Brighton on November 22nd 👉 https://t.co/VvXZ
✌️ 🤟 🤘 https://t.co/ObVHoX5hhz
Show #1 of our UK/Ireland tour is two weeks from TODAY!! 🤘🏼 Tickets: https://t.co/1ZKZ7udLFO https://t.co/tkypC5xC5a
We arrive in the UK in just TWO WEEKS for our upcoming tour!! We…. can…. not…. WAIT!!!!!! See you there?? ✌🏼 🤟🏼 🤘🏼… https://t.co/5BrBzq0FbQ
Rock ‘n roll. Vancouver. 2008. #tbt 📷: @cryptic_photos https://t.co/xBRDvwhbZz
RT @BuffaloMusicSto: We love you too @jesseEODM @EODMofficial! You made our day. You had us at #GuitarPicks ❤ #JesseHughes #EODM #EaglesOfD…
Happy 🎃 !! #happyhalloween #brensartnstuff https://t.co/LyN77uVkEX
"Put A Little Love In Your Heart" from 'EODM Presents A #BootsElectric Christmas' is available to your earholes RIG… https://t.co/W028x9mcOI
RT @LoutPromotions: ONE MONTH TO GO until @EODMofficial @ChalkVenue #Brighton on November 22nd! Final tickets 👉 https://t.co/VvXZj9ylKt htt…
RT @Stesspac: #nowspinning Eagles of Death Metal - Heart On @EODMofficial @EaglesOfDeath @vinyl_for_life @LarrySpinsVinyl #EaglesOfDeathM…
We’re playing a whole lotta shows all over Europe in March/April 2022 — and they’re all onsale TODAY!! Grab those t… https://t.co/2THmNNv3Mg
RT @Loudwire: LISTEN: @EODMofficial cover 'O Holy Night, ' announce 'A Boots Electric Christmas' EP: https://t.co/pw7n1A6aIl
HO HO HO!! We come bearing gifts this September morn'! Very excited to announce A #BootsElectric Xmas EP out Nov 19… https://t.co/VmFsjTDEZZ
Booking agent extraordinaire and our very own godfather of touring. This one hurts. A lot. 💔 https://t.co/mCmH3M6eWD
Happiest of birthdays to the sexiest man (and greatest mustache) on planet Earth! #BootsElectric ⚡️🎂⚡️ https://t.co/uEvs6FDxwD
RT @SJSFANDUNADUNA: #SongoftheDay Day 20 @EODMofficial Wannabe in LA. I remember it on MLB The Show 09. That was one of the few upsides ab…
RT @Dercheef: #np @EODMofficial https://t.co/WZOMUJJ4wG
TONIGHT! FREE!!! @DrekkerBrewing | #Fargo https://t.co/QazIFsbssc https://t.co/EUdDkMGdRO
Tightening up for a rock ‘n roll show this weekend! See y’all soon, #Fargo! @DrekkerBrewing https://t.co/N1inJyTONU
RT @LoutPromotions: ⚡️ SELLING FAST ⚡️ @EODMofficial @ChalkVenue + @bonesbandbones #Brighton | 22nd Nov 2021 Tickets 👉 https://t.co/VvXZj9
TWO WEEKS FROM TONIGHT!! Can’t wait to see y’all in #Fargo! #drekkerfest https://t.co/hBhKTp1OhP
Name this play: __________ https://t.co/sUWGRogmkS
Amazing tattoo’dom!!!✌🏼🤟🏼🤘🏼 https://t.co/YbSl666mbb
RT @GuillermosPerro: @ThatEricAlper Saw this at @commodorevcr @qotsa & @EODMofficial My Backyard would be🤟 https://t.co/eu0JhV9UGc
RT @cohetemedina: I came to L.A. to be rock and roll Along the way I had to sell my soul I made some good friends that make me say I really…
That’s right, folks — shows for our Nov/Dec tour are already starting to SELL…… OUT!!!!! Grab those tickets now if… https://t.co/r9LqkMYWpO
RT @Macknis79: "Save it till the morning after" Good morning! @EODMofficial @jesseEODM miss you guys live✌️🤘🤘 #RockandRoll https://t.co/v
FARGO, ND!! We’re headin’ your way Sept 18 for #DrekkerFest at @DrekkerBrewing! Oh… and this rock show is FREE! Can… https://t.co/33pvGZeUBW
RT @JaredMay76: ✌🏻🤟🏻🤘🏻 @EODMofficial https://t.co/O89YGGkq2n
🔥🎸🔥 @thejennievee https://t.co/F1zod0ZRCC
Conan O’Brien: LEGEND Congrats on tonight’s final show (for now...), and thanks for having us over the years! ❤️… https://t.co/vUwG27Y4wY
Did somebody say #NationalBestFriendDay???? 😎 https://t.co/jf5wQLk8P9
Awesome! Sounds like the kid has some great taste (like his dad)!! https://t.co/ThiWy2PzYW
RT @LoutPromotions: NEW THIS WEEK.. & SELLING FAST! 🔥 @EODMofficial @ChalkVenue + @bonesbandbones 22nd November 2021 https://t.co/7a409zY2
RT @GStarFromSpa: I said months ago, the first live band I wanna see post-shitshow are @EODMofficial and it's happening...TWO dates booked!…
Yes!! 🤘🏼 https://t.co/ubszciYXTe
Tickets for all Nov/Dec shows in the UK + Ireland are on-sale TODAY at 10AM local time. Grab your tickets, and grab… https://t.co/wzphCmsWZ2
Happiest of Birthdays to Mr. Duck, courtesy of Mr. Electric! 🐣⚡️🛼 https://t.co/tckJ8Lr2jB
RT @DeapVally: We had a super fun recording session with Jennie Vee on bass at Cave Studio and ended up with one of our favorite songs. So…
RT @uDiscoverMusic: Eagles Of Death Metal Announce 24th Anniversary UK And Ireland Tour 🤘 @EODMofficial https://t.co/TB3vngxfDQ
U.K., we're a'comin' across the pond!! It's been far too long since we've been able to boogie & woogie with you all… https://t.co/j7NqEVwikT
We wanna play some rock shows..... !! 🎸🎤🥁 || ✌️🤟🤘
RT @thejennievee: NEW MUSIC ALERT! ‘I Like Crime', my new collaboration with @DeapVally will be getting it's first play on the @steve_lam…
✌🏼⚡️🤟🏼⚡️🤘🏼 https://t.co/I9EcLBb2eP
RT @_george_samuel_: listening to @EODMofficial's "Death By Sexy" this morning and remembering the first time I heard them, when they did a…
RT @PRK_LA: Jesse Hughes @jesseEODM from @EODMofficial joins us to give a crack at @FEARLeeVing hit I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU!! W/ @GregHetson…
April 11, 2006 Still sexy after all these years! ✌🏼 🤟🏼 🤘🏼 https://t.co/rDuzD1VMuu
🤘🏼 🤘🏼 https://t.co/aRL0kxzVAu
RT @mslaughter63: Just 24 hours left to watch one of the great show’s ever! @EODMofficial
Happy Easter, y’all !! 🐇🥚 https://t.co/P9wtoC3X5x
✌🏼👶🏻🤘🏼 https://t.co/OVC7659CEM
Skating into the new week like..... 🛼⚡️🛼 https://t.co/l9wgvOuo7U
RT @JCBliss: Eagles of Death Metal - Greek Theatre; Los Angeles, CA (8-28-19). #EaglesOfDeathMetal @EODMofficial Photo: Jeff Bliss https:/…
March 23, 2004 ✌🏼❤️🤟🏼❤️🤘🏼 https://t.co/OCtUeUzqZv
👶🏻🦆 + 🥾⚡️ https://t.co/YnnGPxopYV
✌🏼 ⚡️ 🤟🏼 ⚡️ 🤘🏼
8 years ago tonight. Or, as it currently seems.... 100 YEARS AGO tonight!! Can’t wait to rock again with each and e… https://t.co/6Itj1ZP2rM
Come and get it!! 🌭🌭 #tbt https://t.co/e8z4rf8EQF
👮🏻‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️ https://t.co/Kk4TFw0SG3
🤘🏼🤘🏼 https://t.co/uxndxhJNsb
Have a SUPER weekend, y’all!! 🔻 https://t.co/yzVC2bhiNN
Us, too!! ✌🏼🤟🏼🤘🏼 https://t.co/n7CZnVbnra
🤘🏼🤘🏼 https://t.co/TQZ57g5IE5
✌🏼❤️🤟🏼❤️🤘🏼 Paris, France February 16, 2016 📷: @realKelliHayden https://t.co/BRcKLzNpuV
Happy ❤️ Day, y’all !! https://t.co/ACO414kVm2
Death by sexy, indeed! 👽 #fbf https://t.co/1HvqsHgiYL
$10 shirts + $15 Valentine’s bundles??? You had us at ‘hello’..... !! ❤️ https://t.co/jYDjXGdQqp https://t.co/VHoTkjTb2c
Happiest of birthdays to this most wonderful human being!! Y’all send @thejennievee some birthday love today!! 🎈🎁🎉… https://t.co/xsl5G9nLZs
RT @Jaminthevan: Watch Jesse Hughes from @EODMofficial and Luke Spiller of @TheStruts jam in the van! Full set up now: https://t.co/e0vJB
🤘🏼🤘🏼 https://t.co/cC0z13bqxj
Some balls are about to drop!! Happy (almost) 2021, y’all! We love you so hard, and we can’t wait to see you out th… https://t.co/bYO7xDIXFz
✌🏼 🎄 🤟🏼 🎄 🤘🏼 https://t.co/9KLKTWMrlg
Our very own @jesseEODM has the GREATEST mustache! #fact https://t.co/84rcsBkxll
RT @mckaytouring: Tour Manager turns skateboard maker during pandemic. Finless Skateboard Co. Kickstarter 11 days to go. Pledge, share, hel…
Who’s hungry?? 🍳🥞🥓 #tbt https://t.co/f243cSeU9s
We loved spending every dang (virtual) minute with you all during this crazy year! Thanks for listening, thanks for… https://t.co/D2H61oEwPK
Eagles Of Road Tripping 🏍 #tbt https://t.co/ZtMJ6vj79F
RT @justycider: Shirts day 16 @EODMofficial Peace, Love and Rock https://t.co/1xijpDe3TF
Throwin’ it waaaaaayyyyy way back! #tbt ❤️ https://t.co/syahQmo1zn
RT @Lo8ferry: @EODMofficial ten years ago... Love you all the time... https://t.co/G1tsNKSRlH
Shoulda never left! 🤘🏼 https://t.co/ek6OlDGNAF
⚡️⚡️⚡️ https://t.co/6SuuphgXYn
Stone. Cold. Boots. 🚬 📷: #mathiasfau https://t.co/ejVz8B5q5L
⚡️🏈⚡️ https://t.co/XLiLhkbhPr
RT @Rabbit0fSeville: @EODMofficial what a great cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Blinded By The Light" made popular by Mansfred Mann in the… https://t.co/nLivTO9iYM
Dudes! YES!! Must have this @TheBetaMachine record!!! ❤️ https://t.co/04eToRvYs7
⚡️ The definition of a throwback photo. We pinky swear. ⚡️ #tbt https://t.co/hAFWWV2t5v
RT @thejennievee: WOW! These look HOT in RED!!! Order yours today!! @EODMofficial @jesseEODM https://t.co/tySDVeCzmT https://t.co/2wwACujDtl
Always suspicious..... https://t.co/6VZgVtFUVE
F**k. Yes. Awesomeness supreme by #thedoodlinkid!! https://t.co/GBMhQvBvG8
📷: @neumannarchieve https://t.co/G7sLsOgHP7
They're here! These little gems o' hot wax are back on the market -- #vinyl reissues of the-long-out-of-print… https://t.co/l7BKlwt0Ky
The new #MenInBlack: #BabyDuck + #BootsElectric https://t.co/5Eb46TPH34
RT @rockfreaksnet: @COPENHELL has unveiled the first four artists for its warm-up programme this year, including @EODMofficial. See th… https://t.co/4LIbEERyy9
RT @CNBCJosh: .@SquawkAlley kicks off show /w @EODMofficial 'Miss Alissa' - nicely done
It’s @thejennievee’s birthday, y’all!! Send her some wishes, and give her some love! 🎂🎸 ❤️ 📷: @Katrin_Albert https://t.co/1AFYGqTwWh
Boots Van Gogh!! Amazing piece of art from #kevindangerously. Happy Friday, y’all! https://t.co/5izY6tEEV8
RT @colesy1985: @EODMofficial Two shows on ONE night? You guys frickin’ rock so damn hard 👏🏻🤘🏻✌🏻
We don’t get exhausted. ❤️ https://t.co/4EbROPf8D9
Seconded! 🤘🏼 https://t.co/rRqrdBGIi1
BERLIN!! 2ND SHOW ADDED!! Since this gig sold out so darn quickly....... We will now be playing TWO shows on this… https://t.co/6o3uK2HBDI
A couple o’ rock ‘n roll dudes! https://t.co/TTIENkjJxC
RT @ToddArnett6161: @EODMofficial Such a great photograph 🎙🎸 #bootselectric #eodm https://t.co/nl2jizesZf
We’re in!!! Love this. https://t.co/obKcAQa2lA
Fun with drones! 📷: @willstockwell https://t.co/oQI9iwjzil
And how was YOUR evening?? Much love to everyone who came out to party at @CatalystClub last night, and best wishes… https://t.co/YcJ9pbUw7f
RT @lttits: This is how @EODMofficial does New Years 2019 in #SantaCruz!! ✌🏾❤️🤘🏾😈 https://t.co/hu89ohUcvn
RT @lttits: @EODMofficial @CatalystClub I can’t wait to shake my ass into the new year tonight EODM style! 🤘🏾🔥🤘🏾🔥
WHO’S COMING TO PARTY IN #SANTACRUZ TONIGHT??? We’ll be rockin’ & rollin’ deep into the new year. Countin’ it down… https://t.co/Gihc9avEx5
RT @CanPOREOTICS: Boogie Feet by @KeshaRose @EODMofficial Requested by @FzzyTiger #boogiefeet #kesha #eaglesofdeathmetal https://t.co/iydKyXQ4v3
HAPPIES + MERRIES!!! We love y’all! ❤️🎄✌🏼🤟🏼🤘🏼🎄❤️ https://t.co/PNsQvPJyz8
This awesome BRAND NEW t-shirt is hot off the presses and ready to roll for our 12/31 NYE show at @CatalystClub in… https://t.co/D6jVKPecbT
We love us some @mattmcjunkins !!! https://t.co/TVmYRGij6c
RT @ToddArnett6161: @EODMofficial @jesseEODM Merry Christmas! 🎶🎄 https://t.co/3VdBcXuuGP
Up and at ‘em..... It’s almost Christmas!!! #tbt 🎸🎄 https://t.co/3m6dLNU164
RT @thesoftwhite60s: New Years just got a whole lot sleazier. You, us, @EODMofficial + all the NYE resolutions you won’t remember you ma… https://t.co/EgCaoJO9Rc
Best pals. Hand holders. Boots Electric. Baby Duck. #tbt https://t.co/Vlerxe2FB1
RT @jesseEODM: Most Yesly!!!!!! https://t.co/x92q3eqbns
We love y’all so hard!! ❤️❤️❤️ #Spotify #SpotifyWrapped https://t.co/Xwyh1hdury
Shows are already starting to SELL OUT!!! Love y’all to the moon for that! #Glasgow + #Amsterdam are now SOLD OUT, … https://t.co/EBfPNdKJ4A
RT @jezyearofthedog: Now playing #hearton by the @EODMofficial 🤘🍻 https://t.co/aPUDdwrwRg
RT @triplegmusic: Californian rockers @EODMofficial special intimate full headline Scottish show at the @Garageglasgow on Thursday 13… https://t.co/Q504suK3dp
WHO WANTS VINYL ?? After being out of print for too many years for us to even count.... 180G audiophile editions of… https://t.co/qmBymoINsb
RT @CatalystClub: 🍾Ring in the New Year in style! Win the ULTIMATE New Years VIP Experience package which features exclusive VIP seat… https://t.co/gEBHH3psxm
** BELGIUM ** Mark it down for 21 June.... EODM are coming to @GraspopMetal, and we're bringin' the boogie AND the… https://t.co/g9whUUYI1I
Caption this...... We dare you. #tbt https://t.co/wWPkG1DlCy
RT @ToddArnett6161: @EODMofficial @rockimpark_com @rockamring https://t.co/l6MSr65amB
It’s the weekend!!! https://t.co/Q5m38c7WGT
Love you dude! 🤘🏼 https://t.co/EIdsab0j0U
RT @kevfallon: @EODMofficial @iamchadcrawford @EODMofficial Rock ✔️ Roll ✔️ Boogie ✔️ Woogie ✔️ Peace ✔️ Love ✔️ Tickets ✔️… https://t.co/l7IXHq1mKt
New tour dates are onsale TODAY !!! Hopin' to see y'all soon -- tickets for all shows available here:… https://t.co/5V3Mmgb5zA
So much Electric !! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ https://t.co/NXcoILJ4ft
MORE NEW TOUR DATES GALORE!! #Germany, #UK, #Netherlands, #Luxembourg, #France ...... we're comin' your way next s… https://t.co/vb43YQ3UHG
He.... is..... AWESOME!!!!!!! We love this! https://t.co/8Qvgq4tAKg
#VERYnotabadthing ❤️ https://t.co/AGhDqOS9Ac
Awesommmmmmmme times last weekend! ✌🏼🤟🏼🤘🏼 https://t.co/ZpzHJZ6bYz
It's holiday shopping season time, y'all! Now through Monday in the #EODM merch store, grab 30% off storewide + fre… https://t.co/PAbN3VWtQA
We are thankful for every single one of YOU beautiful people! #HappyThanksgiving to everyone celebrating, and all l… https://t.co/vrf781Nv6N
RT @apeacefulnoise: Due to huge demand we've released a VERY LIMITED number of production tickets for Saturday's amazing intimate show… https://t.co/NDqhsYpqHa
U.K. !!! We are mega pumped to be heading back to @DownloadFest in June! Can't wait to see your dancin', smilin' fa… https://t.co/DPOgW7hGJN
GERMANY!! We're a'comin' your way! Excited to be playing @rockimpark_com + @rockamring next summer. Two days of me… https://t.co/tfePEbwifa
RT @955KLOS: .@EODMofficial rocking the Hollywood American Legion and supporting #Veterans charities across Southern California.… https://t.co/cQfZF8yVGW
If y'all don't know about @HanksKerchiefs yet.............. you should!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 https://t.co/wrxCKA72ZC
And we, you! 🧡 https://t.co/1H5jFv4odJ
Throwin’ it way, WAY back! #tbt 📷: #samholdenphotography https://t.co/3Zs4w6HZA2
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ https://t.co/npXy92pm30
A very special ⚡ LIMITED EDITION ⚡ vinyl of some classic rock 'n roll covers by #EODM is now available for pre-orde… https://t.co/mxuGv49JNu
Workin' on 'em! Soon.............................. https://t.co/qj3h08zKeh
Who’s doing what — and where — for #Halloween tomorrow???? Hit us with your best costumes and/or game plans! 🎃✌🏼🤟🏼… https://t.co/2oUlGBDIqo
RT @qotsa: Joshua is back on @beats1 for a special 2 hour Halloween edition of the #AlligatorHour. Hear it Wednesday on… https://t.co/2Y1bHYUxql
Come to the party!!! https://t.co/f9uHcGnUez
Our hearts are heavy and the world seems a little less bright upon hearing the news of the passing of our brother… https://t.co/5m7nctudq7
Throwin’ it back to a glorious 2014 @FestivalSupreme! Many laughs + much rockage!! #tbt 📷: @acebjt https://t.co/48aWtf04dm
RT @jimmydickbutter: Tuesday vinyl @EODMofficial #AlbumsStillMatter https://t.co/9gcoRehvRf
Well hot damn if this here lil' record didn't just turn 3 years old last week! The time, it flies. 🤘 #ZipperDown https://t.co/SF4qKxXatt
RT @955KLOS: #KLOS & Operation Comedy Present: Stand Up and ROCK OUT with @billburr! Don't miss this amazing night of comedy fol… https://t.co/APblXGxtrx
We are fixing!! We mustn’t keep such immense sexiness from the masses! #DeathBySexy ❤️ https://t.co/aNwn5sLko8
Awesome. What song? Hope the gig was a rocker! https://t.co/YECLtZ3RIQ
This plan has our absolute support. Hope to see you there! 🎉 https://t.co/7llPCpeLMT
That tattoo is RAD!! ⚡️ https://t.co/thay2Yuflo
Rollin’ in hot on this fine Wednesday! ⚡️⚡️ 📷: @Neumanvision https://t.co/NaovVgsw1a
Our kinda rabbit! https://t.co/BfyZV0jqTO
For your drinking — and boogie’ing — pleasure. Image by @bywaydesign https://t.co/dJSJClY8XL
NEW YEAR'S EVE ROCK SHOW!! Come boogie away 2018 & woogie in 2019 with us at @CatalystClub in #SantaCruz on Dec 31s… https://t.co/nBQiTHXiof
RT @jimmyfallon: .@JackBlack is here tonight and he always knows how to make an entrance!! #FallonTonight https://t.co/BAdY0OGMf1
Check 'em out, one and all! We ❤️ @TheBetaMachine https://t.co/wmZ8yOlhiC
NEW YEAR'S EVE!! We're gonna play us a lil' ol' rock 'n roll show at @CatalystClub in #SantaCruz on 12/31. Boogie 2… https://t.co/5fFlWLQ7T3
RT @jeffwartman: It’s an @EODMofficial sort of Thursday #EaglesOfDeathMetal 😎👍🎸🥁
This............... is............... TREMENDOUS!!! ⚡️❤️ https://t.co/6Lsy643Nik
He's awesome !!! https://t.co/MqW28WlmcD
RT @concertaddicts: A commemorative poster of @qotsa + @EODMofficial performing at @commodorevcr in #Vancouver by @cryptic_photos. Some… https://t.co/OrqouSWy4W
Rockin’ ‘n rollin’ in the city by the bay tonight. Had a blast at #MotoBayClassic all day long! 📷: @grantbr_photo https://t.co/FojF3CctwH
🎨: @cryptic_photos https://t.co/Yz7P4Raym0
RT @willstockwell: Microphone origami by @jesseEODM @EODMofficial @commodorevcr #eodm https://t.co/AawCq79s5f
The pleasure is absolutely ours! https://t.co/FfujjucJJ4
RT @DoTheBay: Take a ride over to the Moto Bay Classic this Saturday at Pier 32! 🏍️🏍️ You won’t want to miss all the action and… https://t.co/HmebYrtOR4
Jorma: Shred mode ⚡️🥁⚡️ 📷: @willstockwell https://t.co/x5Bu7ImRe9
RT @concertaddicts: Last night, @Aurora_MMJ brought their "Illumination" concert series to #Vancouver with a special performance by… https://t.co/ty4WjMffIy
Agreed, agreed, and agreed! 🤘🏼 https://t.co/w3pFrTqcwW
SAN FRANCISCO!! We wouldn’t dare miss the amazing #motobayclassic next month!! Come boogie with us at Pier 32 on Au… https://t.co/UJsOJ7xxQo
NEW SoCAL SHOW NEXT WEEK!! We're playin' a few rock 'n roll shows on the West Coast these next few weeks, so we tho… https://t.co/tZ3nECSncj
Going. To. Be. AWESOME. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ https://t.co/5Wm5Eesug0
YES!!! ⚡️⚡️ One of the most beautiful dang photos we ever did see! https://t.co/ijCDKvKHEq
Awweeeesoommmmmmmmmeeeee https://t.co/z69uzbYTLU
Well WE can't get enough of YOU! https://t.co/FcVHo5rstW
RT @Chrstine16stone: #FF Get @HighDesertFires cover of @EODMofficial's "I Love You All The Time" on itunes here: https://t.co/S9uK0kCBZv@CT3GUITAR @sibbyfresh
The superest and the nicest!! https://t.co/VB94QS91mw
RT @thejennievee: Throwback to our awesome tour with @qotsa vid by @willstockwell #eaglesofdeathmetal @EODMofficial https://t.co/LyHyEbEYsx
Dude! Our very own mega bass player supreme, Ms. @thejennievee, will be sitting in with the band all next week on… https://t.co/MWVKRk0yOe
Much love 🤘 https://t.co/6evQHthzyD
❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/n24mzyt74h
RT @lesleynka_LA: Peace Love Death Metal by @EODMofficial 🤘🐝🐣 https://t.co/4O52T0UH0Q
Everyone wish a most happiest of birthdays to our brother and the best gosh darn guitar wizard this side of the Mis… https://t.co/5c7RCEwN54
No, it is YOU who is awesome! https://t.co/2XygzZ5Rxr
Family. ❤️✌🏼🤟🏼🤘🏼❤️ https://t.co/ZjSUp08XA3
.@qotsa will rock GIGANTICALLY tonight, as always!! ❤️ https://t.co/cnVJ7gUKyv
That is AMAZING!! Happy Birthday to your awesome daughter! https://t.co/XCjwazxTrl
Really wanna be, really wanna be....... #tbt https://t.co/fwjZoD74bc
We ❤️ @thejennievee ! https://t.co/ZxWGav7QJI
Vroom vroom! ✌🏼🤟🏼🤘🏼 https://t.co/wnqr9walDJ
Another AWESOME van sighting, this time in #SouthAfrica! Thanks to our pal Patrick for snapping a photo and sendin… https://t.co/hH8G8rSKlv
Well that makes YOU our fave thing right now! Thank ya! https://t.co/IvPIgLwCTA
RT @lmorrisbeals: I came to love them separately but @EODMofficial and @brokenlizard go together like Chief O'Hagan and denim. 🤘👖… https://t.co/1ePECyUnUo
The @SuperTroopers 2 soundtrack is available NOW, featuring a handful of #EODM tracks + our brand new, exclusive co… https://t.co/OrmFNr3jkU
Surprise! ❤️ https://t.co/jaTe4fkOSv
Our most raddest of congratulations on a mega opening weekend for our #SuperTroopers2 pals! It was our honor soundt… https://t.co/DyMmtcpB5r
RT @dwaynemcintosh: #SuperTroopers2 is hilarious. Well worth the wait. Love their choice in music, Eagles of Death Metal soundtrack. Wo… https://t.co/VhwZBzDm9e
RT @Aaron_Cooney: If you like the Broken Lizard dudes, go see @SuperTroopers, real funny stuff. And I totally forgot that… https://t.co/6EpLLf6nA7
NEON!! So rad. We love this, #CaptainHandlebar. Thanks for making, and thanks for sharing! https://t.co/qg4QhwlBRT
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 https://t.co/95aJXXnCCl
Sportsmen in #Tempe today for @InningsFest. Thanks to @MLB_E for the hang. ⚾️ #EODM #InningsFest https://t.co/e33Cyp1epJ
TODAY: @InningsFest in #Tempe #Arizona Who's coming to boogie tonight????? ✌🏼🤟🏼🤘🏼
This is amazing! He's awesome!!! https://t.co/eqVszN0kOR
🏋🏼‍♀️🏋🏼‍♂️ https://t.co/QJlLs2Aikt
Be kind and rewind! 🤘🏼 https://t.co/YlyMrBtxdD
LOS ANGELES! Check out Ms. Tuesday Cross’ art show tomorrow night 3/23. Free + all ages! #TuesdayCross #RomanticRock https://t.co/cC4YZHwu6g
RT @PaulBugler: When you see your boy at the club and that one rock song comes on #c100 @EODMofficial https://t.co/Qw4mHZTGWP
THAT IS AMAZING!! ❤️ https://t.co/KG6uezF5FC
☃️🤘🏼 https://t.co/hkVFribJM1
RT @RussDa5_9: What an innovator. What an album. Saw @EODMofficial play this song at ACL last fall and it was one of my more energ… https://t.co/8cjn0TM5yL
Well then today is a good day! Sounds like an awesome rock. https://t.co/m83AkplWbT
❤️⚡️❤️ https://t.co/2ADGFyzU9T
RT @Line6: Listen to musician, songwriter+producer #DaveCatching at his recording studio @ranchodelaluna in Joshua Tree, Ca sh… https://t.co/hLojXOyCE7
Here’s to a 🤘🏼 weekend! 📷: @iamchadcrawford https://t.co/UrJTvdvEL9
Too close to call! 😎 https://t.co/CP6d3uu79S
A polaroid’d #BabyDuck + #BootsElectric. 📸 ❤️ . . Photo via @ShowboxPresents https://t.co/5bHHcS2Ivu
Amen to all of this! https://t.co/RRp6kGbp3K
Closing out this fine week, while still thinking about an amazing last week. Love y’all! 📷: @willstockwell https://t.co/03JDzt4QzD
RT @KSCU: Congratulations to our winner of the the Queens of the Stone Age ticket giveaway! Paul Sanchez got to take his daug… https://t.co/xCeGDomjbk
It gets no better than playing rock 'n roll shows with our best pals in the world, for you beautiful humans. Our th… https://t.co/TO5qnPDy6w
RT @qotsa: QOTSA X EODM X SAN FRANCISCO Bill Graham Civic Auditorium 🎫 https://t.co/V1wYMoWlz8 6:30pm DOORS 7:30pm… https://t.co/kvDpYBnH6l
Last show of the QOTSAxEODM tour tonight in #SanFrancisco! Bring the boogie! 📷: @soundsnapphoto https://t.co/IyTlufb1Fy
Mega drummage from @JormaHChrist! 🥁 📷: @willstockwell https://t.co/BtI62xNkKE
RT @newrock1041: Tonight! @SellandArena (art by @mikefudgeart) Doors: 7pm 8pm: @EODMofficial 9:15pm: @qotsa #newrocknation https://t.co/4NLy81jN05
Sitting by the ocean. Boots & Baby Duck. 📷 via @qotsa https://t.co/WfIuXJnCz5
We agree! DO IT! ❤️ https://t.co/SiA5Mm6s6K
RT @ladylapras: "As long as there's air in my lungs, ima be shaking my dick and having a good time!" @EODMofficial everyone 😍😍😍 wor… https://t.co/aMe65ahNqq
TONIGHT!! It's go time. All upcoming tour dates: https://t.co/Mbfbdga7CI https://t.co/pDAaoKJLOt
Y’all wish the most mega of happy birthdays to our sister and the most badass bass player we know, @thejennievee!!… https://t.co/pBHbTm28Le
#BootsElectric & #BabyDuck will see you now. #tbt https://t.co/Pgf7BId20Y
Anyone have any good jokes.... ??
The best. And @jesseEODM is singing right to him! https://t.co/mJZeM8Jl4H
All sounds excellent to us! https://t.co/E3oiSddawy
One of the greatest hat-wearings we ever did see! 💛 https://t.co/yKXdiUgAko
We're with ya in spirit! [shakes ass over the internet] https://t.co/3TfcckbZFF
@willstockwell Hell yes!
The cat's out of the bag! 🐱 See y'all in a few weeks, San Francisco! https://t.co/2pKty5edQX
RT @willstockwell: 9am, somewhere outside Reno. @EODMofficial #tbt 🚌 https://t.co/W2bFsKqsVU
RT @SQotsa: Latest painting started #art #artwork #FanArtFriday #eodm #qotsa @EODMofficial @jesseEODM #joshhomme @qotsa https://t.co/3YiPk7oT8F
Flashin' it back to these glorious 2015 promo videos for #ZipperDown, by our pal @lynchland. #tbt https://t.co/YdKbbqPJb7
Check it, y’all!! https://t.co/J3JlBHDINi
Year-round Christmas!! 🎅🏼 https://t.co/zMHhj5JXFu
Favorite tweet of the day! 🤘🏼 https://t.co/XOK0NRblZt
Rock music will soon be occurring this evening at @themontybar. Peace out, 2017! #HappyNewYear 🎉 https://t.co/06VztfUCga
SUNDAY! NEW YEAR’S EVE! MONTY BAR! LOS ANGELES! Come close out 2017 with us, as we rock ‘n roll our way into what… https://t.co/g4fjVOF8ZW
#BabyDuck + #BootsElectric — Mighty fine work, @farfarnugen! ⚡️⚡️ https://t.co/fUCqJxuaJ5
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/uyWbBSUDaj
RT @ranchodelaluna: love to all. all to love. to love all . love all too
Merriest of merries to everyone. We love y’all so, so hard! ❤️✌🏼🤟🏼🤘🏼❤️ https://t.co/EYIqBfY8D2
RT @Sharon_LA: Love This!! #EODM Holiday Joy! #eaglesofdeathmetal @EODMofficial @jesseEODM 🎄❄☃️ https://t.co/5RhDUtSWEz
Santa’s coming!! 🎄🎅🏼 Photo via @qotsacollector https://t.co/QuEgMr9Mki
RT @thejennievee: @Fender @EODMofficial https://t.co/wd5gKUypEp
RT @PBR_USA: #tbt to an amazing evening in San Diego with @EODMofficial 🖤 One of my favorite shots from that night of my pal… https://t.co/ZLL6YEp6IS
RT @RustyRoj: Thank you @AppleMusic for reminding me how much I love the @EODMofficial https://t.co/0RWcuxmvNN
A mighty fine evening at @thepalladium in #LosAngeles tonight with @PIXIES. Thanks for coming out, y’all! https://t.co/hN6GVt5Je3
✌🏻🤟🏻🤘🏻! https://t.co/zZrcjEs5Mg
RT @thepalladium: TONIGHT! - The wait is over! The PIXIES will bring their influential alt-rock to the Palladium tonight, joined by… https://t.co/cPo2qkRAX0
TODAY: Band rehearsals. TOMORROW: We're playing @thepalladium with the MF'ing @PIXIES !!!!!!! Have we mentioned t… https://t.co/kCa4GaMRFO
We do......... we do............ and YOU are the one who is awesome. https://t.co/275MOL0leX
We, also, cannot wait.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/mnyAuKjdQa
NEXT WEEK !!!!! (Yes, we’re a little excited) https://t.co/igyfnRvo98
The perfect time for it! ❤️ https://t.co/maF95oj3NB
'Eagles Of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends)' -- directed by @ColinHanks -- is out today on #DVD + #BluRay via… https://t.co/gPt1Hrwnhr
Deck the halls and deck your torsos! Brand new holiday goodies, hot off the presses! Check 'em out here:… https://t.co/XSWZzvizJO
We do love some sparkles! https://t.co/J2YYNuYyxb
Throwin’ it back to a couple of young EODM’ers. We were just babies! #tbt 📷: @SteveAppleford https://t.co/ezgFhvRVIs
RT @csaffle1: @EODMofficial ok. I wanted it to be Beagles of Death Metal, but not a Beagle......but....You aren't an Eagle either… https://t.co/DxyObRnTfw
Help support @SweetRelief by bidding on a chance to own this #Gretsch guitar signed by lil' ol' us! Bid here—>… https://t.co/AKozPmSL4x
Happiest of Thanksgivings to all those celebrating today. We love y’all so, so hard! 🦃 📷: @willstockwell https://t.co/odOVyey2vh
RT @LAWeekly: .@SteveAppleford's revealing profile of mercurial @EODMofficial frontman Jesse Hughes has been nominated for an… https://t.co/o4WtUp8vIj
Love these dudes! https://t.co/3lO6zErZMM
There’s plenty of sexy to go around! https://t.co/qdDU5xrhC2
RT @stephportphotos: @EODMofficial on #35mm from @desert_daze 2017 ❤️ https://t.co/T5wTUKzJqP
#BlackFriday comin’ in hot and comin’ in early! Start your holiday shopping today. TODAY! RIGHT NOW!! 🦃🎅🏼❄️… https://t.co/ir7QGUJe79
RT @InningsFest: Want to know which day your favorite artists are playing #inningsfest? Check out our daily lineups!… https://t.co/8v4WK2tJsH
Looks like a win-win to us! https://t.co/UCYyGWFOOl
Well then we believe it is YOU who is awesome. 🤘🏼 https://t.co/VWAFGTVBS3
We love all things @ColinHanks! https://t.co/n2LUqVhkrB
RT @willstockwell: Throwback to Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA w/ @eodmofficial #eodm https://t.co/5KIRihTBkB https://t.co/c8kDmFlJgM
RT @apeacefulnoise: Happy #TShirtDay y'all ! #peacelovedeathmetal #fornick https://t.co/Iv3pP0s6x0
#QOTSA X #EODM indeed! #VillainsWorldTour We cannot.... f**king..... wait. ✌🏼🤟🏼🤘🏼 https://t.co/Vh61HuRMzV
RT @apeacefulnoise: Contenders..ready.Gladiators..ready.And GO ! Tickets on sale NOW. Let's make some more Peaceful Noise together.… https://t.co/wuGIdoUyat
It’s Bob “Baby Duck” Ross & FrankenBoots Electric! #HappyHalloween, y’all! 👻☠️👹🎃 https://t.co/yttHfPogAm
RT @HoltProductions: Happy Halloween from the guitar wizard Dave Catching of @EODMofficial last week at the Orpheum 🎃… https://t.co/gEsvh8LHr1
Deep in thought, imagining what is sure to be a totally awesome weekend. Love y’all! 📷: @chrisphelps_com https://t.co/itsxvq7nRa
ARIZONA! We're headin' down the #Tempe way in March for @InningsFest. Tickets onsale Friday!… https://t.co/ROLBxaPVAG
Mighty fine tonight, #Spokane. Mighty fine. 📷: @PatrickRecord https://t.co/Jf5soBlK0U
We fully endorse this. https://t.co/czZp08E4dB
Grossest AND greatest..... a perfect combination! https://t.co/65NHSeSgFY
Thank you darlin'. We shall for sure be back! https://t.co/VTrgj2Yh5T
Shall we deal you in? Happy #Monday. https://t.co/q0cRqr4ygA
RT @DannaMac: @EODMofficial killed it @ #aftershock2017 thank u for the photo! 🙏🖤 https://t.co/yuKkqiaMtD
We love you right back! https://t.co/iRryZtUu0H
It’s us. @thejennievee | @jesseEODM | @JormaHChrist | @ranchodelaluna 📷: #WandaMartin for @FOXES_Magazine https://t.co/pEpcoyWHfW
It’d be safe to say that we had a RAD time in #SanDiego last night. 📷: @steverosephotos https://t.co/USsV9xsCHJ
Pre-show’ing in #SanDiego. See y’all tonight! 📷: @willstockwell https://t.co/vo8sixjTFu
Words of the Day: #Boogie and #Woogie #tbt https://t.co/pOaUsbTAkb
We forgive you. See ya at the next show! https://t.co/RquI7KfNnm
RT @HOBSanDiego: TONIGHT — *SOLD OUT* @MastodonMusic w/ @EODMofficial & @RussianCircles! Doors: 6:30P, Show: 7:30P. More info:… https://t.co/m8BM8mFZft
The mural on the side of tonight’s venue is AMAZING!! Much love to @DannyMartinArt See y’all tonight, #Tucson!… https://t.co/yYheRU2BpN
RT @thejennievee: Hello Tucson! We play @TheRialtoTucson tonight! @EODMofficial @Fender https://t.co/zvNJ0vQ2m0
It is 100% lovely of you to say so! https://t.co/fFsx2GeZoB
RT @ElReyTheater: 🤘TONIGHT🤘 @complexabq presents @mastodonmusic at @elreytheater with @eodmofficial and @RussianCircles 👍 All ages… https://t.co/Uh2QuVKeLF
We’re playing a show with the f&%*ing @PIXIES !!!!! Can. Not. Wait. See y’all in December! https://t.co/t0lmVXOCD8
Some amazing snacks from #voodoodoughnut before our @aclfestival set tonight! Love y’all!! 🍩🤘🏻❤️ https://t.co/BahGKseAqh
TODAY !!!!!!!!!! See y'all soon #ACLFest https://t.co/eDRCYlXA6X
We can neither confirm nor deny..... https://t.co/9RLDX9623M
Our kinda office! 🤘🏼 https://t.co/u0Ra9dZYs5
RT @101x: Make sure you're following us on Insta for live ACL updates - we'll be streaming live with @EODMofficial around 3pm… https://t.co/FxPsp17M2u
RT @dirtylaundrytv: See THE ICARUS LINE MUST DIE w/ @_JOE_CARDAMONE_ @TogetherPangea @arielxpink @RETOX31g @AnnieHardy & more Sunday No… https://t.co/c9QBXfH0QP
RT @jesseEODM: #GrandRapids today! @EODMofficial show tonight! Photo: @willstockwell https://t.co/mOvnowCnVt
RT @20MonroeLive: TONIGHT — @MastodonMusic w/sg @EODMofficial and @RussianCircles! Doors: 6:30P, Show: 7:30P. Info & tickets:… https://t.co/1CgSxom7DU
A mighty fine time in upstate #NewYork last night-- thanks for showin' us so much love, #Rochester!! Photo by… https://t.co/EQgMnzh77N
#ROCHESTER! On our way to you. See y’all tonight at @RocMainStArmory. 📷: @willstockwell https://t.co/uZ43pEKjFr
RT @amoebamusic: New "What's In My Bag?" episode with @EODMofficial! See what frontman @jesseEODM found shopping at Amoeba Hollywood… https://t.co/xzLztPkSNl
RT @dirtylaundrytv: Headed to @desert_daze? Come to this exclusive screening of THE ICARUS LINE MUST DIE Sunday, Noble Hall 1pm feat.… https://t.co/VArwDgSmO7
Some new muscle to keep an eye on our tour bus..... https://t.co/za3U9bOh1T
RT @MamaDeak: A good lesson from the @EODMofficial show tonight in #AsburyPark. This guy was 👍. #eodm https://t.co/P3QCnuXF3c
Rock 'n roll on a Sunday night. Photo by @WillStockwell https://t.co/HC12ZPmQof
Backstage Davey Jo in #AsburyPark. See y’all tonight at @HOIAsburyPark! 📷: @willstockwell https://t.co/BSnTC5BzhO
RT @HOIAsburyPark: Just a reminder: @EODMofficial is SOLD OUT tonight! We can't wait to see everybody here! #thankyou https://t.co/NSUMzAQZDW
We love y’all, #Atlanta!! 🎥: @willstockwell https://t.co/dnNNaK7ogW
Friday vibes from #BootsElectric. https://t.co/z2mqhDiE4B
RT @TheFoxTheatre: .@mastodonmusic is in the house for their homecoming! See them with @EODMofficial & @RussianCircles tonight!… https://t.co/pAmt74MWsZ
Oh.... hello. #tbt https://t.co/sUl5cwJbfa
RT @hidef1970: OooOOOoh Jesse...so nasty..and we loved it. ✌️#SpeakingInTongues ❤️ #Muah 😘 @jesseEODM #BootsElectric @EODMofficial… https://t.co/hwH9HQ6lMB
Neither can we!! https://t.co/VjHjNRgE0k
Davey Jo. A bicycle. A guitar. A thrashing solo. Amazingness. Video via #JormaVik #EODM #eaglesofdeathmetal https://t.co/lTF4C57Wus
RT @RitzRaleigh: TONIGHT — @Mastodonmusic w/ @EODMofficial & @RussianCircles! Doors: 6:30PM | Show: 7:30PM. Info & tickets:… https://t.co/8t9tXfa3iC
Hell. Yes. Obviously the coolest kid in class! https://t.co/5yiExIrMhu
RT @moogmusicinc: In the #MoogSoundLab today with @EODMofficial 🎶 https://t.co/gRGPS2wHjx
The boy's bad news. #EODM #tbt https://t.co/lIc1oPGUWs
RT @NChasColiseum: Lead by #SouthCarolina native, @EODMofficial are ROCKIN' the stage 🤘🏼 https://t.co/jp32LyjuyV
Awesommmmmmme- happy anniversary!!! https://t.co/ZojJYN76Zg
RT @ChasCityPaper: PHOTOS: @mastodonmusic w/ @EODMofficial, Sept. 27, 2017 https://t.co/Mc3goasETP by @badjonphoto https://t.co/11lQSc4UXt
RT @TimbreConcerts: On Tour! @mastodonmusic with @EODMofficial and @RussianCircles Oct 25th @ Orpheum Theatre #Vancouver Tickets:… https://t.co/U37Fwh50XJ
We'll be back...... (Great photo!) https://t.co/3aJGFfjNbF
RT @HOIAsburyPark: Caption this! Best caption wins two tickets to see @EODMofficial on 10/8! You have 24hrs and remember to tag… https://t.co/RDLaw3kKiO
TONIGHT!!!!! #Orlando https://t.co/FsZXnXjOTq
RT @deandelray: O yes @ranchodelaluna #davecatching is my guest today. Do not miss it. Lots of Music Talk @EODMofficial… https://t.co/3CsfQRlW3G
The most mega of #HappyBirthday toasts to our fearless leader, @jesseEODM. Send some bday love + boogie-woogie wish… https://t.co/6J5pEPkEli
RT @nerdist: .@jesseEODM and Jorma Vik of @EODMofficial chat with Kevin and Steve on Chewin' It! https://t.co/2bp4uMtFQi https://t.co/6zoVpmpL2d
How 'bout it?! See ya next week, @mastodonmusic + @RussianCircles. We can't wait! https://t.co/UFGwm27T6U
RT @allmusic: Premiere: @EODMofficial and @Courtney Love bassist @TheJennieVee gets back to her own music with a new EP, 'Suffer' https://t.co/iN7Gc2Fltk
New tour starts in FOUR FREAKIN' DAYS!!! Which show will we be seeing YOU at this Fall? Dates:… https://t.co/DKvFQwVB3P
RT @jesseEODM: My Dearest of the Dear, my Sweet, Brian "BOC" O'Connor and I.......I Love Him!..... #boceaserforever https://t.co/FYC3q05lEg
Awesommmmmmmme See ya there! https://t.co/lcDAyMpK1e
They come no more handsome than @mattmcjunkins. Flat-out dreamy, if you ask us. https://t.co/cPhpPaJrxj
RT @EarthQuakerDev: @EODMofficial gtrist @ranchodelaluna made a list of songs that inspire his playing in the world's gr8est rock band:… https://t.co/1EEmwHUw82
RT @FillmoreNC: .@mastodonmusic takes over The Fillmore w/@EODMofficial on 10/4! Tag friends & be ready to rage 🤘🎸 https://t.co/nlQpQMC2j0
RT @derekvanvliet: Really happy with the station Apple Music generated on @EODMofficial 👂🎸🤘 https://t.co/vYie2iFt1o
And we DOUBLE DOG dare you!! (Thanks Shaun) https://t.co/08QJDJVyrQ
RT @willstockwell: Clip of @ranchodelaluna's epic SHARED HALLUCINATIONS release show @pappy_harriets! w/ @MojaveLords @EODMofficial… https://t.co/POEOV7og0K
Time for some new #EODM gear?? 20% off all things gear-related over the long weekend. Get yours now, ladies & germs… https://t.co/GMosCl1vHf
Are we the peanut butter or the chocolate? A win-win, either way... https://t.co/ScqYTfVfYE
RT @ElReyTheater: 🎸 @ComplexABQ presents @mastodonmusic with @EODMofficial & @RussianCircles at @ElReyTheater on 10/17 🎸 https://t.co/pM4XWnJaED
Our favorite kind of day!! https://t.co/HJWZEPGmcH
RT @ranchodelaluna: awesome combo of @EODMofficial @jesseEODM & my beard! cheers https://t.co/Qs9fQi6PNt
RT @KeshaRose: 🌈 Boogie Feet https://t.co/ojMbc2vcPj https://t.co/Xx7suX8ikd
RT @jennieveenyc: So excited to play #festivaldocrato tonight! @EODMofficial @Fender @orangeamps 📷 @ranchodelaluna https://t.co/6yaDYPvzuZ
Get at it, y'all!! @qotsa #Villains https://t.co/pg8DiuvInD
RT @SilverLegacy: JUST ANNOUNCED: @mastodonmusic with @EODMofficial and @RussianCircles, Oct. 27 @ Reno Ballroom!
RT @jennieveenyc: Thank you to everyone who came out to see Jennie Vee & The Garden of Eden live for @EchoParkRising including my bro… https://t.co/AkfidPgSaX
@ShaharPik Hell yes!!
Have y'all heard @KeshaRose's mega-awesome NUMBER ONE new record?? We had a blast playing with her on two tracks:… https://t.co/DaU0chgB3P
So much radness!!! Viva @thebeaches! https://t.co/eoL90OQBNQ
RT @TheRamonLuna: This @KeshaRose track with @EODMofficial is giving me LIFE today. These two combined can do no wrong. https://t.co/uKLSB2Mj6D
RT @ranchodelaluna: so proud of my fantastic friend @KeshaRose and happy as fuck to be on her new album alongside @EODMofficial https://t.co/Ebox6SzjPb
NEW TOUR DATES! We've added some solo headline dates to our Fall tour. NC, VA, NJ & AZ. https://t.co/MbfbdfSwLa P… https://t.co/uEHsGSrEyT
RT @pappy_harriets: Fundraiser for our dear friend BOC!! Outside Show Only! SEPT 16th Mark Lanegan / Chris Goss from Masters Of... https://t.co/4m2Xzq96V1
"I Love You All The Time: Live At The Olympia In Paris" is available on 2CD, DVD & digital TODAY. Get yours here:… https://t.co/SjcUKcMzS6
See y'all tomorrow, #DelMar!! We can't wait to boogie with ya. @DelMarRacing https://t.co/thfa0TcXBV
RT @955KLOS: .@IggyPop @EODMofficial & more will be at @desert_daze October 12-15! Get your tickets today!… https://t.co/CMqBKf4trM
Mr. @ColinHanks' beautiful #NosAmis documentary is on the long list for the 2017 #QAwards. Vote here:… https://t.co/wFBG1uVRxh
RT @jennieveenyc: ⚡️❤️⚡️❤️⚡️❤️ #eaglesofdeathmetal https://t.co/TSTu0tvq8q
Our brother needs our help. Please read, share, send your donations & best thoughts. https://t.co/tY7n3Bal1p We ❤️ BOC. And we ❤️ you all.
Check it, y'all! @ranchodelaluna https://t.co/gBdy6Y38V0
Ladies & Gentlemen..... #BootsElectric. Photo by @willstockwell https://t.co/GlAexy5y7C
Cookies!!! 🍪 https://t.co/Kp2lk2ctU5
A beautiful week of shows in the books, as we make our way home (briefly) today. Love y'all real hard!! Photo by… https://t.co/6VVaAXjCNC
RT @Gurds22: Just met Jesse Hughes!! @EODMofficial https://t.co/r4OyAtSeuY
RT @TroyFishers: My first EODM show, and the man comes up and kills it from the balcony. @jesseEODM @EODMofficial @TheVogue Loved… https://t.co/ivHi21Nnau
RT @TheVogue: Tickets WILL be available at the door tonight! @EODMofficial in the house! @DahliaPresents @TheOfficialTBE… https://t.co/uBpOmDn290
RT @jgwin44: @EODMofficial https://t.co/daXrbKiCVk
Hell yes! Love it. https://t.co/DlIgiy08Nw
Get those super duper passes, folks!! See y'all in October. #DesertDaze2017 https://t.co/EfAKEojl1H
RT @MercuryBallroom: TONIGHT -- Eagles of Death Metal (@EODMOfficial) w/ @TheOfficialTBE! Doors: 7:30PM, Show: 8:30PM. Tickets & info:… https://t.co/e1vgDxUu8o
RT @PureGrainAudio: The rock n' roll circus that is @EODMofficial is a live act that you should hear, but truly have to experience live… https://t.co/Wrr8NArTwt
My oh my, are we having some fun out here, y'all!! All upcoming tour dates: https://t.co/Mbfbdga7CI Video by our g… https://t.co/LSt7nRVFvv
RT @ohgoditsjen: My favorite band t-shirt, bandana, and enjoying the nicest night of the summer. @EODMofficial ✌🏻❤️🤘🏻#bootselectric… https://t.co/rvl45bHfen
See you shortly, #Detroit. Tonight is SOLD OUT at @elclubdetroit! https://t.co/mDNPLKxIc5
RT @thebeaches: Thanks for a great night London! Couldn't have asked for a better show/crowd with our favourite pals @EODMofficial!… https://t.co/PairBk4EA1
RT @cyndisilver: Rockin' @EODMofficial show in London tonight! https://t.co/oIOHILQvSg
TONIGHT!!! @londonmusichall with our favorite girls @thebeaches https://t.co/ftKF3NL8f0
Don't ever stop! https://t.co/20DUGB8MsJ
See y'all there!! @londonmusichall https://t.co/lnPJDnEtu8
I got this feeling and it's deep in my body It gives me wiggles and it makes my rump shake #SpeakingInTongues #tbt https://t.co/YVMNylVpUo
RT @thebeaches: We're playing @londonmusichall w/ the rad dudes of @EODMofficial NEXT SUNDAY. Grab ur tix & come dance !! 💃🏻🤘🏼… https://t.co/9fhYWY7nt0
RT @SepRose_: Always a favorite of mine @EODMofficial ❤ https://t.co/aEdi7z56L2
Good, because we are gigantic fans of yours! https://t.co/yjTQUjUN73
#JoshuaTree.... we're coming! Come say hello at @desert_daze this October. All details here:… https://t.co/NOosvTjrq6
RT @lynchland: Check out the video I made of myself giving @QOTSA a polygraph test. Their new album "Villains" is amazing. https://t.co/J0T3MHHD2D
The rumors are true.. we've been having an incredible time scoring the upcoming @SuperTroopers 2. Prepare your ear… https://t.co/3ezZ9PuP2T
RT @MercuryBallroom: GIVEAWAY! We have 2 tickets to see @EODMofficial on June 28th! Enter by Thursday at 5PM for a chance to win:… https://t.co/4o9UPCtBP1
We had so much dang fun with these guys that we're heading back out this Fall! Tix on sale Friday at 10a local tim… https://t.co/TTQkt0Bp9s
Grab those tickets, y'all! https://t.co/5fB4pDYxlN
A man and his kit. 🥁 @JormaHChrist https://t.co/fhL3OGYKaC
RT @londonmusichall: LONDON! Don't miss @EODMofficial when they return on Sunday June 25th wsg. @TheBeaches. Tix ->… https://t.co/YfU3cvRcZD
Happiest of Birthdays to Mr. Davey Jo Catching! Send him some love, y'all!! 🍰🎸🎁🎈 Photo by @witterphoto https://t.co/C5lvfISEpQ
RT @HeffernanRules: In the studio today recording the score for SUPER TROOPERS 2 w/ @EODMofficial @jesseEODM @JormaHChrist making some… https://t.co/agqKWYzUZU
Sounds like A+ work to us! https://t.co/VxpjUUYGuh
RT @AFTERSHOCKSAC: California's BIGGEST rock festival returns Oct 21st-22nd!! Tickets on sale Friday, June 9th at 12pm PT!… https://t.co/oA5Rby5Ln0
MORE NEW SHOWS!! https://t.co/MbfbdfSwLa JUL 17: Santa Cruz @CatalystClub OCT 06: Atlanta @TheFoxTheatre OCT 21: S… https://t.co/Jgvkn4B5Er
RT @mastodonmusic: Atlanta! We're playing the Fox Theatre with @EODMofficial and @RussianCircles on October 6! Tix on sale Friday. https://t.co/MTkptwOK1x
Much love to @RollingStone for showing much love to our brother Davey Jo Catching [@ranchodelaluna]! Have y'all hea… https://t.co/AVHMZfOlkd
.@LTLFest just announced the 2017 line up! Visit https://t.co/CNhj3SfFPb for more info. Tix on sale 6/2 at noon EST… https://t.co/9kiVaFfFVT
Happy #Sunday! https://t.co/BB9gNWB73v
RT @dinealonemusic: Shared Hallucinations Pt. 1 by Dave Catching (@ranchodelaluna) is out now! Find the star-studded album everywhere:… https://t.co/9JkvdQ0fqk
NEW SHOW! We're coming back to #Vancouver July 15 -- playing @RickshawTheatre. Summer shows are selling out y'all!… https://t.co/4xbwvnULg0
RT @ranchodelaluna: so happy @dinealonemusic is putting out my album!great label/great people!get your copy tomorrow!its a desert roadt… https://t.co/nLgnMo2ygY
Stars of the boulevard. #tbt Photo by @therealmickrock https://t.co/7Q7oCi2tSw
Are y'all coming to @ranchodelaluna's 5/27 record release party supreme at @pappy_harriets? Grab those tickets now… https://t.co/HAJ9qbI8En
Homeward bound. An incredible tour with all these incredible people. #EODM https://t.co/1RHhoRDbwO
RT @SirDavPenington: Whoa! @EODMofficial was by far the best #rocknroll show I've seen in a long time...possibly the most fun I've ever seen a band have on stage
RT @acllive: You can have your cake and eat it too. What a way to end a kickass tour, @mastodonmusic, @EODMofficial, and… https://t.co/HxEGG9SD55
RT @SoundcheckMag: Have lots of action shots from the Eagles of Deathmetal show tonight, but love this quiet moment between Jesse and… https://t.co/atBXobS74B
Last show of the tour tonight in #Austin! It has been a joy rock 'n rollin' w/ you all! We'll be back...... soon. L… https://t.co/x8JlZhG04P
RT @jahern1001: @EODMofficial #AustinTexas what a great to site to see this morning. #ILoveYouAllTheTime #Cheers https://t.co/XCLHmIN0J2
RT @acllive: See you tonight! 7:30PM - @RussianCircles / 8:20PM - @EODMofficial / 9:30PM - @mastodonmusic. Limited tickets left:… https://t.co/SmCInsk7f5
RT @ColinHanks: Well if it isn't the one and only @fatherbadass showing Tower Records a little love on a visit to Memphis to watc…… https://t.co/HS9kMHqCRF
How 'bout it, #Detroit?? You know we couldn't stay away from you for long! See you 6/26 w/ our pals @thebeaches.… https://t.co/BIB92tNI7n
Happiest of birthdays to our very own #BabyDuck today! Send him some love today, y'all!! Photo by @hedislimanetwit https://t.co/3y8fdnFJOX
RT @acllive: Not many tickets left for @mastodonmusic with @EODMofficial + @RussianCircles this Sat, 5/20! Get 'em while you can… https://t.co/zZ0WzEkaNo
A mighty good time this evening, #RoyalOak. Thanks for having us! Photo by @willstockwell https://t.co/f4dSI2iR7r
We'll be back to #Detroit quite soon, as a matter of fact. Stay tuned..... https://t.co/4NfDgmKlSX
See you tonight, #RoyalOak! Photo via @willstockwell https://t.co/4PdSWWvGIh
A singer and a drummer. Brothers in arms. #EODM @jesseEODM | @JormaHChrist https://t.co/kGoF9fTyOj
RT @JBDoesntTweet: @EODMofficial @jesseEODM Just got home from seriously one of the most badass shows I've ever been to. See you guys… https://t.co/u4reduXlck
RT @djxfactor511: Thanks @EODMofficial @jesseEODM for another amazing night. @TaftTheatre https://t.co/maPtMh2TUa
A lot of badassery in one photograph! Thanks for the shirt, @pattyshirt. https://t.co/GDXSwHgwC9
Look at #BootsElectric ..... lookin' all sexy in black & white! Photo by #TeddieTaylor https://t.co/fykrabDUVr
How 'bout it tonight, New York?????!!!! Let's boogie. https://t.co/hGVTGIENXZ
RT @Stage_AE: TOMORROW / @mastodonmusic w/ special guests @EODMofficial & @RussianCircles! Tickets are on sale now:… https://t.co/NolkoOgrtP
Live DVD/2CD "I Love You All The Time - Live At The Olympia In Paris" | Pre-order now; out Aug 04:… https://t.co/OrMTy0IPIn
RT @dukespirit: @EODMofficial guitarist Dave Catching @ranchodelaluna glorious new song featuring Liela Moss xx https://t.co/PRwxw9Vh5Z
Happy Sunday'ing, y'all! Don't do anything we wouldn't do...... https://t.co/jVhirSCCeG
RT @EFactoryPhilly: TODAY! @mastodonmusic @OfficialOpeth @GojiraMusic & @EODMofficial w/ @RussianCircles + The Devin Townsend Project!… https://t.co/ytfxdl6Z6s
RT @jesseEODM: Crossing the Border! @EODMofficial https://t.co/ZzMEPHSjqv
Looks like a pretty awesome picture to us! https://t.co/93SpSVkKY6
👍🏻👍🏻🤘🏼🤘🏼 https://t.co/Z0APoW3CBN
RT @HOBBoston: See @mastodonmusic with @EODMofficial and @RussianCircles at @HOBBoston on May 8th! Grab your tickets now at… https://t.co/NCBHgRD0JE
RT @Bobcat_Dim: You can't mess with @ranchodelaluna on this solo @EODMofficial @jennieveenyc #MoonAgeDaydream #CLE https://t.co/noZzP1efd8
RT @willstockwell: The drum and bass solo game is strong with @jennieveenyc and @JormaHChrist! Closing out an awesome @EODMofficial s… https://t.co/mCLdi2TVEs
RT @ScottHerkes: See, the cool thing about @EODMofficial is...everything. https://t.co/8bswJY8X4c
NEW SHOWS! #Seattle + #Portland: Couldn't get enough of you in April, so headed right back in July! All dates/info… https://t.co/HVWtnXiWPw
RT @MercuryBallroom: All the way from California is @EODMofficial to rock the stage and bring us their unique sound on 6/28! Tix avail https://t.co/i8TJnPBNME
RT @jesseEODM: Hughes Only!!! https://t.co/K3Blu0tj7e
RT @TravisRSEN: @EODMofficial are killing @FortRockFest right now on the @MonsterMusic stage https://t.co/61GvyvJgeQ
RT @DecorRock: @EODMofficial @jesseEODM a little quick fan art for my favorite duo ✌🏻❤️🤘🏻 https://t.co/A0ZERjA4pt
Boy oh boy was today a beautiful day! Thanks for having us, @RockvilleFest! Much love to #Jacksonville!… https://t.co/ZtSRqWB1rF
Worlds collide!! Two of our favorite bass players (and people) on the planet! #WelcomeToRockville 🎸 cc:… https://t.co/LUhmDCb2ip
RT @goinwithmyflo99: @EODMofficial preforming David Bowie's was one of the best moments ever #Rockville
RT @jenndphotograph: Brent Hines of @mastodonmusic performing with @EODMofficial at @RockvilleFest https://t.co/jSKtYIPQkK
RT @Pemberton_Fest: The beast is unleashed! Ready for another round of #PembyFest magic? Join us at the best place on Earth- tickets go… https://t.co/Os1j2wgcjK
RT @NBATVRick: Lovin @EODMofficial in Birmingham. https://t.co/aWn20gM4zt
Happy #Friday, y'all! https://t.co/yWFWElS6Rd
RT @vinyl_dude: Now spinning @EODMofficial Zipper Down. This will have to do until 14 May. https://t.co/KSbauXahK0
RT @ideamachineSTL: I went to Rock and Roll church and @fatherbadass was my pastor. Full @eodmofficial album up in a bit! #canon6d… https://t.co/XrgTiXiszY
Rock 'n rollin' in #SLC! Thanks to @willstockwell for putting this little ditty together. Upcoming tour dates:… https://t.co/FMnx9LIINt
Caption away! Photo via @willstockwell https://t.co/g7Ot5HDVGr
Patch game is strong! ✌️❤️🤘 https://t.co/69oUjrt6Ft
He is a man about town! @jesseEODM https://t.co/0lc4D0hZ8S
#CherryCola #EODM #eaglesofdeathmetal https://t.co/T7WIwOlDOC
RT @nthor4: This is how I remember @EODMofficial and @jesseEODM looking in SLC https://t.co/GZ5YTCIjoK
You guys..... are....... AWESOME! Have a kick-ass prom. Don't do anything we wouldn't do! https://t.co/UHUkwFlvqd
Greatest job in the world! 🌎 https://t.co/MZbnbHv5uL
RT @KarenWiehl: @jesseEODM @EODMofficial last night in #LasVegas. If you don't have fun with Eagles of Death Metal something is wr… https://t.co/ijodGPff02
And THAT, brianna, is why we love you dearly! https://t.co/jVPdnYRxbR
Thanks Kiefer-- we will! 🤘🏼 https://t.co/NuIEum6xRv
Davey Jo SHREDS! https://t.co/kSMMMFcCta
Just a small gathering of friends in #LasVegas last night. #LasRageous 📷: @willstockwell https://t.co/VqhwMUpCsS
Happy Sunday!! Love, #BootsElectric & #BabyDuck https://t.co/6tdcOvitzU
RT @robocreep1: From last night's #LasRageous Festival here in #LasVegas , here's @jesseEODM of @EODMofficial getting us all to dan… https://t.co/eiU5MFhI62
Sending healing vibes your way ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ https://t.co/3YVpm3guNP
A 3-year-old rock 'n roller! https://t.co/hp6xjb4BN7
Vegas. Tonight. We're ready. 8:30pm stage time. 📷: @jennieveenyc #EODM #eaglesofdeathmetal #LasRageous #LasVegas https://t.co/e61rCEnnuL
TODAY!! How 'bout it, Vegas??? #LasRageous https://t.co/DxfbwBmqrP
RT @megan2k18: Slim and I had an AMAZING night with @EODMofficial I wouldn't trade it for anything https://t.co/uFEYONBO2k
RT @alysoncamus: @EODMofficial @thepalladium last night! rock 'n' roll to the max https://t.co/757MaZ3BKk⚡️🤘 https://t.co/3KRIY6fEfT
RT @MonkOnTheRadio: Pre-party soundtrack always provided by @EODMofficial! https://t.co/XSMxpMCINr
Davey Jo!! Check it out y'all..... @ranchodelaluna https://t.co/AzTqN7s7xQ
RT @willstockwell: Hitting the road tonight filming the next run of @EODMofficial US shows with @mastodonmusic !! 📷 from the awesome P… https://t.co/bTpuaeVRvM
RT @ColleenFights: Solid night. @EODMofficial @mastodonmusic https://t.co/RdeYUTO7UX
RT @ranchodelaluna: happy birthday to the coolest of the cool!! 70 years of being a bad ass motherfucker!! @IggyPop you are the best! sending you a lotta love
A beautiful evening, #LosAngeles! https://t.co/jHdJmwRN87
RT @acebjt: Tick-tock countdown to showtime. @EODMofficial at @thepalladium. https://t.co/FhjFVy5cvI
Who we seein' at @thepalladium tonight w/ @mastodonmusic + @RussianCircles?? Hope y'all got your tix, cause the show is SOLD OUT Love y'all
RT @1057thePoint: Enter now to win tickets to see @mastodonmusic with @EODMofficial next Thursday [4/27] at @ThePageantSTL:… https://t.co/pNOzLEi29m
Can we get a @mattmcjunkins guitar pick, or what?? https://t.co/Z13uYMXVcd
RT @SFMarMendoza: So amazing!!!! @EODMofficial 🤘🏽🙌🏽🎸🔥🔥🔥🦅 https://t.co/XJiwyQNYRV
Tonight we are SOLD OUT at @thewarfield in beautiful #SanFrancisco! Can't wait to see y'all there......... @mastodonmusic @RussianCircles
We love treats! https://t.co/TdH5kSnGab
RT @RockhartTees: Saw the always amazing @EODMofficial last night and snagged what may be the BEST SHIRT EVER (besides ours of course… https://t.co/R9LNrlKoF5
RT @ironmikesavoia: @EODMofficial Paramount Theatre Seattle photos 3.15.17 📷's: @ironmikesavoia @999KISW https://t.co/2W3exz1HzH https://t.co/HcWDp8XvQg
RT @ROCKSTAR_RADIO: @EODMofficial photos from #Missoula are up #Rockstarradio https://t.co/67Zj8bUSh8 https://t.co/CTxf2upC8J
RT @sallean: The great American Rock and Roll band people. Thanks for a GREAT show @EODMofficial
Well that was fun! The tour is now officially underway! Thanks for coming out, #Missoula! Tomorrow night: #SEATTLE… https://t.co/7iocw788gj
Yeeesssssssssssssss! https://t.co/vpNFcpZnRn
RT @ranchodelaluna: @RussianCircles killed it! @EODMofficial killed it! @mastodonmusic killed it!! thank you missoula montana!! awesome town & @TheWilmaTheater
Our thanks to @tonytherobot for this epic portrait. Also.. TOUR STARTS TMRW!! Which city will we be seeing YOU in??… https://t.co/qJzKzYI3hd
RT @pjfan29: When you find out @jesseEODM @ranchodelaluna & @EODMofficial are coming to town! Thx @TheVogue #ICameToMakeABang ✌🏻… https://t.co/pYlf4dQJWE
Happy 11th Birthday to this banger today. Hit us with your favorite #DeathBySexy songs + lyrics. Thx to you all fo… https://t.co/ALtPLlps5j
Grill MASTERS at #Coachella 2006. #tbt Photo by @zachcordner https://t.co/0qisRHReN8
RT @phred98: What's got 6 cheeks that will be shaking at not one, but TWO @EODMofficial shows this summer?? WE DO!! https://t.co/VwqKUyjaCe
Hell yes, Ian! https://t.co/8avbG3l3rh
Damn it! We'll be back for you. Good luck with the elbow https://t.co/v0WYaRzfci
RT @DonaldCMacleod: Earthlings? @stereoglasgow @ranchodelaluna @EODMofficial @qotsa Dave Catching ripping it up with my 1968 Custom Les… https://t.co/TkQUJlglrd
RT @TheVogue: Tix for @EODMofficial & @thebeaches on 6/29 are on sale now. Get them while they're hot. https://t.co/qc4rKyYEZn @dahliapresents
Happy 22nd! See you there https://t.co/eAqVV9DPdi
RT @MercuryBallroom: ON SALE NOW -- @EODMofficial on June 28th! Grab your tickets! https://t.co/n5Yh7s0quZ
Tix to our Spring tour w/ @mastodonmusic are going fast + newly announced June headline dates are on sale TODAY!… https://t.co/oiAL7BYBar
You heard the man! @jesseEODM #BootsElectric https://t.co/eaSW9h6nyl
Time for a #SpringCleaning sale, folks! 20% off storewide thru this weekend + no promo code necessary. Love y'all.… https://t.co/t2kSaHVZ3x
RT @TheRyman: ON SALE NOW: See @mastodonmusic with @EODMofficial and @RussianCircles at the Ryman May 17! >>… https://t.co/VPS3yl6BSJ
RT @mhovey77: If I don't listen to @EODMofficial at least once a day. It's a bad day that day.
Us, too. @thebeaches are beyond rad!! https://t.co/8aht4ishLS
It's heavily mutual. https://t.co/nNa8PEspJi
RT @brokenlizard: Today you can get @jaychandrasekha's first book, Mustache Shenanigans! It costs less than a ZJ!… https://t.co/DcIrhrTsxQ
RT @TheGRAMMYMuseum: Director @ColinHanks is screening his documentary, Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis on Thursday night.… https://t.co/dNkXf57KvA
!! NEW TOUR DATES !! JUNE 25: @londonmusichall JUNE 28: @MercuryBallroom JUNE 29: @TheVogue All tour dates here:… https://t.co/qPZCHIabzA
Funny you should ask. Perhaps check back with us on Monday...... 🤘 https://t.co/lH4DyeXi0O
Every day should be treated like it's @mattmcjunkins' birthday. https://t.co/jbDFh1PThk
RT @clownprincessxo: Really bummed I'm just now discovering @EODMofficial 😔 But god damn they make me want to shake my ass!
RT @GraceMcKagan: Boots Electric looking fly in his Pink Slips t 💸💸💸💸 @EODMofficial https://t.co/ekTBCIk4sq
RT @woodywood1999: #NationalPuppyDay the Beagles of Death Metal https://t.co/6x12tPjDXL
Incredible! Coolest kid in school right there. https://t.co/tdtSCpKer9
RT @mastodonmusic: Tickets are going fast for our spring tour with @EODMofficial and @RussianCircles. Get yours before they're gone:… https://t.co/VBij1BsahN
Good people of Europe! Y'all MUST go check out @ranchodelaluna's excellent earthlings? band on tour. Full deets:… https://t.co/cLGyeH5wqL
Shows are starting to sell out for our Spring tour w/ @mastodonmusic. Grab those tickets now:… https://t.co/LE2YXeB5ET
RT @dave1foos: I do!! 🙌🏻🤘🏻💋💘 @EODMofficial https://t.co/Tp3CjHnEDD
And we could not be happier to have you -- thanks Brian! https://t.co/MeDNOQc1lz
Have we mentioned how much we love this?! Thanks for drawing it @jlalich! #EODM https://t.co/9fjx25Qol6
We've been here waitin' for you, darlin'!! https://t.co/nyVcIT72Jt
That. Is. AWESOME! https://t.co/AsUDn6pUXj
RT @ZeekerYFL: @EODMofficial @ranchodelaluna @mattmcjunkins @jesseEODM Daveymoji!!! https://t.co/TrKoGHjOta
RT @Sand_Co: @EODMofficial speaking in tongues - AB Brussels 2008 Still one of my favourite gig pics. https://t.co/Zpakg59LiT https://t.co/CwGsAmmIrr
Every day!!!!! https://t.co/iLcW0Mc5d4
RT @ranchodelaluna: one of my favorites! and marks my 13 glorious years of touring with @EODMofficial too!!! https://t.co/pAtW7nGC6g
This puppy turns 13 YEARS OLD this month. We have ourselves a teenager, ladies and gentlemen!! Thanks for the years… https://t.co/7xCDOsx0iy
In case we hadn't mentioned...... we're coming for ya, @amnesiarockfest!! Full deets here: https://t.co/IVVdijvUxy https://t.co/2RXEt1ajbY
We've never met a jukebox we didn't like... https://t.co/mx1Rky2sw5
One of our favorite words. Thanks JD! https://t.co/LkOGOAdaRP
Hope you acted on that urge!!!! We love YOU all the time! https://t.co/dhjvcyU8Cw
Loved that show! https://t.co/184NNpFstn
RT @tdmv: Find yourself someone that loves you the way Baby Duck loves Boots Electric. #EODMDoc @EODMofficial https://t.co/sQB9X7helI
Bless you, sir! https://t.co/xuESLhWGZU
All dressed up with nowhere to go. Photo by @TheRoseWeddings https://t.co/jV5OcaP8kI
Mission accomplished! https://t.co/aWsjzXYuQJ
RT @Bobafett101: My morning Cup o' Joe and @EODMofficial live in Paris 2016. This definitely will be an inspirational day! #EODM… https://t.co/hMOMq9Nw0d
Rock'n'roll breeds smiles!! Thanks scott https://t.co/fiTjQ8Qaec
Desert dudes. Photo by @SteveAppleford https://t.co/xMCLFDpOFs
RT @jesseEODM: This is better than winning any award I can imagine....I Love Rock'n'Roll!!! https://t.co/jvJkwth4pj
RT @MacKenzzerr: Do yourself a favor and see @EODMofficial 'Nos Amis' film on @HBO. Makes me incredibly grateful for my life, loved ones, and friendships.
Dancin' in the tub??? https://t.co/HXpvQbHy8q
RT @MTV_Live: 📢 @EODMofficial return to #Paris to finish concert #ILoveYouAllTheTime #LiveInParis PREMIERES on #MTVLive SAT @ 9PM… https://t.co/h2XDNQekeO
RT @PattenTV: Watched the HBO documentay last night love your passion love your music thank you for being you @EODMofficial… https://t.co/OB0sSxQQio
RT @SteveAppleford: Going deep with Jesse Hughes and Eagles of Death Metal a year after Paris. My story and pix for @LAWeekly. https://t.co/3qm5z3RNjP
RT @michaeldunaway: My interview with @ColinHanks about his remarkable @EODMofficial doc for @PasteMagazine ... https://t.co/KmAIyveFGM
You heard the man! #EODM #IOnlyWantYou #PresidentsDay https://t.co/OEDUYwfvMb
RT @BruceNV: Fucking Jesse Hughes nd the @EODMofficial ARE rock and roll, man. Rock and fucking roll.
We would make beautiful bridesmaids https://t.co/7x0SpHIokl
RT @ComericaTheatre: GIVEAWAY — You could win 2 tix to see @MastodonMusic w/ @EODMofficial on Friday, Apr 21st! Enter by Sunday at 12PM:… https://t.co/a6N31zXY34
Kickin' our way into the weekend! #EODM #EaglesOfDeathMetal https://t.co/mAD32jBQJ8
RT @fiftyfootant: I fell down the @eodmofficial #ILOVEYOUALLTHETIME rabbit hole on iTunes. https://t.co/hN6HzJRlGy
Rock & Roll. #EODM https://t.co/pA6BevOLlR
RT @ranchodelaluna: we @EODMofficial have been closing our shows with this beautiful song https://t.co/EsLSzCsRh9
RT @VioletThunk: “Keep dancin’ Keep dancin’ Keep dancin’ Keep dancin’ Oh honey Keep dancin’ Keep dancin’ Keep dancin’ Just keep dancin’“ - @EODMofficial
RT @sarnett99: The power, the love of rock & roll! A moving doc, everyone must watch! @EODMofficial @ColinHanks #NosAmis
Coachella Valley. #tbt Photo by #SteveAppleford https://t.co/cYVFxiGJ2O
RT @ColinHanks: And Thank you for all the kind words about the film. It means so much to every one involved. ✌🏼❤️🤘🏼#EODMDoc https://t.co/lvIg4nCYyX
RT @GeorgeSmolar: @ColinHanks Wow. The @EODMofficial documentary is beyond unreal. Great filmmaking and a new fan of the band. #NosAmis
RT @RichRonquillo82: The @EODMofficial doc on @HBO is seriously amazing! #NosAmis #OurFriends
RT @ColinHanks: And Thank you for all the kind words about the film. It means so much to every one involved. ✌🏼❤️🤘🏼#EODMDoc https://t.co/lvIg4nCYyX
RT @BadassBandsLA: Watched EODM Nos Amis & I suggest you do the same. Its a beautiful tribute full of friendship, courage & hope.🤘🏼❤… https://t.co/uV5Gw8kdEd
Bless you, darlin' https://t.co/W2nG1xslCi
@Tanker1009 YES!!!!
RT @Tanker1009: @EODMofficial my girl knows the way to my heart, through my "E" spot ! See ya in Toronto #EODM #onelove #bemine https://t.co/h3a2oqiB7o
The man... The myth... The #BootsElectric. Photo by @MShiersPhoto https://t.co/jkkNcv4zYo
"Eagles Of Death Metal: Nos Amis" premieres TONIGHT on @HBO at 10pm ET. #EODMdoc We love you all so, so hard. More… https://t.co/6y9ESusCMV
RT @kevinandbean: Tomorrow morning at 8am, @ColinHanks joins us in studio to talk about his emotional @EODMofficial @HBODoc! #NOSAMIS https://t.co/W6HDM2p2d2
That. Is. Amazing. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes! https://t.co/Nrqi5IaXXq
Here's to a mighty weekend for you and your crew! #EODM Photo by @MShiersPhoto https://t.co/OLDdgHRBtR
RT @HBODocs: Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends) premieres in 3 days on @HBO. Watch: https://t.co/FQ50p6cLtQ https://t.co/vWie3yyCI5
RT @ranchodelaluna: so happy @EODMofficial will be touring with @RussianCircles @mastodonmusic . some heavy magikal music mahem is gonn… https://t.co/nJeNpyVVLP
Forever rollin' those dice! #tbt https://t.co/vUXpFdUUxT
We love these fan-made videos so, so much. #EODM fans are the best fans on planet Earth! https://t.co/rruv0mjn07
Our kinda stub right here. Nice find, @QotsasBitch! #EODM #QOTSA https://t.co/KcwTr1YxYd
RT @LiveNationProds: "#EaglesOfDeathMetal: Nos Amis" premieres February 13th on @HBO at 10pm ET. @EODMofficial @ColinHanks #EODM https://t.co/4IabaHFgix
RT @ColinHanks: Such a beautiful, emotional and, amazing night. Please tune in Feb 13 at 10 pm on HBO https://t.co/d9VJL5ilqO
Amen! Love us some @ColinHanks! https://t.co/nxAqCtG5T4
Hell. Yes. 🤘 https://t.co/9PKLMhO7mZ
RT @ranchodelaluna: looking forward to playing with pete and adam earthlings? in europe uk etc.. and seeing lots of friends.1st time in… https://t.co/Ij2USPakhj
Last night was a beautiful one. #NosAmis #EODMdoc #EODMdocLA Photo by @willstockwell https://t.co/Ik8teW1laV
And we absolutely love her! https://t.co/5d9HUr36eq
RT @thepalladium: Don't miss it! & get your tickets to see @EODMofficial on tour with @mastodonmusic at the Palladium on 4.20 here:… https://t.co/pk1gsG6YVo
RT @kellebelle22: Another epic show @eodmofficial @jesseEodm ! 🤘🏻😜✌🏻 https://t.co/BskCC67JHh
RT @HBODocs: .@EODMofficial at tonight's #EODMDoc premiere in LA. Stay tuned for more coverage from the red carpet. https://t.co/sNq74wfnuV
RT @realjknoxville: Me and Jesse Hughes tonight after watching Colin Hank's sobering & stellar doc' Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis ❤🇫🇷❤ https://t.co/ZyWM7kO3dS
RT @BUILDseriesNYC: “#EaglesOfDeathMetal is really about Jesse & Josh’s friendship. It’s a chance to show @EODMofficial as real human b… https://t.co/BwzZWj7irK
Welcome to #LasRageous Fest! April 21 + 22 in the heart of downtown #Vegas. Early bird tickets start at just $99:… https://t.co/9GiiABVOCo
RT @DrCoolSexy: @ThunderT16 @WeTheNorth11 "I can tell by the look in your eyes! Kind of look that roams around and sees another guy… https://t.co/swa73KEUDY
Watch 'EODM: Nos Amis' on @HBO Feb 13. RSVP for a chance to attend a private performance following the LA premiere:… https://t.co/To1fp8aWVz
RT @ranchodelaluna: i couldn't be happier with our collaboration!! https://t.co/FDP9d61mLz
You didn't want to scratch But then you got the itch https://t.co/RAzfAfYVSY #EODM #EaglesOfDeathMetal… https://t.co/UpFZ9t0yMI
RT @LiveNationProds: When you know your friends have your back @jesseEODM & #JoshHomme @HBO @HBODocs #EODMdoc #JesseHughes https://t.co/yhEqiEEHmH
Come say hello to @jesseEODM + @ranchodelaluna tomorrow, won't you?? @shure @NAMMShow #nammshow #EODM https://t.co/KeBYS6agRa
RT @SummersPep: @EODMofficial @ranchodelaluna @mattmcjunkins @jesseEODM @JormaHChrist Thanks 4 leaving Houston unzipped on 5-18-16!… https://t.co/9UfWH93WLB
RT @LiveNationProds: Great review of #EODMDoc. Proud of this team @EODMofficial @ColinHanks https://t.co/2RJSdjizS2
Amen! See you there Connor https://t.co/peQdx9v1ax
RT @DarylHMiller: Friendship. Love. Freedom. The messages of the crazy-good doc about @EODMofficial by @ColinHanks. On HBO Feb. 13. https://t.co/8RRtzDaZjz
Our kinda cake right here! Thanks for posting, and Happy 20th to you @maggiethebat__. #EODM #eaglesofdeathmetal… https://t.co/rptIwsZlvX
It's us! Happy Sunday, y'all. https://t.co/FRRQkGC7AY
Our favorite kind of day! https://t.co/Rs17GqEMIk
RT @TDSXochitl: Great to see locals Josh Homme & @jesseEODM at the screening of their doc by @ColinHanks @psfilmfest @EODMofficial… https://t.co/HOVGMNl6BR
RT @acebjt: World premiere. Quite an evening. @EODMofficial #EODMdoc https://t.co/se7F8tZJiO
At the @PSFilmFest for WORLD PREMIERE of @LiveNationProds first doc, Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends)… https://t.co/Z4UacERFjK
Just two dudes from the desert. #EODM #eaglesofdeathmetal #jessehughes #joshhomme #bootselectric #babyduck… https://t.co/TvSPJLDTuG
RT @EODMofficial: Watch the new #EODMdoc #NosAmis trailer: https://t.co/lS9MW5GWJa @ColinHanks's film premieres Feb 13 @ 10pm on @HBODocs. @LiveNationProds
Not as much as we love you! Thanks Alicia https://t.co/5z4E6l0fqk
Watch the new #EODMdoc #NosAmis trailer: https://t.co/lS9MW5GWJa @ColinHanks's film premieres Feb 13 @ 10pm on @HBODocs. @LiveNationProds
We have faith that you will! https://t.co/4rK20WOwXm
NEW DATES! New April/May shows all over N. America w/ our pals @mastodonmusic. Tix on sale FRIDAY 1/13. All shows:… https://t.co/xarwgm2ZHw
We need to get our asses back on the road soon! Hope y'all are having a beautiful weekend. #EODM… https://t.co/gt4gD0Nf7m
RT @prospekkt: I miss @EODMofficial already, here's to more fun in 2017 ⚡️❤️ (photo taken 12/13 at the teragram) https://t.co/Vv22xQDhxO
We were wondering where you'd been hiding, too. Welcome! https://t.co/hKlMLyZo1z
You heard the man, Phoenix! @TheBetaMachine https://t.co/YhaxYtuu4W
RT @eric_wilhite: Favorite concert of 2016? For this I have 2. One was seeing @BlackSabbath on #TheEndTour and the other was seeing… https://t.co/nZIDAmzM7t
And WE can't wait to see YOU! https://t.co/AqWCtD2UyK
RT @ranchodelaluna: it's 2017! stop bitching and start loving, growing, learning, teaching, giving, getting, going, doing, bettering, positively, laughing, love love love
Gettin' ready to kiss 2016 goodbye! What are y'all up to for #NYE this weekend? #EODM https://t.co/B22FxmrNni
Merries and happies! https://t.co/cYwaAxDARY
RT @jazpatty: Best Christmas cracker ever! @EODMofficial @ranchodelaluna @mattmcjunkins @jesseEODM https://t.co/8pSCIPO8TN
RT @jesseEODM: Merry Christmas to my best friend Joshua I love you https://t.co/BAIuKxy490
A very #MerryChristmas to all you boys & girls! We love y'all real hard!!! ✌🏻 ❤️ 🤘🏻 (and 🎄)
YES!! Welcome to the world to quite the little cutie pie. See you at a show next decade! https://t.co/FUlbINFr2b
RT @apeacefulnoise: Amazing news! #APeacefulNoise raised a total of £30, 141.06 This will be split between the @NickAlexanderMT &… https://t.co/GZ9ihh70Mj
Welcome, David! https://t.co/z556ijhbW2
RT @jesseEODM: Me an' my Best Pal! https://t.co/MpZlVIbw8S
RT @alysoncamus: Dave Rosser Benefit: really awesome show @TeragramLA @EODMofficial @qotsa Joshua Homme, @theafghanwhigs @guttertwins https://t.co/qrlaEaDBuZ
RT @colesy1985: It's Hump day, which can mean only one thing! @EODMofficial on LOUD to get through the day 🤗🤘🏻🍻@jesseEODM #EODM
Playing some rock music tonight in support of our brother Dave. https://t.co/2XRZ8JinYY
RT @DawBell: Yes @taylorhawkins! @EODMofficial ARE genius. 👇🏽 https://t.co/F8TteBZmHR
RT @ernieball: In the new episode of #StringTheory, @EODMofficial​'s @jesseEODM​ discusses what playing guitar means to him & more. https://t.co/rcgLCgiFXJ
RT @NME: Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins tips 'genius' @EODMofficial @jesseEODM for 'Best International Band' at #VO5NMEAwards… https://t.co/qP9s6wd0hq
What would the holidays be w/out an #EODM sale?? Get that special someone a few o' these glorious items. Ho ho ho!… https://t.co/UzJyr7tnkR
RT @TheBetaMachine: This Weekend: Los Angeles, CA - Dec 9 at The Viper Room https://t.co/3UNR80ZMaB
Nearly 1 year into #PlayItForward, our continued thanks to our distribution partner @TuneCore on these beautiful co… https://t.co/qXSUDOVJ7l
RT @ernieball: .@jesseEODM & @freeznE of @EODMofficial recently picked up some StingRay Guitars. Learn more about the StingRay at… https://t.co/zEs7dXJYcQ
Check out @jesseEODM in @ernieball's excellent #StringTheory series. Much love to @RelixMag premiere! Watch here:… https://t.co/xQYcYMOsxI
NEW 2017 SHOWS! We're hitting @WTRFest, @FortRockFest + @CarolinaRebellion next spring, with more dates to come.... https://t.co/Mbfbdga7CI
Keep it simple this holiday season! It's so easy..... without complexity. https://t.co/RAzfAfYVSY #tbt
RT @willstockwell: End of the @EODMofficial show in Mexico City Sunday night and final show of the tour! Insane crowd! @CoronaCapital… https://t.co/k2my2UcaZU
Thank ya darlin'! https://t.co/HzjZ0UM6Lr
RT @jesseEODM: Happy Thanksgiving E're Body!!!! https://t.co/WodiD65aMI
Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! Starting #BlackFriday, get 30% of all the EODM gear your hearts desire. Shop away!… https://t.co/71b1gtAkLt
#HappyThanksgiving from Davey Jo and the entire #EODM gang. Our very best to you and yours, wherever you may be tod… https://t.co/XEfSX6ZZme
Sums up our weekend in #Mexico for @coronacapital quite nicely! Photo via @anuarlayon #CoronaCapital16 https://t.co/fzS8Z2OVhE
RT @DANIELAGUILAR20: PHOTO MUSIC MÉXICO: @jesseEODM of Eagles Of Death Metal durante el #CoronaCapital16 https://t.co/NVbBuYZAcm #CDMX… https://t.co/sZbpsXONea
RT @mattmcjunkins: 🇲🇽❤️🎸 @EODMofficial at @CoronaCapital! #eodm #eaglesofdeathmetal https://t.co/EQwMQ0j6Sa
RT @Corona_MX: Con todo y homenaje a Bowie ¡Enormes @EODMofficial! #CoronaCapital16. https://t.co/IaHZoFbpm3
Pre-showin' at @CoronaCapital today! #CoronaCapital16 Photo by @willstockwell https://t.co/pTEKkCDqQg
Us too! #CoronaCapital16 https://t.co/JqzVR8v7HZ
RT @theafghanwhigs: Sold out- thank you! https://t.co/p7QHUA1RGf
See y'all this weekend! #CoronaCapital16 https://t.co/dMdZZPfQOm
RT @ranchodelaluna: thankfully @jimdunlopusa @OrangeAmps @tcelectronic @echoparkguitars fulltone survived to make ROCK with… https://t.co/kmT9XwWO0I
RT @ranchodelaluna: tragedy struck when my beloved @EarthQuakerDev DISPATCH MASTER was destroyed in transit to mexico city for @EODMofficial @CoronaCapital
Be there! This is gonna be a fun one. https://t.co/6xYrFIYlif
RT @coslive: A third benefit concert for #TheAfghanWhigs' #DaveRosser announced, with @EODMofficial, @DuffMcKagan, and more:… https://t.co/RCZMVVwbyN
RT @theafghanwhigs: Benefit for @thedaverosser 12/13 w/@MrGregDulli & @marklanegan collectively known as #TheGutterTwins +… https://t.co/XQPnW0uRDm
RT @charlesisdrunk: My @EODMofficial shirt came today, and it's way cooler anything you own. Fact. https://t.co/6hyULcmfBP
RT @curtcunningham6: I can be your daddy be your rockin' rolla, You can be my sugar be my cherry cola. @EODMofficial
RT @apeacefulnoise: Due to popular demand, extra stalls and tier 1 tickets are available - get them now while you can:… https://t.co/hP22DZooBu
RT @CookEatDeathMet: GTK: Every recipe in our @EODMofficial charity book is named after an EODM song, like this one from the Heart On al… https://t.co/JrDIPiS2w1
RT @jesseEODM: Pals! https://t.co/pD7sVER9fz
RT @HelensaysRelax: One whole year has passed and still one of the best gigs I've been to @EODMofficial ❤️ https://t.co/PnLuEnCO2N
How did we miss this tremendous #Halloween post (and costume)?! Well played, @devon_rayna ..... well played indeed!… https://t.co/CrrHOGK1F0
RT @Deadline: .@ColinHanks tells of his new docu about a band of friends and the Bataclan terror attack https://t.co/aHhPT0WWnF
You are a kind man for saying so! https://t.co/h52Ou4y4Kw
RT @charlesisdrunk: @EODMofficial's Jesse Hughes and Joshua Homme on a pair of tits as an album cover is the rock n roll lifestyle I wish to achieve
Need some ooky spooky new #EODM gear for your #Halloween festivities? Use code ROCKTOBER20 for 20% off orders. BOO!… https://t.co/7ieV2dnT9U
And turn it up! https://t.co/SDi3eReHQk
RT @CookEatDeathMet: The Author, the Rock 'n' Roller & the Book. Out 11.13.16 on @dissentionrcds @amazon @BNBuzz @RossiterBooks… https://t.co/lNGyAlvuA2
RT @mattmcjunkins: John Taylor from @duranduran was dropping some serious knowledge at #bassplayerlive yesterday! Such a badass and g… https://t.co/HH28bVgURG
RT @ukfoofighters: Anyone else thinking..... #deathbysexy #cherrycola @EODMofficial ?? Jay :) https://t.co/X6Y6qkKNog
And what a @TowerRecordsDoc party it was! https://t.co/yWYQaCf0wX
RT @hethrmorse: Sometimes my body wants me to dance around in my underwear to @EODMofficial to feel better. I hear you 👌
Flashin' it aaaaaalllllll the way back to 2012 and a @Terminal5NYC rock show with the excellent @theafghanwhigs. https://t.co/9h6hY6fT27
Awesommmmmmmmmme https://t.co/314tnqEoXE
RT @premierguitar: #RigRundown: @EODMofficial's @jesseEODM, Dave Catching & @mattmcjunkins strut their gear: https://t.co/MbmtNXvBPd https://t.co/mBIXZ2gtp1
Such an awesome night! @TowerRecordsDoc https://t.co/y8wp82iHgX
Here's to a rockin' weekend. Love y'all! Photo by @TheFrontRowIt https://t.co/RUJBWsuNjU
Glorious, isn't it?? https://t.co/RlEZ5Rdgxx
Lucky mirror.... https://t.co/BXUXvF1O2G
Check out some new tunes from @TheBetaMachine y'all -- we love us some @mattmcjunkins & @JeffFriedl !! https://t.co/VjoJXHMUdX
Legend indeed! https://t.co/xlBCaPhMjv
Keep dancing darlin'! https://t.co/2xwdBmeqwJ
So excited for @APeacefulNoise, Nov 15 at @o2sbe. It is for a beyond special cause. #APeacefulNoise Tix/Info here:… https://t.co/bUdkYtn9RT
Davey Jo [@ranchodelaluna] in glorious, GLORIOUS bobblehead form. https://t.co/lyx6gD35Kg
Our thanks as well! https://t.co/hAKadnWlAg
A beautiful thing https://t.co/vnpM11MPvT
Happy Birthday indeed! https://t.co/SEKVnCWfsQ
1 year ago today, #ZipperDown was unleashed upon the world. Thank y'all for rockin' & rollin' every step of the way… https://t.co/3aW9oCfkZr
RT @mhovey77: Now spinning @EODMofficial Heart On. Just picked this up today. #NowPlaying #Vinyl https://t.co/b4nSWJ9DyX
Much love to @CT3GUITAR and @HighDesertFires https://t.co/tUqlNgFmsc
RT @MatthewKCustoms: @EODMofficial released Peace, Love, Death Metal on March 23rd of 2004. But it's an album we should celebrate everyday. #TopTen
RT @GuinnessFox: #3AlbumsThatChangedMyLife @MysterySkulls - Ultra Rare V1 @qotsa - Era Vulgaris @EODMofficial - Peace, Love, Death… https://t.co/uR7Xdz38qL
We like your style! https://t.co/x6jB4Geq9R
RT @Rock1053: #HotDawgzandHandrails at #BigBear going strong! Final rail jam about to happen then @Wale & @EODMofficial roll thru! https://t.co/RrjReSUYyw
Today we send gigantic birthday wishes to our fearless leader, one Mr. @jesseEODM! Send him some love today, folks!… https://t.co/8sBTT1uwgK
#FF : @jesseEODM / @ranchodelaluna / @mattmcjunkins / @JormaHChrist / @freeznE / @qotsa / @TheBetaMachine / #EODM Happy Friday, y'all!
Are we seeing y'all in #BigBear this weekend? Let's kick off winter with some rock 'n roll!! Get those tickets here… https://t.co/Vb4RSu0Gac
Nice one-- thanks David! https://t.co/bg4Rb19dbr
RT @DJAngieC: Loving the @MastermindsFilm trailer..hilarious but also love this @EODMofficial song!! #DontSpeak https://t.co/kvCwSVcxdA
RT @mhovey77: Now spinning some @EODMofficial Zipper Down. #vinycollection #Vinyl #NowPlaying https://t.co/9N47nja6zW
RT @FRGarcia_: #PhotoofthedaybyFRGarcia @EODMofficial at @dcodefest para @mariskalrock - https://t.co/euVwMyAy7O https://t.co/VUyE6yXsDb
Just some dudes in #Portugal last week! Photo by @willstockwell https://t.co/Uk0mHPHfS4
Who?...... Lil' ol' us?? https://t.co/HCDSFj6UfZ
As it should be! https://t.co/ZKCtVTV5LW
Always lovely to see you @kellebelle22 !! https://t.co/xI9Cqfrlb4
RT @MisterShovel: "You spell sex, love, John Holmes' dick and boogie woogie K L O S". @EODMofficial @jesseEODM @955KLOS https://t.co/oZECJUutbw
RT @prospekkt: in the metals studio today but still wearing an @EODMofficial shirt ✨⚡️ https://t.co/SWEPfC0EYW
RT @carlpocket: PHOTO: @EODMofficial and lots of hands Saturday night at @955KLOS @FHFshow at @RegentTheaterLA https://t.co/yuB5FoNyCb
RT @955KLOS: .@EODMofficial!!! 🤘🤘🤘 #hfbirthdaybash #fhf https://t.co/i7J9Eunf1q
RT @acebjt: Late night. Downtown. Sold out. @EODMofficial at @RegentTheaterLA #KLOS https://t.co/5gKwfNG2gq
The coolest kid! https://t.co/jJDG16KEZX
RT @JasperWaeghe: @EODMofficial Last sunday was amazing! Keep on woogi-ing with that boogie! Best EODM show I've ever seen! https://t.co/Nll2575PaJ
A baby #BootsElectric. #EODM #eaglesofdeathmetal #jessehughes #tbt https://t.co/OpeKJFPr9g
RT @mattmcjunkins: @EODMofficial Euro tour 2016. So much love and support from everyone it was almost overwhelming. We ❤️ you! https://t.co/nPoNUkJs50
Flying home from an incredible summer spent w/ you all. Thx for having us- we'll be back SOON!! Pic: @willstockwell https://t.co/8ZincdQpYz
RT @ourmatetone: Some bonkers energy from @EODMofficial is just perfect Monday morning listening.
RT @VinnyKodaline: Bit of @EODMofficial smashing it earlier today @dcodefest 🙌 https://t.co/9GlUAWHiq8
RT @Sarii15G: Sometimes you have to suffer to meet @EODMofficial and see them close.With burned arms & 10 hours waiting @jesseEODM https://t.co/XuVbkXvVdz
RT @pitchfork: The new @ladygaga single features Josh Homme (@QOTSA, @EODMofficial) https://t.co/ehUxjpYO35 https://t.co/PBcRkrQxX1
RT @HagstromGuitars: Dave Catching from @EODMofficial rocking out with his Hagstrom Super Viking in Black at the Reading Festival. https://t.co/lylPrh2eKT
RT @carole_bcn: Grandísimos @EODMofficial tonight in Barcelona! Such energy and generosity on stage... Long live rock'n'roll! https://t.co/hmndzScfHM
RT @jacintouncle: #Freedom, #love and #rocknroll...this is @EODMofficial! #Barcelona #soyminero @Sala_Apolo https://t.co/zwRvwD74Ax
RT @oliviawarbey: Jesse Hughes' dancing is so tight. @EODMofficial 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
RT @mnate1780: Ran into these guys in Athens Greece! @EODMofficial. Pumped to see them in Barcelona! Thx for the picture! https://t.co/gZ7H0ozgn2
RT @missbrucarvalho: @EODMofficial morning ❤️🎶 https://t.co/BF4uZXJCFo
RT @Tantrikelo: Tonight @EODMofficial rocked Athens. #whentimefreezes #eaglesofdeathmetal #athens #greece https://t.co/jeGGD40x50
!! TONIGHT !! #EODM in #Athens #Greece: https://t.co/gyCrcLhEjV Come see us @ Piraeus 117, won't you?? A jolly good time is sure to be had!
How's that for a hat??!! Beautiful. Photo by https://t.co/kut7XvolZo https://t.co/bhf6JNT7Z9
Incredible night in #TelAviv yesterday! A hot, sweaty, rock show-- the way we like it! Pic: https://t.co/kut7XvolZo https://t.co/KoxmCXQGAF
RT @KZRnet: The #eaglesofdeathmetal show at out station is already on demand! hear it here : https://t.co/oxagBkX0um @EODMofficial
RT @SQotsa: My #ink #sketch of @ranchodelaluna @EODMofficial #davecatching #eodm @jesseEODM #Art #artwork #illustration #drawing https://t.co/WgIbTDt9Fu
Some dudes in #Italy. @homefestival1 Photo by our very own @venicelondon https://t.co/QzENvXl9kM
Davey Jo to the rescue! https://t.co/gpqhuaxTzR
RT @CicalaPb: @EODMofficial wonderful gig tonight guys ♡♡♡ #acieloaperto #eodm https://t.co/kdsK02diut
RT @NinoSaetti: Amazing show tonight in #cesena @EODMofficial Ph @NinoSaetti https://t.co/B6qjeDcFsO
Giovanna+Michele got married and then drove 300km to our #SestriLevante show!! Mega congrats! Pic by @willstockwell https://t.co/zOQv2B4Fhy
RT @RetroPopLive: @EODMofficial live on stage! #acieloaperto 2016 https://t.co/pszqNcwia6
RT @ranchodelaluna: thank you @mojotic for such a fun eodmofficial show! what a beautiful location!! we are happy to… https://t.co/DzVLQgzspN
What's for dinner??? I think we need to come eat with you, @ikoyoko -- love this so much!! #EODM #foodporn https://t.co/NY2Q73Rf1C
Perfetto!!!! @jesseEODM live and direct from Italy! #BootsElectric #Italy https://t.co/qrdwvUTslh
SEPTEMBER! Rockin' #Italy #Israel #Greece #Spain #Portugal Come boogie: https://t.co/Mbfbdga7CI Pic: @willstockwell https://t.co/qhJ4pZy7W6
RT @sixugar: Looking forward to seeing you guys next week in Tel-Aviv @ranchodelaluna @jesseEODM @mattmcjunkins @EODMofficial https://t.co/aC8P5WZIe6
And WE are a massive fan of YOURS! https://t.co/B7CJvSIG75
Happy birthday! https://t.co/jxuxLe5tNX
We will play EVERYWHERE! https://t.co/0oS9X8mEaK
Rock 'n roll with a smile! Photo by @willstockwell #EODM #Frankfurt #Germany https://t.co/BHghy2ulhT
Another mighty fine evening-- thank you, you glorious people of #Frankfurt! Photo by @willstockwell #EODM #Germany https://t.co/tRxLUg14e2
RT @voorwerpen: These fingers were faster than I. At least I got a pic. #setlist #eodm #Frankfurt @BatschkappFfm @EODMofficial https://t.co/tXwK0C4euJ
RT @Achtungmag: 10 septiembre @EODMofficial @zaralarsson @bunburyoficial @Kodaline @loveoflesbian @dcodefest https://t.co/wbZ0UioacO https://t.co/ZQrIVz7vGA
We'll be back Kelly! No sadness! https://t.co/VwFLszYdt5
RT @jesseEODM: RIP Gene Wilder. I'm truly sad. He is a big part of my "show biz" world! https://t.co/waaGuN5mLj
And you! Thanks Channon https://t.co/LRJgpcYaKI
RT @lia_macdonald98: Mega impressed with @EODMofficial on Saturday. Such crowd pleasers!🤘🏼
Loved meeting you all! https://t.co/vG3tIHgLx0
RT @D_P_Faulkner: @EODMofficial were by far the best performance at @OfficialRandL, meeting them was awesome, genuinely love their fans! #EODM #RandL16 #Leeds
RT @robdelaney: Me & @mark_bonnar watching @EODMofficial & @ranchodelaluna rip the roof off the Forum. We are not #high. https://t.co/NtGochVbiK
RT @GemsUpNorth: Thank you @EODMofficial @jesseEODM for the signing, fabulous hug and selfie today! You rocked the main stage too 🤘🏻 https://t.co/n7bMc3UnX8
RT @mattmcjunkins: Lovely time in Leeds and Reading. 'Til next time! @EODMofficial @OfficialRandL #eodm #eaglesofdeathmetal https://t.co/ME69Dhb3Hr
RT @premierguitar: The boogie-rock kings of @EODMofficial spill the beans on their @OrangeAmps and custom axes: https://t.co/MbmtNXvBPd https://t.co/asKItTVat5
See #Complexity at @OfficialRandL via @bbcmusic: https://t.co/xiZdpNIvNN Full set: https://t.co/UhFNSgkYUe #RandL16 https://t.co/ewvhw1TAfo
Thanks for coming out Michael! https://t.co/9BCAoAOHzl
RT @NeverEnoughNote: LIVE | read our review on a triumphant return to the UK for @EODMofficial at O2 Forum https://t.co/eMDj7RDMXj https://t.co/HV3R1VkkDH
RT @BBCR1: 🤘 @EODMofficial have just announced themselves on the main stage at #RandL16! Watch 👉 https://t.co/CML4ksq9HQ https://t.co/5A890zH5lK
RT @bbcmusic: Jesse Hughes @EODMofficial frontman pays tribute to Bowie at Reading Watch LIVE https://t.co/j5qiIhyi0i 🎸#RandL16 https://t.co/5vq0yjKfUx
RT @DawBell: It's @EODMofficial!!! #ReadingFestival @OfficialRandL 🎉 https://t.co/UFAYUBXyrQ
RT @carl__wilson: Bloody hell @EODMofficial knocked it out the park at @OfficialRandL - brilliant guys!!!! #ReadingFestival
RT @HickieMouse: Here's @EODMofficial rocking some Bowie (and a RHCP tee) on the main stage #KerrangRandL #ReadingandLeeds https://t.co/2co5ElyDpx
RT @Radio1RockShow: The awesome @EODMofficial with Brent from @mastodonmusic on guitar!! 🤘 #RandL16 #ReadingFestival https://t.co/Ilvs2XuK8f
Thanks Cat! Glad you were there https://t.co/xCyrzACK3z
Another beautiful evening in #London at @O2ForumKTown tonight. We love y'all! Photo by @EdJacobsPhoto https://t.co/Cw8fFXUmgn
RT @arsfromelbow: No need for 10 mile run tomorrow. I've just danced for 2 hours at @EODMofficial Happy times- burnt enough calories for kebab too
It makes us very, VERY happy. https://t.co/zjDpNPUFj6
RT @DrunkRes: Ready for @EODMofficial @O2ForumKTown https://t.co/3sIx6xN3ir
Come join us on the internets tomorrow via @bbcmusic, won't you? https://t.co/A4fjPN8WBs cc: @OfficialRandL https://t.co/7g0fml4jXO
We wouldn't dare! https://t.co/JQRDAjLM6a
Let's do this! #Glasgow https://t.co/2Fj95QwenA
RT @der_mercutio: The more i listen to them the more i am convinced @EODMofficial are literal perfection
And we are looking forward to you! https://t.co/oxe903FI4G
Merry Christmas! https://t.co/dcSjZKOeti
Mega fun at @denAtelier in #Luxembourg tonight! Love y'all! Next up, we're coming your way this week, #UK ..... https://t.co/Mbfbdga7CI
RT @drenoux: thanks @EODMofficial @denAtelier for this magic moment @jesseEODM https://t.co/M134hSpjzo
All good things! https://t.co/VwX6BMzdFV
RT @indieofilo: What a pleasure to enjoy live @eodmofficial at Dutch Lowlands 2016! @rapid_razor_bob #LL16 @jesseeodm https://t.co/lHAu2YYUZU
RT @bonzbloggt: Eagles Of Death Metal sind wiedermal am Open Air Gampel! Diesmal auf der Redstage. @openairgampel @EODMofficial https://t.co/Gie4O8sQ8k
Another beautiful day, show, and place -- thanks for having us, @pukkelpop! #EODM #PKP16 Photo by @willstockwell https://t.co/mf8rHJLk73
RT @JukeboxWinning: Yeah! @EODMofficial totally rocked! #PKP16
Lovin' you real, real hard after last night's show, #Cologne! Photo by @willstockwell https://t.co/JEWVXHsTSQ
RT @Konzertgeherin: @EODMofficial What an amazing gig yesterday in cologne <3 I really hope to see you as soon as possible again \m/ https://t.co/ayJKjSmUGZ
RT @yamahaentertain: We spy Dave & Jesse of @EODMofficial rocking out on our #Yamaha Reface CS synth before the show! ⚡⚡ https://t.co/3qFjCS9tpZ
RT @jesseEODM: This is Beautiful.....I f*cking LOVE THIS!!!!!!! @EODMofficial #Cologne https://t.co/WRrmu5hw3w
RT @mattmcjunkins: Reppin' a sweet @MojaveLords shirt from @lofimerchandise in the room-o-dicks 📸 by @ranchodelaluna #mojavelords https://t.co/48El3aFAPq
Mega awesome time at #AladinMusicHall in #Bremen last night. You're up tonight, #Cologne! Photo by @willstockwell https://t.co/Xr9R0iIozu
RT @ranchodelaluna: hi Mexico City! @EODMofficial are coming for @CoronaCapital festival and we cannot wait!!! what a great line up!!! https://t.co/TsnRiiyykv
RT @mattmcjunkins: Post Bremen cool down with @EODMofficial #markitzero #calmerthanyouare #eodm https://t.co/U2OEQ7FRhK
Hell yes -- always! See you there https://t.co/aINRxa3DAQ
RT @avrilpaulct: So exited bout 2nites show!!! @EODMofficial https://t.co/aG6ILDuEWc
Another gem of a photo from Saturday's @wayoutwestgbg in #Sweden. Mud, rain, and all! Photo by @willstockwell https://t.co/1ChZsvMheA
We're coming back to Mexico this November!! Full @CoronaCapital details: https://t.co/muYuX71TiR #CoronaCapital16 https://t.co/F0GeKe5M8K
RT @willstockwell: Another shot from the rad @EODMofficial set @oyafestival Oslo. The rain stopped just as they started playing!🌤 #eodm https://t.co/WYWIWV6iRf
RT @postengineered: Pearl Jam / Matt Cameron - EODM PJ MC 7" (Black) @PearlJam @EODMofficial #nowplaying #vinyl #alternative https://t.co/6LNGFn1k77
As long as you've found us now! https://t.co/KMa3KnYPqY
RT @willstockwell: Awesome @eodmofficial show in Oslo!! The stage was set up in a beautiful natural amphitheater. Takk @oyafestivalen ! https://t.co/gFnTZPx72u
RT @ranchodelaluna: thank you @wayoutwestgbg sweden!! another great time for eodmofficial in your beautiful country!… https://t.co/0A9FPxjgCG
RT @Brianquizmaster: Best day sp far at @oyafestival great music, with two Bands head and shoulders above the rest, a narrow win for @EODMofficial well done Jess
RT @anniemags1: @EODMofficial....just woke up to the postman delivering my tickets for the Barrowland show. I almost kissed him!! Can't wait to see y'all!!
And boy do we love Oslo! https://t.co/BPuBS3DOc5
Very kind. We'll earn that extra half star next time! https://t.co/IBf4kLWjGT
Live & direct from @oyafestival in #Norway! A beautiful sight. #øya2016 Photo by our man #JormaVik behind the kit. https://t.co/xRebvUrzFe
RT @mbrantolson: So @EODMofficial put on an excellent show. #oyafestivalen #rocknroll https://t.co/muhgqE3eUV
RT @ranchodelaluna: thank you @effektpedaler for staying open for me @jesseEODM @EODMofficial you have a fantastic store. we love you!!! https://t.co/G4NYIS8Jxe
RT @Emily_Grayson: @EODMofficial on full blast in work, that's what I'm talking about! 😻😻😻
RT @binnist: Hearing a #DavidBowie song played by @EODMofficial in Copenhagen tonight was unreal. What a band! You're the king of good cover songs!
RT @TexasJoes: Sort of the coolest dude ever. @ranchodelaluna nice to catch up in Copenhagen. @EODMofficial https://t.co/BFTedJ5fbI
Thanks for coming out tonight! https://t.co/3aj8KpMwbm
RT @WarnerChappell: It's a repeat, but worth watching again! W/C writer @jesseEODM & @EODMofficial on @TeamCoco tonight: https://t.co/Vx3UXTqXfd #EODM #TeamCoco
RT @O2ForumKTown: Final tickets remain for @EODMofficial show in a couple of weeks! Get 'em here >> https://t.co/nLubZIjEwS https://t.co/XV3by8KNZn
RT @tomekmusial: It was fucking great night! Thanks to the guys from @EODMofficial and especially @jesseEODM :-) #EODM #katowice https://t.co/FkP8qq5qXF
Awesome-- we love it! https://t.co/XjrWPzVPfR
RT @ranchodelaluna: thank you katowice, poland!! what a great crowd! eodmofficial white_miles first european show… https://t.co/aMYfd6RY8Z
Awesommmmmmmme https://t.co/irVVSWtMZ8
RT @mattmcjunkins: Aaaaaand we're back! @EODMofficial first Euro stop: Katowice, Poland. @MegaClubPolska #eodm #eaglesofdeathmetal https://t.co/OCFpI2afMq
We're in Poland! See you tomorrow night at #MegaClub in #Katowice for show #1 of our summer tour: https://t.co/OLIKHuVKnh #EODM #Poland
Found this + Love this. https://t.co/ilHO5O1SOW
RT @NixInNeverland: You simply cannot listen to @EODMofficial at the gym, you just end up dancing instead #notsorry
RT @O2ForumKTown: Warm up for #ReadingFest with @EODMofficial // Fri 26th August // O2ForumKTown // Tix: https://t.co/nLubZIjEwS https://t.co/bwrm75RC57
Europe-bound this wknd! Kisses from @jesseEODM for everyone! Shows: https://t.co/Mbfbdga7CI Photo by @michaedwards https://t.co/zbo1uXWxgz
Davey Jo rules all! https://t.co/de5JUqRYup
RT @ThePRPress: Pictures: @EODMofficial being the rock stars they are at @rocktheshores last weekend 🎸 https://t.co/P0r0tz4eZB
RT @KHDKElectronics: Hear the Scuzz Box https://t.co/AA2ntbRWo6 @ranchodelaluna https://t.co/iajfhBnMrP
RT @mattmcjunkins: Fun times on this @eodmofficial US run! See you soon over the pond:) 📸 by @MShiersPhoto at @LostHighwayFest #eodm https://t.co/sSQ4DfgtbO
RT @FOXXFOTO: Fans of @eodmofficial (it's all in the #reflection) @rocktheshores #eaglesofdeathmetal #r… https://t.co/lP58AavNui https://t.co/zBIky23kko
RT @KCG_66: Mr. Catching lying down the riffs 🔥 #losthighway @EODMofficial @ranchodelaluna https://t.co/fXOLRupjHa
RT @KCG_66: #BootsElectric working the crowd #losthighway @EODMofficial https://t.co/A1wyBwE7V4
RT @sticksnskates13: This place just went off! @EODMofficial a bad ass rock n roll band! https://t.co/ozWzMXjxpv
RT @rocktheshores: If you like rock n' roll then you better give it up to @EODMofficial!! Absolutely rocking the stage! #rts2016 https://t.co/AyxVPtj3U6
RT @Fade_Proof: "Are you ready to be possessed by the spirit of Rock & Roll" - @EODMofficial #amen #rts201… https://t.co/17Eg9IEmC0 https://t.co/oCDyoqhZr1
RT @arsonistsl: Finally got to see @EODMofficial live I've been listening to them since I was a kid! https://t.co/NpIvUKKrWC
RT @kelliskye: Hanging out with Jesse from @EODMofficial #thebest #longliverocknroll https://t.co/ccrYbpgCPo
RT @mattmcjunkins: Hello @losthighwayshow! 🏍🏃🚶💃🏻💃🏻☀️🎉🍻👍 See you in a few @EODMofficial https://t.co/CAW56MoUMp
RT @mattmcjunkins: @EODMofficial mid-rock in SLC! 📸 by @willstockwell #eodm #eaglesofdeathmetal https://t.co/oJzGYgc2Sw
RT @LivingstoneRock: Our cover of I Love You All The Time is in the new selection. Merci & keep on rocking @EODMofficial ! #PlayItForward https://t.co/6563qfDflG
RT @MissShastaBree: @EODMofficial @dothesweetstuff Very Honored to contribute ❤️🇫🇷❤️ Much love, #ShastaBree #PlayItForward #Paris https://t.co/Fqppo9EJDm
RT @namethebandsux: So stoked to be part of this! Check out our version of @EODMofficial's I LOVE YOU ALL THE TIME! Spread the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/NRuouHJXXe
RT @andyallo: Featured on @EODMofficial #PlayItForward website for my cover of I Love U All The Time <3<3 https://t.co/WcDQkdqDuS https://t.co/hse7EdoQGL
Continued & neverending thanks to a few folks who help make #PlayItForward happen: @TuneCore @lynchland + @dperis. We love you all the time!
RT @DCullenMusic: Thrilled to be a part of @EODMofficial 's Play It Forward campaign. All proceeds go to the Sweet Stuff Foundation: https://t.co/bh9M0apEpU
RT @winnardairshows: @EODMofficial @Spotify #playitforward just shows how good a song really is, if all those versions are done. Beautiful!!
RT @TELESKOPES: Honored to lend a note! @EODMofficial #PlayItForward #ILoveYouAllTheTime #Paris https://t.co/XtajcIUyHa https://t.co/dUD3pPFSJN
All #PlayItForward covers (nearly 70 versions & 4 hrs of music!) on one @Spotify playlist: https://t.co/4raMurf4Ha https://t.co/bRuh4Auimx
#PlayItForward Round 4! 25 new covers @andyallo @PaixColchester @HighDesertFires +many more: https://t.co/TETq7FhHe8 https://t.co/BVJlIilSap
RT @EvolBrew: Thanks @OneOfTheDingoes for this (pretty fucking) awesome #BuzzBeachBall pic of @Shoelais & I with @EODMofficial! https://t.co/DsK0dgrLEj
And we love your Twitter name! #BootsElectric https://t.co/peSjOwsIF2
RT @mckaymarston: Hot. Loud. Off the rails. @EODMofficial https://t.co/t5ZJhdVFR7
RT @lojakz: Thank you @EODMofficial ! You guys fuckin' rocked it at In The Venue tonight!
RT @RatboyRadio: Such a great night for rock n roll. Probably one of the best nights of my life thanks to @EODMofficial. I hope I can see them again.
TONIGHT: @InTheVenueSLC, y'all! Come on out to rock and/or boogie with us. #SaltLakeCity #EODM
LET'S DO THIS !! #SaltLakeCity https://t.co/WM4g4FrewH
RT @ashenn570: All I want to do is listen to @EODMofficial and catch Pokemon. I'm not that hard to please. 😩💕
TONIGHT!! We're playing the @ogdentheatre in the lovely city of #Denver. Come boogie: https://t.co/ls6BZaRVXZ https://t.co/dFI27GXoFr
RT @AngelosCDs: HUGE shout out to @EODMofficial for checking out the #colfax store before the show @ogdentheatre. You guys rock! https://t.co/2eBXG4Dd6h
RT @lasvegasweekly: Enter for your chance to win tickets to @EODMofficial at the @HardRockHotelLV https://t.co/USCZ0vyOgg https://t.co/vWlmRwMMjt
RT @willstockwell: Great set from @eodmofficial and Kansas City brought the heat! Thank you to the awesome @buzzbeachball staff!! https://t.co/xqm7s4q4tK
Well that was fun, #Tulsa + #KansasCity! Next up: #Denver, #SaltLakeCity & #LasVegas. Come rock! Pic: @willstockwell https://t.co/v3hjvi5Ybx
RT @racheelrobinson: we're jamming out to @EODMofficial bc they are great and they rocked our socks off today!!
RT @usamimi74: @EODMofficial thx so much for an awesome set. Lots of love in KC for u guys @BuzzBeachBall https://t.co/G9Uuss2YAo
Las. Vegas. Friday. Night. Yeeeeessssss! https://t.co/haRxJIwHWx
RT @MattLawrence316: Had a great time rocking out with @KoriJeanVisor all weekend. @EODMofficial won best performance for me. https://t.co/CycNbnq2ST
Oh, you're too kind. Thanks Zach! https://t.co/lRA0OJvAd2
RT @BuzzBeachBall: Jesse with @EODMofficial sitting down with @afentra for an interview. #BuzzBeachBall https://t.co/zGqKzPgxUi
RT @Tray_wood: Just watched @EODMofficial perform an acoustic version of Bowie's Moonage Daydream and it was amazing #buzzbeachball
The AWESOME #buzzbeachball !! https://t.co/3fc19ZhldE
RT @melty213: It might be 95* out, but @EODMofficial are showing us the meaning rock and roll at @BuzzBeachBall! 🤘🏼 #buzzbeachball #hot
RT @pstark13: @EODMofficial completely perfect set #buzzbeachball
RT @lakermoon: @EODMofficial that was awesome!#buzzbeachball 🎶❤️❤️😎❤️❤️
RT @willstockwell: Beautiful @EODMofficial show and crowd last night at @CainsBallroom !! https://t.co/jzVKMr5J8t
RT @kiphillreporter: .@EODMofficial take the stage to a singalong of Pilot's "Magic, " launch into "I Only Want You." #buzzbeachball https://t.co/8i1XYPQXuL
RT @electric_flo: @EODMofficial Only 3 days until we shake butt in SLC again! Can't wait! https://t.co/dMYgjKHxft
RT @ranchodelaluna: thank you @cainsballroom and Tulsa for a fantastic show!! can't wait to come back!! @ Cain's… https://t.co/9OSyRoPKJ8
RT @Smith1977M: What a fucking great show! @EODMofficial killed it!#cainsballroom https://t.co/zUrtXePE8M
RT @PromoBrady: One of the best shows I've seen in a long time! Thank you @EODMofficial for rocking my ass tonight! #JustBadAss https://t.co/iiQG6NN9QK
RT @okiecalvin: @EODMofficial guitars shredded, drums beat to shit, ears ringing, asses shook, great show! https://t.co/HAnppkhgWn
RT @mattmcjunkins: 'Tis "on" as they say.... @EODMofficial playin' things and singin' stuff. @CainsBallroom #eodm #eaglesofdeathmetal https://t.co/GABH0gXhfY
TONIGHT!!!!! @CainsBallroom https://t.co/U8cppo6jZp
RT @BourgeoisParty: The spirit of rock-n-roll is upon us tonight as we grace the stage @CainsBallroom w the 1 & only @EODMofficial https://t.co/L3DTagUDeO
RT @SmashMagazine: Next week @EODMofficial @HardRockHotelLV #Pool #Concert #AllAges are in town. https://t.co/toy9T362V5
Awesommmmmmmme. Happy bday! https://t.co/db0SZP8CBc
How 'bout it Salt Lake City ?? https://t.co/T3IrzYhUpL
RT @wayoutwestgbg: Just announced: @EODMofficial --> @wayoutwestgbg. #eodm #wowgbg https://t.co/vccBH31nEh
LONDON! Our 26 Aug show is onsale today. As in...NOW! Get your tix and come boogie with us: https://t.co/85bSkXx3pt https://t.co/fvOzVmEc07
RT @mattmcjunkins: Teaching bass lessons again via Skype! Reply or DM me for details. Photo by @MShiersPhoto https://t.co/tSC23DCBvx
U.K.! Excited to announce we're coming back to Glasgow (25 Aug) + London (26 Aug) next month. On sale Fri morning! https://t.co/rxuqj8xbRK
You heard 'em..... DO. NOT. MISS. IT. !. https://t.co/LnRKpthuuW
We applaud this so, so hard! https://t.co/ZKPtRuG2oF
Who's coming to boogie AND woogie with us this summer?? All info: https://t.co/Mbfbdga7CI Photo by Richard Herron https://t.co/AtkXYNVwi8
Happy Birthday to our man @freeznE !! https://t.co/Fv0pdlnHCO
Summertime in L.A. https://t.co/Nwoa44eIAD
RT @mschelseadaly: 31 and 32 days until I see @EODMofficial again! I've changed my tshirt 3 times today, that's how excited I am 😏 https://t.co/DPgFckjCrf
RT @jesseEODM: I Love this Man! https://t.co/aNkbA9Ccyu
RT @WillBozarth: Awesome. Thank you @tunespeak , @EODMofficial, @jesseEODM, and #JoshHomme https://t.co/Uf0h8lHw4m
RT @lojakz: @EODMofficial thanks! Got this in the mail today. Can't wait for the concert in July! https://t.co/pIWb8FSIJQ
RT @homesbyjoshua: Just got my tix for @EODMofficial in the bright light city. https://t.co/MHbS5kb5mc
RT @RockFM_ES: ¡@jimmyeatworld, @EODMofficial o @bunburyoficial , entre muchos otros, al @dcodefest! https://t.co/SsxEFSk44M
RT @shamburgerland: It’s easier without #complexity. My song of the year. Hopeful to see you guys again in Tulsa! @EODMofficial https://t.co/oa7d6UFroP
We'll be at @CainsBallroom in Tulsa! https://t.co/dPF8wD8Gkv
Where's our invite?? https://t.co/V0ARrpXnqJ
RT @dave1foos: @EODMofficial @TheJonAsher @jesseEODM Love me some Jesse https://t.co/xfE1ohVUYd
It's Boots! Photo by @thejonasher #BootsElectric #EODM https://t.co/G45sV4CY2E
One year ago, we announced that our pretty little #ZipperDown record was on the way. They grow up so fast.... https://t.co/At96CmERyA #tbt
Happy Hump Day -- we've got our eye on you! Photo by @KateinGlasses from @MetroChicago last month. https://t.co/RavQYGo2f9
Happy Birthday to this glorious guitar slayer, our very own Davey Jo Catching -- send him some love today, y'all! https://t.co/7gOrVfNRuT
Well that tour was fun! Big love to you all for boogie'ing w/ us. See ya back out there... SOON Pic by @thejonasher https://t.co/Cb8TnlY4Fr
RT @PostfontaineSLC: .@thebeaches will join @EODMofficial at @InTheVenueSLC on 7/20! Grab your tickets now: https://t.co/wKnn8caOdf https://t.co/TlK3wZTslJ
You heard 'em! https://t.co/6AyphlyIqZ
RT @thebeaches: STOKED to announce that we're jumping onto @EODMofficial's U.S. tour for 4 shows!Check the dates on Jord's poster!⚡️ https://t.co/klMxxr6WxM
RT @RobertoMBeltran: How do parents influence their kids futures? This is how! @EODMofficial #teachingkidstorockit https://t.co/TGpKkNDp8p
RT @JakeguitarH: Left home as 8pm, @EODMofficial went on at 2am last night and I got home as the sun was rising. That was my first all-nighter. WORTH IT!!!
RT @Gambles: I got hit with a shoe & found a gold watch at @EODMofficial last night. Best show I've seen / felt in years.
Davey Jo [@ranchodelaluna] at last November's @gutterdammerung premiere event in London. https://t.co/8UbRs3rnOc
RT @Tak_7T7: Saw @EODMofficial live for the first time and caught Jessie's shirt! That was one of the best concerts of my life! https://t.co/Ix3WUr7F04
RT @fuzzrocious: Thx to @EODMofficial for their hospitality. Excellent folks. Great times. @mattmcjunkins https://t.co/OPMaiSWa7m
RT @JCollius: The boys bad news @jesseEODM @EODMofficial @thetrocadero https://t.co/nDNaxOUkhX
Hell yes it is -- see you tonight, Philly! #tgif #eodm https://t.co/tsNHhD9cmh
RT @tommyvon: ICYMI: My @EODMofficial photos from an rad gig at @HOBBoston Weds evening.. check it out: https://t.co/90vXSNdpiM https://t.co/D6XNBA8yxg
RT @premierguitar: Here are impressive stomp stations from @BestCoast @EODMofficial @slipknot @zztop https://t.co/yIoVqICBuz https://t.co/u0LUAIqMUX
RT @ranchodelaluna: thank you boston @HOBBoston !!! @EODMofficial @ThelmaandtheSle love all y'all https://t.co/JC4OgZphl6
Great photo - thanks Al! https://t.co/zsubBDTEEx
RT @erinmaggie: @ranchodelaluna @EODMofficial @jesseEODM @mattmcjunkins incredible live band - I'm still energized from last night 🤘 https://t.co/tZ4dti7cmN
RT @erinmaggie: @EODMofficial @mattmcjunkins @jesseEODM @RadioBoots Thank you for making the Boston show AMAZING! https://t.co/D9n2EQ6JbJ
RT @nevri: @EODMofficial worth making the trip from Dublin this morning already! https://t.co/Y6T4fuS9FB
A new mural in Silverlake by the incredible @never1959. Huge respect -- and our sincerest thanks -- for such beauty. https://t.co/vcNfpEctOQ
An excellent combination! https://t.co/8hA8W1lilu
RT @followthecolson: Hell of a show tonight by @EODMofficial at @MrSmallsTheatre. #badass #livemusic
RT @CoverPhoto: #davecatching gets a hand in tuning from #jessehughes. @EODMofficial #newportmusichall @promowestlive #bootselectric https://t.co/X6QR0Gnao8
RT @sphinx568: He can be my daddy, be my rock 'n roller... @eodmofficial #EODM #EaglesOfDeathMetal #giglife #smugasfuck https://t.co/3SxZM6p5GX
Thanks for coming out! https://t.co/j1pJLfI6Ne
RT @mattmcjunkins: @EODMofficial & @ThelmaandtheSle playing the lovely @MrSmallsTheatre in Pittsburgh, PA! #eodm #EaglesOfDeathMetal https://t.co/2x13YNkhi5
RT @lcondo123: jesse&co, thank you for one of the best nights i've had in a LONG TIME, & thank you for hitting that guy w/ a pen ❤️ https://t.co/wwavX2uVwJ
Why thank you (for both)! https://t.co/sgw8MjpE7a
RT @mattmcjunkins: Crossing streams with @ranchodelaluna last night in Columbus. Photo by Sioux Cavanaugh #eodm #eaglesofdeathmetal https://t.co/Zu3MwaD9F5
All sorts of fun w/ @cd1025fm today in #Columbus. Thanks for having us! See y'all tonight at #NewportMusicHall ... https://t.co/qx3HZkWF9N
RT @MJMcClellan: I want you so hard @EODMofficial https://t.co/UmtU4ZGFHh
RT @ranchodelaluna: thank you Indianapolis @TheVogueTheatre !!! @EODMofficial @ThelmaandtheSle we had a blast https://t.co/NDWeTNz8zl
RT @Perk_U_Later: Them @EODMofficial boys know how to boogie! They are shredding @TheVogue up right now. https://t.co/cPIsBdqGwM
RT @ChristaCoppock: @EODMofficial you were incredible tonight! Thanks for the awesome souvenirs! @TheVogue #EODM @famousamos414 https://t.co/oahYZ9tYMg
RT @jesseEODM: Tonight! @EODMofficial https://t.co/QcZVSoyyvK
RT @KHDKElectronics: Total KHDK @pequods pizza party @ChicagoMusicEx @mattmcjunkins @ranchodelaluna @jesseEODM https://t.co/lr1qszd4oX
Indianapolis !! https://t.co/x68OobPibi
A lovely time with @ChicagoMusicEx this week. Thanks for having us! #Chicago #EODM https://t.co/vNHD6yQZbq
RT @liveforever20: @EODMofficial https://t.co/4F7JMXD1Qq
RT @Perk_U_Later: @MyMorningJacket tomorrow @WhiteRiverStPrk & @EODMofficial Friday @TheVogue. #OnTour https://t.co/yQmQ62A4hJ
RT @ThePageantSTL: PHOTOS: Last night’s spectacular @EODMofficial w @ThelmaandtheSle show - https://t.co/ljA3qCx9DZ 📷: @indieimagestl https://t.co/quBEpclKZz
RT @ThePageantSTL: TONIGHT! @ThelmaandtheSle 8PM @EODMofficial 9:15PM Tickets: https://t.co/ypCZm6sCwZ & at door tonight! $32.50 https://t.co/Me1DGO9NwY
RT @MrSmallsTheatre: We have @thevaccines, @MiikeSnow, and @EODMofficial rolling through this week! Tickets here: https://t.co/23YvZdlKZg https://t.co/H8j68uZB3o
Thank YOU and much love to YOU! https://t.co/HClZX8E0F2
RT @dperis: Thank you @EODMofficial for the hospitality last night at @StubbsAustin ; https://t.co/fkPpp2NIDR https://t.co/kiuUMTmLYB
RT @swiftUndertow: Much love to @EODMofficial @jesseEODM @mattmcjunkins thanks for rocking the hell out of Texas! TEXAS LOVES YOU! https://t.co/qBKWlg22gp
RT @HOBDallas: TONIGHT — @EODMofficial with guest @ThelmaandtheSle! Doors: 7P, Show: 8P. Tickets remain at https://t.co/640FukqQPm https://t.co/4iKZ5ozWvj
RT @HOBHouston: DO NOT MISS @EODMofficial tonight! Doors open in 1 hr. Grab tickets in the box office or at https://t.co/wl4FlbqcU4 https://t.co/Ms5UqSfmsF
RT @ranchodelaluna: houston is hot tonight @HOBHouston @EODMofficial @ThelmaandtheSle gonna turn up the heat! sexy sweaty dance party https://t.co/IzblXFfHi5
All good things! https://t.co/maFdiAiRmn
Everyone wish this fine human being a Happy Birthday today, y'all !! #HappyBirthday #JoshHomme #EODM #QOTSA https://t.co/eDlBMaY3u2
RT @ranchodelaluna: tonight!!! we @EODMofficial play the awesome @oejnola !! gonna be hot, sweaty fun https://t.co/brVvCx0WZM
RT @igofatlanta: Amazing performance by @eodmofficial at #shakykneesfest #myview #ilovemyjob by pearceyproper #atlanta #livetweet https://t.co/2yBmJgiNBQ
And we can't wait to see YOU there! https://t.co/5xRfKqq6kq
RT @TheVogue: SELL OUT ALERT! NEXT FRI 5/27 @EODMofficial & @ThelmaandtheSle !! Tix here: https://t.co/GIQcZUGUHM @DahliaPresents https://t.co/aK4FbHxmSO
Two dudes, two smiles, a guitar, and a bass. Photo by @KellyAnnShuler at @Chameleon_Club https://t.co/oCGNGZhWdz
RT @AtTheDriveIn: Out of rehearsals. Tonight-Hanging with some friends. @deftones @EODMofficial https://t.co/OOSwZvqi2e
RT @jesseEODM: LIVE on #Periscope https://t.co/p91RkkitBY
RT @mattmcjunkins: Tonight's show in Lancaster, PA will be accompanied by... #eodm #eaglesofdeathmetal #starwars https://t.co/2hz5XgYKZ9
Flashback to the #ZipperDown teaser that started it all... simply titled "Costumes" + directed by @lynchland. #tbt https://t.co/PtKDYxsEab
RT @elSneaker: Goddamn @EODMofficial last night was beautiful. It was great to see you again. https://t.co/uYWKhQSg2x
RT @AndrewDoba: Thanks @jesseEODM! Fucking awesome show in #Providence #LoveYouAllTheTime CC: @EODMofficial https://t.co/bImgYYBlKu
RT @tommyvon: Still looking for my socks, @ranchodelaluna , @jesseEODM and the rest of @EODMofficial knocked them off! Always the best live R'N'R show
Rock 'n roll, Calgary-style. Thanks to Bradley Conrad for this stunner of a pic! https://t.co/yxP2BRYsNw
RT @SQotsa: @EODMofficial @jesseEODM @RadioBoots @qotsa @TuesdayCrossXXX @BrodyDalle #EODM #qotsa sketch of #thedreamboys https://t.co/WPcKHmYZDZ
RT @ranchodelaluna: thank you @bryankehoe @jimdunlopusa for our @EODMofficial picks and slides! now we are ready to rock the kids of america!! UR THE BEST!!!
You didn't want to scratch But then you got the itch https://t.co/2rSzb8ILWg #Complexity #ZipperDown
RT @oslodangles: Great concert. @EODMofficial put on an amazing show this weekend. @RobandIce https://t.co/BNSluxRyNg
Hell yes! Love this https://t.co/tDDSVTBc2F
RT @fr4nk1ss: A Broken guitar, a heart full of Love, @EODMofficial play real Rockn'Roll in Quebec!!! https://t.co/YTdADhZmdl
How 'bout @thebeaches y'all? Check 'em out. https://t.co/V5Pv7YtMj7
RT @mattmcjunkins: @eodmofficial grand finale to our run in 🇨🇦 w/@dfa1979 @BIBLICALBAND last night! Now back to the 🇺🇸 for more shows! https://t.co/kongAEDVTK
Thanks to @thebeaches for sharing the stage with us tonight in #Toronto. @OPERAHOUSETO #cmw https://t.co/AZtS26vBio
So.......... what are you listening to this weekend? https://t.co/Nu94AuiPDN #ZipperDown https://t.co/oFYmq04kca
RT @ranchodelaluna: happy cinco de mayo ! come to montreal and celebrate with @EODMofficial @dfa1979 @BIBLICALBAND @Mtl_Metropolis https://t.co/MZdogpTa7I
We're giving away tix to some upcoming shows + signed CDs! Enter here & come boogie with us: https://t.co/jXBkvbvplc https://t.co/qiajnJHmZR
Aw, shucks..... Thanks Brendan! https://t.co/xhjriA5JFq
RT @MetroChicago: Low ticket alert! @EODMofficial’s 5/25 show is about to sell out. Do it. You know you’ll kick yourself if you don’t: https://t.co/kGJnEeFDqJ
RT @mattmcjunkins: Getting slinky with @ernieball @EODMofficial #iplayslinky #eodm #ernieball Photo by @ranchodelaluna(Dave Catching) https://t.co/PRVcrfv4Kf
RT @DJsassysparkles: Oh baby I'm pumped for @dfa1979 and @EODMofficial gonna be a good one @londonmusichall
RT @NickCTwits: I've been waiting so long for today. Can't wait to see @EODMofficial and @dfa1979 at the @londonmusichall!!!
03 September: We're comin' to @homefestival1! #HF16 Full details + Ticket info here: https://t.co/HKveZqztnU https://t.co/9vX7UGuc3Q
RT @manantler: Boots Electric IPA is now available for purchase at the brewery. Brewed in collaboration with @EODMofficial. https://t.co/4eSkmiOmaJ
Davey Jo + #BootsElectric Photo by @MikeSudomaPhoto https://t.co/G17kEPyciW
TULSA, OK! Headin' to @CainsBallroom July 16 for some rock 'n rollin'. Tix onsale Friday: https://t.co/yXvX6vpMnE https://t.co/TYd2WH0unS
For your Monday viewing and/or listening pleasure. https://t.co/CSDf3eRjYM
RT @theburtwpg: What a night! @EODMofficial #TheBurt https://t.co/xwwmEOMZyL
RT @cmarner: What a show last night in Winnipeg @EODMofficial @ranchodelaluna @mattmcjunkins @jesseEODM https://t.co/QQDft5E8sX
RT @mattmcjunkins: Reppin' hard in Saskatoon for tonight's soirée(soir eh)! #eodm #beavisandbutthead https://t.co/zbBGF6dLYy
RT @ranchodelaluna: hell yes calgary!!! 3rd stop on eodmofficial @dfa1979 @nicksewell tour!!! so damn good!!! https://t.co/O4MjwJF5DW
RT @TeamCoco: Eagles Of Death Metal (@EODMofficial) are getting into the bouncy house business https://t.co/7sAEG1afcq #CONAN https://t.co/nGjSNvquzY
RT @PearlJam: Hear @MikeMcCreadyPJ interview Josh Homme of @EODMofficial today at 12pm & 7pm ET on @SiriusXM @PJRadio (Ch.22). https://t.co/UmpQRwlWyo
TV REMINDER: Tune in to @TeamCoco 11pm TONIGHT to see what in the hell is going on in this photo. @TBSNetwork #CONAN https://t.co/IgtguYAT3O
RT @concertaddicts: Photos of @EODMofficial of @PNE_Playland #Vancouver by the mighty beard at @cryptic_photos https://t.co/uoJwKvRtx1 https://t.co/4sNUzEkWW1
RT @thiscatsmeow: Gratuitous 7-days-to-@EODMofficial tweet!!! 🌈💘⚡️@ranchodelaluna @jesseEODM https://t.co/qS2fWrwHeR
Two dudes. #tbt https://t.co/rztZDD4ccP
RT @SonicBoomFest: Warming up for #SB2016 tonite with @EODMofficial @dfa1979 down at @EdmontonSCC #tbt #theboomiscoming https://t.co/NgLVea4Qvp
UPDATE: This piece will now air THURSDAY night -- update those DVRs, y'all. Same time, same place! @TeamCoco #CONAN https://t.co/VEeczhvZtJ
Watch @TeamCoco / @ConanOBrien TONIGHT at 11PM on @TBSNetwork for info on our brand new business venture. #CONAN https://t.co/yx1CHwQNJB
RT @skippynixx: @EODMofficial you guys were amazing tonight! Full of love, rock, soul, boogie, and woogie! Vancouver is the new hometown of #EoDM
RT @vegan_bacon: @EODMofficial & @dfa1979 rocked so well that I don't even mind this hangover
RT @qotsa: ICYMI check out @IggyPop and the guys performing 'Sunday' from #PostPopDepression on last night's @JimmyKimmelLive - https://t.co/ihRjjAaJEk
Depends.... was it a good haircut? https://t.co/iJg8r52rGB
RT @mattmcjunkins: Eagles of Death From Above Metal 1979 See you in Canada! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 @EODMofficial @dfa1979 #eodm #deathfromabove1979 https://t.co/PhjgdFYvzV
Canada-bound next week to kick things off with @dfa1979 -- see y'all up there! https://t.co/llggrltMoQ
RIP Prince Rogers Nelson… Love You
RT @EdmontonSCC: Get ready to rock! @dfa1979 & @EODMofficial take our stage April 28th. Tickets: https://t.co/1yEMtYLWeC #yegevents https://t.co/BBQkQSDHjj
What's all this "might" talk ?? https://t.co/XnchcGkO4U
RT @jennrhcp: Can't wait to see @EODMofficial again and show off my new tattoo! Handwritten by the one and only @jesseEODM 😁❤ https://t.co/R6knXSLBlt
Very kind-- thanks Caleb https://t.co/yj4PNYOcRW
Awesommmmmmmmee https://t.co/6D83mihBpb
Hmmmmm-- what ever could be happening here? Stay tuned.......... https://t.co/IaugXKk1as
[pulls out pad of paper and pen] https://t.co/ca6Cy4B8po
RT @mattmcjunkins: %100 accurate recreation of Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' album cover w/@ranchodelaluna Photo by @zachwrobel https://t.co/ni6lWA2zNe
RT @rocktheshores: Van. Isle’s Biggest Rock Festival of the Summer, Rock The Shores 2016. Tix on sale now at https://t.co/lOSjH7GKDa https://t.co/uw3ketYtcj
RT @TeamCoco: .@EODMOfficial picks a fight with LA cool kids, playing "Silverlake (K.S.O.F.M.)” on #CONAN https://t.co/u0KvIoNbJU
TONIGHT at 11pm/10c with our favorite barbarian - we shall be rockin' @TeamCoco on @TBSNetwork. Tune in, won't you? https://t.co/wIsIJxAJE4
EDMONTON! Who's comin'? https://t.co/aT5pw9unet
RT @DiffuserFM: 10 Years Ago: #EaglesofDeathMetal release the swaggering ‘Death By Sexy’: https://t.co/8uvfQ4w6Mq @EODMofficial https://t.co/IUgV18kSDA
#FF to all: @jesseEODM + @ranchodelaluna + @mattmcjunkins + @JormaHChrist + @qotsa + @dothesweetstuff + @lynchland #EODM #EaglesOfDeathMetal
RT @thebeaches: 1 month til we open for the coolest dudes ever, @EODMofficial!!! Good times & EODM-themed pale ale to be had. ⚡️🍻 https://t.co/FrjcA9K4Bx
Big news: We're playing a lil' ditty called "Silverlake [K.S.O.F.M.]" next Thurs April 14 on @TeamCoco @TBSNetwork! https://t.co/MIGebdnDRC
RT @juanmaquiroz: Disco de hoy: @EODMofficial #ZipperDown https://t.co/V7slpn1B9a
Davey Jo OWNING that stage Photo by #CarlitoPix https://t.co/EDR1rI3JV0
That. Is. Awesome. https://t.co/NfbzOeXN5f
What they said! https://t.co/LY0y6Y5Jmv
The ever-so-handsome #BootsElectric, live and direct from Argentina earlier this month. Photo by #CarlitoPix https://t.co/cJBrg7tNg3
RT @mattmcjunkins: Boogie dance party from the other night @MetropolisFreo Photo by @stumckayphoto (Stu McKay) @EODMofficial #eodm https://t.co/DE6qskGcSb
Sounds like our kinda restaurant.... https://t.co/p6mX08yXrg
Awesome - our thanks to you! https://t.co/OOclf8hwSr
RT @mattmcjunkins: Lookin' good Perth! @EODMofficial #eodm https://t.co/4kEQ9AEsZK
RT @DaveSwainy: Eagles of Death Metal main stage at Legopalooza @EODMofficial @ranchodelaluna @jesseEODM https://t.co/6PklZ8luuS
#HappyEaster from #EODM to you and yours. Photo by our very own Jorma Vik at @BluesfestByron #BluesFest #Australia https://t.co/8EWsgVu7c2
RT @SORMacarthur: Thanks for your hospitality tonight @EODMofficial. We love YOU all the time. @jesseEODM #inspiringnextgen https://t.co/WySJXGyRcp
RT @Doberdowney: An @EODMofficial joke: knock knock. Who's there? #silverlake. Silverlake who? DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM??!!
Oh my..... this is INCREDIBLE! Thanks for sharing. https://t.co/RAc9Usnsi3
Already in the works..... Stay tuned https://t.co/8yL7234gVv
Are mom & dad coming too?? https://t.co/tV04YBUIz9
RT @RollingStone: Eagles of Death Metal announce massive North American tour https://t.co/OMRT5fcTYx https://t.co/Xtosk6u40x
New tour dates GALORE today, y'all! All over this beautiful planet. Let's boogie & woogie: https://t.co/E4eBhxV8o4 https://t.co/RTYBQXfeUw
RT @mattmcjunkins: Hello Melbourne! @eodmofficial is here to do stuff https://t.co/JBuuYotktW
RT @ranchodelaluna: thank you @powerstation_nz and all you lovely aukland nz folks for a fun filled evening!!! https://t.co/O3T2pix8PW
RT @ARTISTdirect: .@eltonofficial, Members Of @thestrokes With @beck Contribute @EODMofficial Covers Read at https://t.co/1zsOSp9czi https://t.co/jzz9PctCLe
RT @neilmarkham1970: @mattmcjunkins Smashing it at Aucklands Powerstation last night with @EODMofficial #EoDM @jesseEODM #davecatching https://t.co/pHnci5W1L8
RT @RollingStone: Josh Homme discusses Elton John's "glorious" Eagles of Death Metal cover https://t.co/1HF5YqOFG4 https://t.co/Mqz2LM4AGY
#BootsElectric at his best. Photo by @fotorockchile #EODM #EaglesOfDeathMetal #LollaCL #Lollapalooza #Chile https://t.co/uW78mtnxJD
RT @ranchodelaluna: hello aukland nz!!! tonight we have the pleasure of rocking you @powerstation_nz ! it's been 9 long years!!! https://t.co/OtEt3IuYVh
Man oh man did we have an incredible time in South America! Thanks to you all for having us. We'll be back........ https://t.co/7YaQlYLxeX
RT @rockenseine: #LetsDance ! Les premiers noms de notre programmation sont là ! #RockEnSeine #RES16 Prêts pour danser ? https://t.co/9L8ezlKMZf
How could we not? https://t.co/1p6jhEWdtt
Yet another gem from #TinyBoneFace with the #BootsElectric pick. We love this! Happy Sunday, y'all https://t.co/I9Y3Gasy9R
RT @enzo_fedrizzi: Rockers to the bone: Eagles of Death Metal en Lollapalooza Chile @EODMofficial #LollaCL https://t.co/hPoWZ3hsup
RT @HumoNegro: Galería fotográfica de Eagles Of Death Metal (@EODMofficial) en @lollapaloozacl 2016 https://t.co/b5I5ylMudF https://t.co/e8i9dux4iq
RT @ranchodelaluna: birthday boy mattmcjunkins and the beautiful crowd in santiago chile @lollapaloozacl !… https://t.co/bmxfNpGJq0
Big happy birthday to bass player extraordinaire and all around excellent human, Mr. @mattmcjunkins Pic by Thanira https://t.co/pcuinjvf4y
RT @canalplus: Concert des Eagles of Death Metal à l'Olympia : Une heure et demie 100% hommage et rock ce soir à 23h sur Canal+ https://t.co/6ytkPJM4jy
RT @RollingStone: Beck and Strokes members, Elton John contribute new Eagles of Death Metal charity covers https://t.co/jsjregrTFk https://t.co/cnkvWQZWDT
@dperis @eltonofficial @thestrokes @beck @fasterpussycat And for that you are a glorious gentleman. Thanks again David!
RT @jennbostic: Honored to be part of the @EODMofficial #PlayItForward campaign. #LoveYouAllTheTime https://t.co/9qN6OqJAj0 https://t.co/E6W2eFnR14
RT @fasterpussycat: Our version of @EODMofficial "I Love You All The Time" is now available via iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Go get it! https://t.co/4r06toWFri
RT @beck: Beck joined @thestrokes members in covering @EODMofficial's 'I Love You All The Time' for #PlayItForward. Listen: https://t.co/Lxi2razmVB
Extra mega thx to @tomdstudio + @PaixColchester for creating over 30 (!!) #PlayItForward covers... so far. Can't wait to share more of them.
RT @radpittradpitt: We are honoured to be part of this! Cheers to Eagles Of Death Metal for their seal of approval! @EODMofficial https://t.co/eWncwLDZJz
RT @dukesofnewyork: So proud to be part of this project! https://t.co/kyOoQqQh4Q
RT @4trkphantoms: So proud to be on the latest round of #iloveyouallthetime covers from @EODMofficial ! Yay! https://t.co/5n1ejdzq0L
Us, too -- we love y'all @PaixColchester ! https://t.co/kvj0IzqS5d
RT @thestrokes: Nick & Fab, joined by @Beck, covered @EODMofficial’s “I Love You All The Time” for the Play It Forward EODM campaign https://t.co/EJdIWq8EMe
RT @pitchfork: Listen to @thestrokes and @beck team up to cover Eagles of Death Metal (@EODMofficial) https://t.co/ErVEMV48S5 https://t.co/caqKFPRmPf
RT @ArcavesMusic: Hey Andy! Dee said that you should check out our @EODMofficial cover here please: https://t.co/hw6dcM26kY https://t.co/Ri9ZsarJCN
RT @muffinheadmusic: Proud as punks to help @EODMofficial #playitforward. Download and @dothesweetstuff #punkforpeace @PaixColchester https://t.co/pblW1ut2Tx
#PlayItForward Round 3: https://t.co/TETq7F05Py INCLUDES: @eltonofficial, @thestrokes feat. @beck, @jennbostic .... https://t.co/7NvQ3UsH3H
RT @mattmcjunkins: A nice Buenos Aires welcome for @EODMofficial. Thank you @donjulioparrilla! #eodm https://t.co/y2u25AM8Q8
Have y'all seen this stunner of a film yet?! Currently (fittingly!) is #1 @iTunesMovies doc: https://t.co/8CMSs3NImU https://t.co/XjWL8woMOM
Do it! Do it now! #PostPopDepression https://t.co/dTt6Nz5z7h
The boys of #EODM Photo by Thanira Rates https://t.co/u090yTlslg
RT @pukkelpop: 89 new names for #PKP16! 🎊 Tickets on sale Wednesday March 23 at 1PM! Read all names: https://t.co/I96ASjsOj1 https://t.co/8e6QnmepbT
Ladies & Gentlemen.... Mr. Davey Jo Catching, his beautiful guitar & his glorious bandanna. Photo by Thanira Rates https://t.co/8t5ebDG8bD
You are far too sweet, but we'll take that any day of the week! https://t.co/yWLYdwTThJ
RT @yesper0: @EODMofficial greetings from denmark!! the pictures is from your last visit #tb15 https://t.co/tkfhJg7Rww
RT @jesseEODM: I love y'all so hard & I love y'all all the time (Repaired finger and all!) Photo by the lovely Thanira Rates https://t.co/dG0pGDNxtv
RT @gutterdammerung: 'This ain't f**king hollywood, can you dig it!' https://t.co/5bBCuj6pH6 https://t.co/GuGa6kpTiB
Even though it's Monday, we still only want you. Yes... you. YOU! https://t.co/qy2eMrw16L
RT @louiscoupe: I think I've found my new favourite band in @EODMofficial. I want every single album right now.
RT @camilabarish: @EODMofficial it was a fantastic show at #Lolla! I'm in love for this band and for Jesse! I had multiple orgasms just watching him on stage❤
A beautiful sight from yesterday's @LollapaloozaBr -- thanks for sharing this @paaatee ! #Lollapalooza2016 #EODM https://t.co/Yq8rpBG36L
RT @ranchodelaluna: thank you @LollapaloozaBr sao paulo and everyone here!!! https://t.co/dseehYzy9D
RT @mattmcjunkins: @EODMofficial São Paulo Style @LollapaloozaBr was a blast! #eodm #eaglesofdeathmetal https://t.co/vtcDQ7HGdJ
A STATEMENT FROM JESSE HUGHES (@jesseEODM): https://t.co/PG0Lco6qiZ
This may be the sweetest thing we've seen all day -- you are rad, jasmine! https://t.co/t8XW3rnZkI
And we love you! Thanks for coming out https://t.co/ljBFYog91D
Hell yes! What Davey Jo said! https://t.co/37wQ5gwriq
South America! Show #1! We're here! Today! See you tonight, Bogota...... Bring your dancin' shoes!
RT @ranchodelaluna: the world has lost another genius. RIP george martin
Big thanks to Max + our pals at @KyserMusicalPro for some AWESOME capos w/ EODM logos on 'em. Can't wait to use 'em! https://t.co/UbAW0hNZnt
RT @AlexVansMusic: Found this baby at @SomRecordsDC today w this rad lyric book! thx @EODMofficial for keeping up my neighbors tonite https://t.co/lfWJb9cuHo
Mmmmmm. Can we have a sip? #CherryCola https://t.co/VdXEX1B0rZ
Our endless thanks to @PearlJam for these gorgeous vinyl singles supporting @dothesweetstuff. You rule so, so hard! https://t.co/34FIR7S06v
RT @emilyc88: It's a 'Whorehoppin' kinda morning. @EODMofficial
Flashback to the Peace Love Death Metal sessions. Happy Monday, y'all! https://t.co/T1TYJOe5sV
RT @jesseEODM: Hanging with @jimchancellor at the @brits. Such a rad night. #BRITs https://t.co/6uk3b46xq5
The gang. Photo by the lovely @TuesdayCrossXXX https://t.co/0PDSOaRYzO
It's true. Y'all have been so darn sweet to us, Melbourne, that we had to add a THIRD show at Croxton. Can't wait! https://t.co/WiybUCN6L9
A dapper-looking @TuesdayCrossXXX & @jesseEODM!! @brits #BRITs https://t.co/eZa6OA7d2t
It's #BRITs night! So honored to be a part of this wonderfulness. Thanks for having us @brits
Our thanks to #AndreaBoss for this gem of a photo. And much love to you all for these beautiful rock shows! #eodm https://t.co/PoVJqGmJla
We're headed your way @SweetlifeFest - see y'all in May! Full deets/tix here: https://t.co/H6szLLLMA7 #sweetlife2016 https://t.co/7E2SvZPixX
And thank you for having us https://t.co/2TFOuMmX7v
RT @Jimenez_Emm: Peace, Love, Death Metal. Thank you so much for last night @eodmofficial !!! #rockshow #eodm #eaglesofdeathmetal #… https://t.co/lXENDhYp8J
RT @ranchodelaluna: thank you vienna / wein @EODMofficial crazy fun night!!! https://t.co/VGi75SCG1N
RT @oseaans: Thank you for the awesome gig @EODMofficial https://t.co/A4QVwuuiYL
Awesooommmmmmmmmmmeeee !! https://t.co/yiKPR13YQr
RT @jimdunlopusa: Custom #Tortex picks for @EODMofficial @ranchodelaluna & @jesseEODM European tour! Dates: https://t.co/Ih4Vs4gGOU https://t.co/9gTkDavKtY
RT @CMW_Week: JUST ANNOUNCED: @EODMofficial w/ @thebeaches & @TheBeloveds 5/7 at @OperaHouseTO for #CMW2016 TIX ON SALE FRI @ 10! https://t.co/ruvd7BajB7
RT @jesseEODM: Aye aye, cap'n!!!! https://t.co/SoyMotoyvr
Love this photo -- thanks Alex https://t.co/GYiIjve0dz
Our kinda text! https://t.co/387OO2ivYe
RT @ranchodelaluna: thank you @ernieball !! we love you @EODMofficial https://t.co/Cn30457tPo
Thank you for this @KerrangMagazine https://t.co/q2vEMtrX0u
Vive la musique, vive la liberté, vive la France, and vive EODM. Thank you for this, Paris. https://t.co/3W3GKT5qsk
RT @acebjt: !. https://t.co/304nwCS50y
RT @TexasJoes: En route to Paris to celebrate freedom with my brothers in @EODMofficial Fear will never conquer like love.
And we cannot wait to see you all https://t.co/VD1MkKOIRO
RT @ranchodelaluna: hello paris! we @EODMofficial cannot wait to play rocknroll for you wonderful people! love love love dc https://t.co/dujqCTuTPg
RT @joericsson: Last night at Debaser was pure magic! @EODMofficial
RT @mattmcjunkins: Thanks for the warm @EODMofficial welcome in Stockholm last night! Photo by Linn Koch-Emmery #eodm #nosamistour https://t.co/yXbbTfu9On
Guess who's back? https://t.co/2spnQsxe3s
Tech day. Tour starts SATURDAY! We can't wait to see all your beautiful faces these next few weeks. https://t.co/phGDvROyra
RT @jesseEODM: At the Backyard Babies. Stockholm. Excellent! https://t.co/R6n7LnHq56
And you would be a champion of the world. See you there! https://t.co/3GdEQ10BjK
RT @secretsounds: ✊✊✊ We are thrilled to announce that @EODMofficiall will play 3 headline dates this March. https://t.co/IvfbpZ340c https://t.co/Qb2X57ufHT
AUSTRALIA: you've been asking for sideshows. Who are we to keep them from you? See you in March. Full details here: https://t.co/XyHpLMCvzm
RT @williamhann86: @EODMofficial absolute PLEASURE seeing you earlier gents. All the love in the world ✌🏻️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/M26msjgrtC
Yep - we're coming @oyafestival ! https://t.co/qnr9pBRzRh
RT @jesseEODM: ..... telegram!!! https://t.co/YhS8i1HUaN
NEW ZEALAND! You knew we couldn't stay away. See you at @powerstation_nz on 22 March. Tix: https://t.co/fsAWHiw5Uh https://t.co/ziHRFMwdIi
RT @ruiz_tono: Jesse Hughes Print Fundraiser for @EODMofficial Merchandise Manager Nick Alexander. Buy it https://t.co/EnMsHDNEZZ https://t.co/j7TrnGhcKg
Check out this piece on the excellent #TinyTerror from @OrangeAmps. You may see a certain @jesseEODM in there, too. https://t.co/u7fsrPQuyp
Way excited to be headed back to AUSTRALIA in March Go here for all things @BluesfestByron: https://t.co/LbKriLls01 https://t.co/BeMAai7GJg
RT @jesseEODM: Three stooges of rock 'n' roll https://t.co/feOWNVgYZX
.@mattmcjunkins & @jesseEODM w/ some of the wonderful things everyone has been sending us. We love you so hard!!!! https://t.co/EKBQ5RHJBx
BOGOTA! Playing @armandorecords 9 March for #EstereoPicnic2016. #ArmandoMusicHall Tickets: https://t.co/9LRf4nTpCK https://t.co/CD9B9C7Zk0
NEW DATES! Canadian tour w/ @dfa1979 + a sprinkling of U.S. EODM dates. All onsale Feb 5: https://t.co/Mbfbdga7CI https://t.co/TD4vhr1TQn
Canada.......... news for you coming on Monday. https://t.co/bCHntN8tFl
RT @TrevorSpillane: Soundtrack of the day - brought to you by @EODMofficial and @Rollerkilkenny https://t.co/rrcHkPU7pq
NETHERLANDS! We're returning in August for #LowlandsFest. Tix onsale Feb 6: https://t.co/C2vMMaZCkH @Rapid_Razor_Bob https://t.co/jIMStEnsf6
It's so easy Without complexity #tbt https://t.co/eKl623b4bx
SAO PAULO! Our 15 March @LollapaloozaBr headliner w/ @vintagetrouble is onsale NOW Tickets: https://t.co/Tv2F3znYq0 https://t.co/8uW9lHkhTO
RT @dothesweetstuff: Awesome talent and so much support. Check these out! https://t.co/R0ytgQWi5m
As he/she should. And congratulations! https://t.co/gtKJt4lNsH
Much love to @amazonmusic (and to you @mschneider) for the help & support w/ #PlayItForward. All versions now here: https://t.co/xptEBGIe2W
RT @DiffuserFM: Matt Cameron, @NadaSurf + more contribute covers to @EODMofficial’s Play It Forward: https://t.co/NAoFMkTUef https://t.co/RZdQn7kNjY
RT @bracketsofficia: Today @EODMofficial released our cover of their single. Listen, learn, and donate: https://t.co/q9p3rS6iX7 https://t.co/zgozqBlDJf
Stream a glorious playlist of all 29 (so far... ) #PlayItForward #ILoveYouAllTheTime covers on @Spotify today: https://t.co/SJRmVSJKhD
RT @pitchfork: Eagles of Death Metal share more "I Love You All the Time" covers https://t.co/Je0VwPuCvV https://t.co/seBvg5cECO
RT @Halestorm: We covered #ILoveYouAllTheTime by @EODMofficial for their charity campaign. Learn more here: https://t.co/WRnMW6hTld #WeLoveYouParis
RT @sonnyboythorn: Now available! Sonny Boy Thorn's cover of @eodmofficial's #iloveyouallthetime #thesweetstuff #playitforward Repost… https://t.co/w4bgCvkrYU
RT @KeithKennyMusic: @EODMofficial released my version of "I Love You All the Time" today! Download & donate at https://t.co/x2JD0w1FMo https://t.co/4OEZKPFOxz
RT @TheBetaMachine: Here it is! Our cover of 'I Love You All the Time' by @EODMofficial! https://t.co/efgAjF2xnk #playitforward https://t.co/iegNNQcJ8O
RT @ianclmnt: Check out my version of "I Love You All The time" in good company up on the @EODMofficial website. https://t.co/FKNeEXjke9
RT @thebeaches: Honoured to be a part of @EODMofficial campaign to help those affected by the Paris attacks. https://t.co/hiOr7Bg2s1 https://t.co/XdaSOkO4fq
RT @nadasurf: we recorded @EODMofficial’s “I love you all the time” to raise money for victims of the paris terrorist attacks. https://t.co/eIUi2R1DNU
Round 2 #PlayItForward covers up NOW: @CCHELSEAWWOLFE @nadasurf + others tagged. Full list: https://t.co/TETq7F05Py https://t.co/fyp2QCoLPE
Unfortunately due to scheduling issues beyond our control, we must move our Lille show date to 7 March. All purchased tickets remain valid.
Baby Duck doin' big things w/ the great @IggyPop... #PostPopDepression @colbertlateshow debut perf. TONIGHT Read: https://t.co/jBz6qgOMs0
A Baby Duck and a Boots Electric. #tbt https://t.co/pJC5oCBM9n
Tickets for our 16 February L'Olympia show available starting at 10:00AM Paris time (2 hrs from now). Get them here: https://t.co/e1T9o7bOEc
@Amazing_Pete Much love for all the #PlayItForward support. We see you and we thank you.
Totally rad. Thank you @wearefelony https://t.co/T0qTLWj3Bi https://t.co/QcrOmZ6FcP
So rad -- thank you Sandra https://t.co/5pEj6jBHpm
We are speechless. #BRITs Gigantic thanks to the @brits and to you all. https://t.co/AQseSFHgNH
Atlanta, we're headed your way! Excited for @ShakyKneesFest in May w/ a bunch of our pals: https://t.co/tPyItbQrK9 https://t.co/Y7FlqsXFyX
RT @ballsweats: @EODMofficial your Newcastle gig , come back soon https://t.co/S7JG43MYIQ
All sold out?? We'll need to do something about that..... https://t.co/0lccuU22X6
Absolutely beautiful. https://t.co/7HnKxdMVDt
And we hope the very same for you https://t.co/w8K4AbHwGf
Summertime in NY is a beautiful thing. Excited to play @GovBallNYC this June. Tix/Info: https://t.co/AxxMJfCOpQ https://t.co/zL6mMBLV2h
That shirt! You'd be hard pressed to find a cooler and/or cuter 6-month-old than this. Happy 2016 to all! https://t.co/c8yWrosX7k
A most heartfelt #HappyNewYear to you, wherever you may be on this fine planet. We love you all, and can't wait to see you again in 2016!!
The beautiful @flo_tweet @themaccabees perform 'I Love You All The Time' in Paris. Gorgeous: https://t.co/pCtQrQCU8B https://t.co/ebp8J5kFdn
RT @TuneCore: .@EODMofficial have launched a campaign to help the victims of the Paris Attacks - and you can be apart of it too: https://t.co/ly3Z7VCm2d
We love you all so, so hard this Christmas.
Incredible. God bless these fine lads of @RealTenaciousD, forever and for always! Love you boys. https://t.co/x73Hd1uJns
RT @RollingStone: Eagles of Death Metal talk Play It Forward campaign, sharing the stage with U2 and more https://t.co/AYBLCd3BCa https://t.co/IkjGZSC1v0
With huge help from you good folks at @TuneCore, that is! Much love. https://t.co/UQtW3R4MKI
Big thanks to @Spotify for the homepage #PlayItForward love. Stream, support & enjoy here: https://t.co/SJRmVSJKhD https://t.co/rFceSLNFHz
RT @AppleMusic: Thirteen incredible artists teamed with @EODMofficial to #PlayItForward. #ILoveYouAllTheTime https://t.co/vQsFF4uxAz https://t.co/KqLRXzB9Af
Further gratitude to @lynchland for designing the artwork for these beautiful cover songs & to @dperis for building https://t.co/2O5hzrjpzj
RT @KingsOfLeon: KOL recorded a cover of “I Love You All the Time” by @EODMofficial for their #PlayItForward campaign. Hear it here: https://t.co/aV4ezw1VRD
RT @flo_tweet: I Love You All The Time ft @themaccabees In support of @EODMofficial Play It Forward https://t.co/dcfTiRoUAw https://t.co/OiL89IXJAn
RT @thenewpacific: We're honored to be part of @EODMofficial's #PlayItForward campaign. Listen to our cover at https://t.co/85AMnxXWBX https://t.co/YoDZSOlXgh
RT @mymorningjacket: Honored to share our cover of @EODMofficial "I Love You All The Time". https://t.co/YqXkNjKo8E (1/2) https://t.co/PQib1MXLaB
RT @Imaginedragons: we recorded a cover of @EODMofficial "I Love You All The Time" as part of the Play It Forward Campaign. Get it here: https://t.co/gq6XztCtS1
RT @MiniMansions: Honoured to be part of such a great cause - listen to our @EODMofficial cover and play it forward https://t.co/c9rKpSOsCL x
RT @ArcticMonkeys: Alex performs with @MiniMansions on their cover of @EODMofficial "I Love You All Time" released via https://t.co/S5NFFoGTjF
RT @jimmyeatworld: We're honored to be part of @EODMofficial's #PlayItForward campaign. Listen to our cover at https://t.co/HgttwTftxf https://t.co/69eNSaYg8O
RT @flo_tweet: I Love You All The Time ft @themaccabees In support of @EODMofficial Play It Forward https://t.co/dcfTiRoUAw https://t.co/OiL89IXJAn
RT @EdHarcourt: For the people whose lives were cut short in Paris on the 13th of November.... https://t.co/tTrz6Kqn2Q
RT @themaccabees: We've covered @EODMofficial's I Love You All The Time with @flo_tweet https://t.co/f98cjQn02u .. (1/3) https://t.co/2yQd5s0GRS
RT @KingsOfLeon: KOL recorded a cover of “I Love You All the Time” by @EODMofficial for their #PlayItForward campaign. Hear it here: https://t.co/aV4ezw1VRD
Much, much respect for @PearlJam. Love you guys. https://t.co/zjifhIaovR
We are humbled by the outpouring of support from so many incredible artists. How to join: https://t.co/TETq7F05Py https://t.co/5c6mCVMr9x
We are proud to announce that our rescheduled European tour starts Feb 13: https://t.co/vW0pzaDztn Photo by @JRart https://t.co/PBWS6QEkfn
Beyond beautiful. Much love to you all, always. https://t.co/DDjQEOvB1F
RT @U2: .@EODMofficial @Bruno_Fraioli We lent you our stage, but you owned it. Thank YOU @EODMofficial #U2forParis
Much love to Team @U2 from Team EODM. And much, much love to you, Paris. https://t.co/pVUQIBfwEI
Our heartfelt thanks to @U2 & the wonderful people of Paris tonight: https://t.co/WW5YJ65zTh Photo: @Bruno_Fraioli https://t.co/YWUHpE0RGg
We sat down with @VICE to discuss the tragic events of November 13 in Paris: https://t.co/v1QDADNmrp https://t.co/P6wdIeoIUx
Coming next week via @VICE.com: https://t.co/6YFkQZwdDm https://t.co/Kr583oCUXQ
That's our favorite answer. https://t.co/4Iibp4dNVe
RT @ddpdotcom: Check out my shots from @EODMofficial at @olympiatheatre here! https://t.co/q7vmRsdcej @MusicPhotogs https://t.co/q1wVgenVAk
Flashback to the #ZipperDown album photo shoot in May. Do we look good, or do we look good? We look goooooood. #tbt https://t.co/Q0VyvZfA9j
Much love Michelle https://t.co/dI9TnA53Wr
This view never, ever, ever gets old. Taken last night at @olympiatheatre from behind @juliandorio's kit. #Dublin https://t.co/ZdUNDwCgf4
We'll be there in March! https://t.co/mODmWwr62g
Very few can handle the power of @ranchodelaluna's majestic beard..... https://t.co/hKGGk14Bf8
Can't wait for the 4th time! https://t.co/WhOkymdr2u
Wowza. Thanks Ryan! https://t.co/m08spfnDdt
Words cannot express how much we love this! Shoutout to #TinyBoneFace. https://t.co/axbxXnqiFh
RT @Radio1RockShow: A present from #BootsElectric - hear @EODMofficial in session from Maida Vale Studios: https://t.co/LkrqoyhObr https://t.co/jia9ciWYXU
RT @mattmcjunkins: @olympiatheatre in Dublin tonight! Beautiful venue! @eodmofficial #eodm #eaglesofdeathmetal https://t.co/EHyM89KLrd
It's not NOT normal. https://t.co/PSwOulg3cE
Rock music on a Monday evening. @o2academynewc https://t.co/OWUznfeVn5
The Deuce can boogie. Stunner of a shot from @iamchadcrawford. #ZipperDown https://t.co/joj34i4vQf
It would be our honor to rock said socks off. https://t.co/anS58Amvqu
Our live session w/ @Radio1RockShow @DanielPCarter airs at 7:00PM UK time (SOON!) on @BBCR1: https://t.co/G2m2AWBzmv https://t.co/Oj54H1TF7L
RT @Nick_Spragg: Jesse from @EODMofficial really is a contender for best rock and roll frontman around today. Great show @O2RitzManc. https://t.co/kAtvVcPK1j
RT @abifielding: I had the best time last night EODM Ritz Manchester thanks so much! #ginger love @jesseEODM @EODMofficial https://t.co/sTE4UVCuEW
RT @mattmcjunkins: O2 Forum in London the other day w/ @eodmofficial. This show was one for the books! Photo by @daniel_quesada_ #eodm https://t.co/uZ5WLRSTVF
Our thanks to @O2InstituteBham #Birmingham for a stunner tonight - y'all were amazing. Next stop: Saturday at @O2RitzManc .....
Breathe it in! Thanks Sindy https://t.co/Yd7DZH1krp
He's certainly got our vote. Thanks for coming out! https://t.co/jnh47smn29
Holy balls, that is an awesome photo! Thanks Ross https://t.co/J3ITRhw9Tj
RT @blokeblogging: The best fucking gig I've been to this year: @EODMofficial a band that rocks, rolls and knows how to entertain a crowd #eodm #zipperdown
RT @HelensaysRelax: Holy fuckballs, @EODMofficial were amazing! https://t.co/eykm7fLpgK
"Epic" AND "awesomeness"?? Aw shucks, you spoil us. https://t.co/hJIh918wVq
Thank ya darlin'. https://t.co/jkdXINCB8e
RT @Gigwise: .@EODMofficial played at London's Forum last night. Check out our photos here https://t.co/ajJE12dqSf https://t.co/dsOVW3UDyD
An accurate description of the evening. https://t.co/1tj2otyXZD
RT @NeverEnoughNote: A cracking display from Eagles of Death Metal, read our verdict here @EODMofficial https://t.co/7gAkNM4imi https://t.co/itvBpY3miU
A #tbt for the ages. https://t.co/5QILjKd8Vq
Few people rock harder than Leo. That is known to be fact. https://t.co/D9VOeLQu2s
Both are very wise choices. https://t.co/Rp3VHN0LBG
RT @alexie_bee: Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how good @EODMofficial version of 'Save A Prayer' is please? Can't wait to see them next week 🤘🏻
No promises..... https://t.co/NBz6VGtLxx
RT @JacknifePrints: @EODMofficial screenprint for 2nites gig in London by Chris Hopewell -get 1 at the show then https://t.co/xf1daFEqxc https://t.co/sUOFcKeiTK
Then we have done our job. https://t.co/PxcQP6zEcF
Had to share this gem of Leo, who has been deemed the "biggest EODM 8 year old fan in the UK" by his dad. Rock, Leo! https://t.co/LXliCu9ItX
RT @Nighttime_Nell: @EODMofficial were absolutely amazing tonight. So glad I got my request in, just wanna be Jesse's English Girl
RT @FunkyChipster: Awesome gig in Southampton @EODMofficial thanks Jesse and the boys for a brill night
RT @qotsa: Psssst... For a good time, follow @EODMofficial - https://t.co/apsBgnpb8Y https://t.co/VL3koeG8SS
Had a whole bunch of fun with @Radio1RockShow yesterday. Our live session airs Sunday at 7pm via @BBCR1. Check it. https://t.co/hczVqcjxTb
RT @jesseEODM: Radio session w/ @EODMofficial at @BBC studios today. UK epicness. Photo by the one and only @ranchodelaluna https://t.co/RNfh6x7yCB
Over 525, 000 views!? Our thanks to your eyes & ears for watching this here #Complexity video over & over & over: https://t.co/0UjtMNiYkY
RT @TowerRecordsDoc: Today's #MusicMonday honors our trailer music & fave special party guests, @EODMofficial! #TowerRecordsDoc https://t.co/mAMeH1duTt
RT @pitchfork: Watch @duranduran and Eagles of Death Metal (@EODMofficial) perform "Save a Prayer" together https://t.co/sdEncTSAwh https://t.co/xUHpsekZ8x
RT @dynamicrob66: Rocked the joint...@jesseEODM @UnionUEA @EODMofficial https://t.co/xbOEVwXGxN
RT @ranchodelaluna: thank you live at leeds!!! goddam yall rock!!! @mattmcjunkins @freeznE @EODMofficial @jesseEODM #juliandorio #boot https://t.co/qmYFw2fPxW
Keep it safe out there tonight, trick or treaters! #Halloween #eodmhalloween #ZipperDown https://t.co/YAMS5M7xkB
Happy #Halloween to all you goblins! #eodmhalloween https://t.co/NQHvZySbER
Amazingly good times with @duranduran today/tonight. Thanks for having us @TFIFridayLIVE! #Complexity #SaveAPrayer https://t.co/NkaStc5dfv
ICYMI: Another #ZipperDown video gem directed by our pal @lynchland. Happy Friday to y'all! #BitchinAccomplished https://t.co/Vmp5uhO3X7
RT @ColinHanks: #FF artists music featured in @TowerRecordsDoc: @tommyguerrero @_Helios @guiborattomusic @jdmcphersonjr and @EODMofficial just because
.@jesseEODM & the boys are back in London and performing TONIGHT on @TFIFridayLIVE - 8PM on @Channel4. [cough]... with @duranduran [cough]
RT @duranduran: .@duranduran rehearsing with @EODMofficial’s Jesse Hughes. #SAP, @TFIFridayLIVE, #Duranlive https://t.co/PQ5HbpSyiq
RT @NME: 10 most important UK gigs you can't afford to miss this week including @EODMofficial https://t.co/VIwq6AnJMv https://t.co/RDcnPuqWtI
Send your best costume-duo photos w/ #eodmhalloween for chance to win signed #ZipperDown CD: https://t.co/ago52RWzIp https://t.co/OMfMIJitap
RT @ClaudiavanT: With both @EODMofficial and @duranduran on @TFIFridayLIVE this week, wouldn't it be fun if EODM played their cover of Save a Prayer there ?
RT @mattmcjunkins: Last @EODMofficial U.S. show of 2015. Good way to do it @GAMH in SF. https://t.co/7SBppOKaSH
RT @willbertine: Check out Redemption of the Devil, a new @VICE doc about @EODMofficial's @jesseEODM. Fun yet insightful & heartfelt https://t.co/nFgy5332sD
RT @CarolineIntl: Wanna win tickets to see @EODMofficial live on @TFIFridayLIVE this Friday. Simple follow and retweet and we will pick 3 winners!
Another glorious tour in the books. Thanks for a mindblowin' finale, @GAMH. Next stop: 6 weeks in Europe..... https://t.co/XRzbvNMG7M
RT @acebjt: .@EODMofficial rockin' the rockest of rock shows on a Monday night. Last show of the West Coast tour. cc: @GAMH https://t.co/cEVmNHPiEH
Men of #EODM. Amen! https://t.co/oPpRR7wu3Z
#BootsElectric & @panchovillaCA. Two great tastes, that taste great together. See you tonight, @GAMH. #SanFrancisco https://t.co/7V0fXLG20K
A sunny Sacramento afternoon at @AFTERSHOCKSAC today. Photo by @ogscottuchida #AFTERSHOCK https://t.co/jTAH6oSEWI
We finally cracked and joined the modern age (i.e. @instagram). Come say hello + show us what ya got: @EODMofficial https://t.co/YXY5NLx3OD
Another party of all parties tonight, Los Angeles. Much love. https://t.co/nYeDRZjTYI
A most beautiful @latimes piece about all things Hughes & Homme. A love story, really. https://t.co/UFKmmW1jUC https://t.co/bMSG7FohvC
Having so much dang fun on the road this week. Another go-round at @TeragramLA tonight, then off to @ObservatoryOC, @AFTERSHOCKSAC & @GAMH.
RT @doug311allen: Really dig this new @EODMofficial album, Zipper Down. Reminds me a lot of their first Peace Love Death Metal.
.@jesseEODM talkin' #ZipperDown + songwriting + Silverlake w/ the excellent @UltClassicRock! https://t.co/Lw34ntisIw https://t.co/oAdsByZKis
@therunawayvan @GAMH I bet they might.....
RT @christy_taylor: Tues I was bombarded with 1 liners from @EODMofficial I hope ur ready to laugh. @altaz933 https://t.co/QgB4cbqUlt https://t.co/mSlEzaZe8N
RT @MShiersPhoto: A few shots from @EODMofficial on Monday at @TeragramLA - @jesseEODM @mattmcjunkins #EaglesOfDeathMetal #EODM https://t.co/KnreAIBldY
Last night when things turned a bit more "intimate" at @TeragramLA. Tonight: @CrescentPHX. Photo by @MShiersPhoto https://t.co/XU4ymXb7xX
RT @BrodyDalle: EODM were freaking great last night ❤️ https://t.co/JlZXX6y3V0
Show #1. Tonight. Let's boogie, Los Angeles! #ZipperDown @TeragramLA https://t.co/IMYnhi5tk4
RT @VICEUK: 'The Redemption of the Devil' - a year in the life of @jesseEODM. Available now on Vimeo: https://t.co/28p0QQf1C3 https://t.co/xuPRs0rP6O
West Coast tour starts today, followed by six glorious weeks in Europe. Come boogie with us. Photo: @tucciaronehorn https://t.co/K3OJVGbKQh
RT @AlexTwinnVosper: Thanks @EODMofficial, i just lost my virginity to Zipper Down
RT @jesseEODM: So, uh... have any of y'all seen my junk? Don't be a dong..... check it out: https://t.co/exuTcKytaD @EODMofficial #ZipperDown @lynchland
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why @ColinHanks should be President. Check out his @TowerRecordsDoc now. NOW! https://t.co/o7mfCT4o1j
RT @KerrangMagazine: Inside the new issue @EODMofficial talk about bromance! https://t.co/FeaLKcg8kQ https://t.co/YUuzbTV4nw
A beautifully gigantic #ZipperDown sight in London last week (oh, and our booking agent). https://t.co/8QIXHzVIZN
RT @mattmcjunkins: Fun times last night outside the old Tower Records w/@EODMofficial in support of @ColinHanks' new @TowerRecordsDoc! https://t.co/bfMtLxcVqz
Sunset Blvd. 9PM. TONIGHT. Come say hello and see a free show in honor of @TowerRecordsDoc. #NoMusicNoLife https://t.co/lGOyRkbo4k
Lookin' awfully pretty on Sunset Blvd today, no? We're warming up our guitars for tonight...... @TowerRecordsDoc https://t.co/Dss3rkPHO6
RT @zacknaylor: Listening to @EODMofficial makes me want to rowdily kick over someone’s garbage can.
RT @jesseEODM: Always love coming to see @MikeCatherwood + @drdrew and doing @loveline. You listening right now?? #ZipperDown https://t.co/KSbCQKzHCk
RT @TowerRecordsDoc: The #TowerRecordsDoc countdown is on! Tomorrow night, Tower Records on Sunset comes alive … https://t.co/UVTSXB7c9M https://t.co/l4LMgsfQSI
A certain Mr. @jesseEODM will be on @Loveline TONIGHT at 10PM talkin' #ZipperDown. Make sure to listen or give 'em a call at 1-800-LOVE-191
RT @HelensaysRelax: Hooray for new @EODMofficial stuff! 😚 https://t.co/7wrOMWnqhe
LOS ANGELES: Want to meet us here tmrw night for some live music? We hear something's brewing...... @TowerRecordsDoc https://t.co/51N8rpEXAq
Brand new #ZipperDown game #HowMuchCanYouWhack! Get a special video treat + snag signed CD: https://t.co/iD3QQi9GF5 https://t.co/bA8KTLYKJc
RT @Tim_Batt: And for my 10, 000th tweet I'd like to say that @EODMofficial's new album is bloody great. #ZipperDown rules.
RT @gutterdammerung: Attention one and all!! The wait is over! The trailer for Gutterdämmerung has landed and it will blow your minds! https://t.co/WTfOp9ljVI
RT @gutterdammerung: Let's just all take a moment to look at this line-up... HELL YEAAAAAAHHHHHHH! https://t.co/2oEeD3hg9h
Awesome seeing #ZipperDown make its way around the globe & into your ear holes. Keep on blastin' it at the highest of volumes. We love you.
RT @stereoboard: REVIEW // @EODMofficial deliver "sex, riffs and pure rock ’n’ roll" on 'Zipper Down': https://t.co/UFI6475Rsp https://t.co/Pbk2ooRawg
RT @olwoodsy: Remember that @EODMofficial had a new album? It ain't new anymore! It's out! Get it!
RT @ComedyBangBang: #cbbtv is back tonight and there's a B-B-BONUS pod this morning...what a day! @ColinHanks, @EODMofficial & more! https://t.co/vAijT0JhPd
RT @ColinHanks: Hey kids, by the way if you don't have #zipperdown by @EODMofficial then there is nothing I can do for you. You need it in your life.
Not only was #ZipperDown "coming Oct 2nd".... that s.o.b. ARRIVED Oct 2nd! If you don't have yours, get it quick. https://t.co/fJvyIDlSSr
RT @naomi_brackets: Still trying to recover from @EODMofficial rocking my face off @jimmykimmel last night 🙌🏼 https://t.co/LPf2b1iOka
RT @TIDALHiFi: Just off the release of #ZipperDown, we interview the @EODMofficial's Jesse Hughes on sex, religion & rock ‘n’ roll: https://t.co/XvxuqAkiW0
Well that was awesome fun-ness, as always! Watch us on @JimmyKimmelLive – Tonight on ABC. @jimmykimmel #KIMMEL https://t.co/g7irdNtHMT
RT @JimmyKimmelLive: Backstage at #Kimmel NEW show tonight with Eagles Of Death Metal @EODMOfficial #ZipperDown 11:35|10:35c #ABC https://t.co/bstdIL4mG6
Care to join us on @ALBUM2LASEMAINE @canalplus all this week, starting today? Watch here: https://t.co/t50tu89Fsy https://t.co/DfrnwQB6xC
TUNE-IN ALERT: We will be performing new songs from #ZipperDown TONIGHT on @JimmyKimmelLive. Check your local @ABCNetwork listings, y'all!
RT @Gigwise: Eagles Of Death Metal @EODMOfficial talk rock, roll, friendship, Zipper Down + porn penises https://t.co/2vUYF28YO2 https://t.co/185pCUv2f8
RT @NoiseyMusic: We got @EODMofficial in a room to talk being starstruck and whether a T-rex can hug: https://t.co/9R3QeKHbVJ https://t.co/5sqJLDCMp2
The album wasn't always called #ZipperDown".... Watch Jesse & Josh brainstorm crazy album titles c/o @RollingStone: https://t.co/5JbspbggPI
RT @TIDALHiFi: Our Album of the Week is @EODMofficial's Zipper Down, an epitome of lewd and unrepentant rock https://t.co/LHHw2ScxAO https://t.co/inAJ5Fcmg2
RT @SethBoling07: @EODMofficial @jesseEODM got my signed copy of Zipper Down! About to play this so loud the whole city will hear it. https://t.co/daMzb4r7Ku
Thanks for all the #ZipperDown love and comments throughout the day, y'all. Making us feel real, real nice.
RT @steveagee: my pals @EODMofficial have an album out today as well as my friend @dantelfer get 'em both and spend the weekend creaming yer trousers!
IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE !! #ZipperDown available worldwide TODAY. We love you all. Full details: https://t.co/JoCYGPUFGg https://t.co/hRsKOYe3mG
RT @recordstoreday: This patch. Yours with the new @EODMofficial at participating record stores while they last. #zipperdown https://t.co/m59mzHRjqm
RT @jesseEODM: Tomorrow via @VICE. Can't wait for y'all to see this. Buy: https://t.co/zRbEIIjyhm Trailer: https://t.co/ZYk4v6o2cU https://t.co/QOR26ng7tS
Few tix left to see these 2 cats rock a FREE mini-concert on @JimmyKimmelLive Monday. Tix: https://t.co/BEGwXAq7MY https://t.co/0qeiQQfG3H
Zipper Down Yourself !! Have fun with this, and let's see what y'all got: https://t.co/CCFEgTtpG1 #ZipperDown https://t.co/siVICZ40uW
Our boy @jesseEODM handwriting lyrics for our special #ZipperDown pre-sale. Only 2 days left: https://t.co/eNZ70EK1nq https://t.co/Eq5imcS8zi
Monday Oct 5. Boots, Baby Duck, rock 'n roll. @JimmyKimmelLive FREE mini-concert. Tix here: https://t.co/BEGwXAq7MY https://t.co/KihH0mquvy
RT @SamWalkerSmart: .@EODMofficial's cover of Duran Durans 'Save A Prayer' is simply fantastic...as is the new album. Fuzzed out sex on tape. #GingerDevils
#ZipperDown: Unzipping upon the world and majestically soaring into your ear holes in T-minus five days. FIVE.DAYS. https://t.co/IpfJJhvTxs
RT @CMCinnamond: @EODMofficial's cover of "Save A Prayer" was better than @duranduran's and that's saying something!
ICYMI: Don may be a bit worse for wear after his latest errand. #ZipperDown @lynchland https://t.co/tzUwsgAVLR
RT @ranchodelaluna: thank you birmingham !!! @IronCityBham you guys and gals are the best! you treated us so good!!! such a fun night! https://t.co/mvG5XiqVaY
Boy, did we have a blast celebrating @jesseEODM's birthday in Nashville last night! Photo by @iamchadcrawford https://t.co/4Y2BmqLkmq
RT @NME: Watch Josh Homme & Jesse Hughes berate a CGI banana in bizarre Eagles Of Death Metal album ad https://t.co/tox6i8ChzN https://t.co/Evaj5EyvFE
Another #ZipperDown teaser! Pretty sure @NME's headline sums it up perfectly. (With continued thx to @lynchland) https://t.co/OJ1O2uekP0
God bless you @tenementtv https://t.co/tu42DGsEM7
RT @soundslikeluke: New @EODMofficial album = straight up banger
RT @RobChipp: @EODMofficial's 'Got A Woman' is seriously infectious, can't wait for the album and London gig #zipperdown
ICYMI: @nprmusic is streaming our full #ZipperDown album, and y'all are being real sweet w/ your reviews. Listen: https://t.co/CWzTicU056
Come on out, Nashville! To-NIGHT! https://t.co/YboOpavjep
RT @vanhessafruits: Beyond devastated to have missed out on @EODMofficial Manchester Tickets, because their new album is GLORIOUS 😍
RT @Smamfer: New @EODMofficial 😍
@slashermag love you
Want a tour-worn shirt off the actual back of @jesseEODM? 1 week left in our album pre-sale: https://t.co/eNZ70EK1nq https://t.co/GJ5VI1fWss
A mega-gigantic HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our fearless leader, one Mr. #BootsElectric @jesseEODM. Show him some love, folks! https://t.co/5CbjbGvPWA
RT @BradleyFielding: The new @EODMofficial album is as glorious as I anticipated! In Boots Electric and Baby Duck we trust. One of my favourite musical duos.
RT @nprmusic: First Listen: Eagles Of Death Metal, 'Zipper Down' @EODMofficial https://t.co/GTQwneH53x https://t.co/DJ6o8TWY52
Pre-order the ever-so-luscious new #ZipperDown on @AppleMusic NOW to get 3 instant downloads: https://t.co/0atTPlMKrP https://t.co/NLHsl7Y7p6
RT @paulafoosp: Can't get enough of this! absolutely brilliant! @EODMofficial #complexity https://t.co/x5MvC4ZL4m
RT @ranchodelaluna: thank you @Brighton_Music boston for another beautiful sold out show! my fever was down to 101*and you made me better https://t.co/JUZAEeC0xH
Are you following our good pal @lynchland? He directed all of our #ZipperDown teaser videos, of which there are many more to come.........
NEW SONG ALERT! Our thanks to @RollingStone for premiering new track "Silverlake (K.S.O.F.M.)" off of #ZipperDown https://t.co/FQ8Cb92U6y
RT @RollingStone: Listen to Eagles of Death Metal's new track "Silverlake" and read about the band's new LP https://t.co/dIK1m9JW7U https://t.co/TmYVoGJgvn
Caption this photo for our boy @jesseEODM. https://t.co/RaXcZj1FfZ
Never met a stage we didn't love. Having the time of our lives on tour, with more to come! https://t.co/MbfbdfSwLa https://t.co/gGnNB216ov
Our good pal @ColinHanks directed a @TowerRecordsDoc called All Things Must Pass and it's AWESOME. #TowerRecordsDoc https://t.co/92NlSLJlOi
RT @RiotFest: Toronto. #RiotFest is this weekend and we're bringing @EODMofficial. You should go see them. https://t.co/MltkDRl7G7 https://t.co/Bb6rSvpV8w
Amazingness in Chicago! Thanks for having us @RiotFest #Riotfest https://t.co/lqg1cgXDhs
RT @acebjt: .@EODMofficial showing Chicago what's what at @RiotFest. And yes, that's @jesseEODM in a cape. #RiotFest https://t.co/YJ9VwkS5Zk
ICYMI: A peek inside the studio for the making of #ZipperDown with @jesseEODM & Joshua Homme. Come on in..... https://t.co/CmUiksjyKW
RT @cjlakefront: My ears are still buzzing from @EODMofficial & @JesikavonRabbit at @HighNoonMadison last night #RockNRoll #IWantYouSoHard
RT @EW: Eagles of Death Metal take us inside making of 'Zipper Down': https://t.co/bGY79VMrR6 https://t.co/bzZAkOfPmo
Mega thnx to @EW + @KyleAEW for the kind words & for premiering our latest #ZipperDown teaser -- a proper making-of: https://t.co/Gbf3PcoAAC
RT @KyleAEW: The new @EODMofficial album is awesome and here is some information about it that backs up that claim. https://t.co/1xI6aXJAo3
Make sure you're spending this #LaborDay with the ones you love. Photo by the excellent @AlexdeMora https://t.co/rMZLSS0sEE
RT @JChapelsky: #sonicboom2015 was all rad, but @EODMofficial was a definite highlight. @jesseEODM, you sure know how to make the ladies feel loved!
@nikki__s__84 thank YOU for being there
#ZipperDown: Soaring into your stereos (and hearts) in 4 gloriously short weeks. Get it now: https://t.co/0atTPlMKrP https://t.co/2ugKzhv3j5
RT @CreativeCopper1: The @EODMofficial performing @commodorevcr in Vancouver. Photos: https://t.co/70cQ6Wu5C8. Check out @exclaimdotca https://t.co/ItcYE0YZfU
@cobralightning But of course darlin': https://t.co/8FMkAbqbRk
RT @jesseEODM: Everyone knows whose hotel room door this is on the @EODMofficial tour! https://t.co/u8Z6vBJDwz
Who wants in on this?? #tbt https://t.co/wNDBoNCJLd
ICYMI: We know how to market new records! Watch it, share it, be awesome, we love you.#ZipperDown https://t.co/gnJjr5AXJ8
RT @Cready_Stomp23: @EODMofficial @ranchodelaluna @ShowboxPresents making the 4 hour drive now from Eastern Oregon to Seattle for tonights show!!! FUCK YEAH!!!
Costumes! Check out the first of many (MANY!) album teasers for #ZipperDown. With thanks to @pitchfork + @lynchland. https://t.co/YXn1QEL2jw
RT @KRZQRadio: We love playing @EODMofficial on the #NewMusicShow. #complexity
SALT LAKE CITY: Mere hours away from shaking our groove thangs at @InTheVenueSLC. Won't you join us? A few tix left: https://t.co/TzRoyCHAtS
Tour is underway and we're having a blasty blast. Day off in Denver today. What's the good word this fine Friday, party people??
RT @qotsa: World premiere of #Complexity @EODMofficial !! Watch it: https://t.co/IZnqwHK04s Get it: https://t.co/jXJB4QSAdk
RT @ColinHanks: All Hail @EODMofficial. I owe them a life debt due to their bad assery & kindness. NEW VIDEO! - Complexity https://t.co/GBBPBxGJRB
RT @WarnerChappell: Busy day for Warner/Chappell writer @jesseEODM from @EODMofficial. New song #GotAWoman & new video #Complexity debut: https://t.co/NLblb4fs3U
RT @Vevo: Eagles of Death Metal (@EODMofficial) drop a new video. We dare you not to tap your toes: https://t.co/synJcJpRdh https://t.co/jUFMH86hIo
A big wet kiss to @Vevo for premiering our new Complexity music video, directed by @lynchland. We look awesome in it. https://t.co/OPqzRrwv2F
RT @topspinmedia: Get VIP experiences and limited edition merch from @EODMofficial now at https://t.co/GxNFllVwES #zipperdown https://t.co/JZ1YVrBRlr
@dreudamn @Failure @Millencolin @thegetupkids @bigbigbiz @myMotorhead See you Sunday! And bring yer dancin' shoes.
Exclusive VIP experiences + limited edition merch, y'all! Get 'em here: https://t.co/eNZ70EsqvS #zipperdown #presale https://t.co/IPySMAu4hO
Just launched exclusive pre-sale for our new #ZipperDown album. Check it: https://t.co/eNZ70EsqvS #signedmerch #VIP https://t.co/4nLvyrfAsc
@Charliesiete @RiotFest YES !!
Only 6 short weeks until this beautiful lady arrives. Much to come soon.... #EODM #ZipperDown https://t.co/0atTPlMKrP https://t.co/xVpec9uUiX
RT @jesseEODM: Good times doing some voiceover work with @TheMandyMoore last week. #sheriffcallie https://t.co/FckHVtR0Hg
RT @thiscatsmeow: 1 month from today @GoodbyeAmy & I will be suffering from gnarly hangovers n post-concert depression thx 2 @EODMofficial (n we can't fkn w8)
Happy Thursday, y'all. Caption this #tbt gem for us.......... https://t.co/38AS2e9RZS
RT @HellhoundMusic: L.A. breakout band @SinnerSinners announce US tour with Eagles of Death Metal https://t.co/QyU5I7UpQX https://t.co/GbEwAkTwF2
New Orleans. Sept 26. @TheLandingFest Single day passes + line-ups available here: https://t.co/MpxF7ZEvq7 https://t.co/GmVWHscp6H
RT @StAndrewsHall: Support update: @JesikaVonRabbit to support @EODMofficial at #TheShelter on Sept 12th! Tix at https://t.co/6KKbFeuBmZ https://t.co/L4zneIxmya
RT @GAMH: The good news? We just added @GramRabbit to our @EODMofficial show on Mon. 10/26! The bad news? The show is s-o-l-d o-u-t!
RT @cincy_music: BTBO: Win tickets for @EODMOfficial at 20th Century Theater​ on 9/22 before you can buy 'em! https://t.co/sladzF2N0W https://t.co/eDWogLk4hn
More new tour dates, folks! Cincy, Nashville & Birmingham coming up. Have a gander at our full list of dates/info: https://t.co/Mbfbdga7CI
RT @NME: Watch Josh Homme & Jesse Hughes - "The new @EODMofficial album is going to end global warming" https://t.co/mWBXH9gjp7 https://t.co/TdaDksBMip
RT @MarqueeMag: COVER STORY: @EODMofficial gets all up inside @MarqueeMag. https://t.co/oHUrSUrO2M https://t.co/VtbifyNu66
No better place to be than Toronto on September 19. @RiotFest #RiotFest https://t.co/uj7MHVzdps
RT @qotsa: Turn down the lights & join us at 7p PT tonight for the Alligator Hour on #Beats1 @AppleMusic .Tonights guest, Alex Turner @ArcticMonkeys
Truth. @NME #ZipperDown https://t.co/ijV3TsToPc
When troubles up I double up on bubble gum #Complexity #ZipperDown https://t.co/0atTPlMKrP https://t.co/k2Wg1Knp0y
RT @BrodyDalle: @jesseEODM @EODMofficial this record is freaking sick , so proud of you dorks
RT @jesseEODM: Test pressings of @EODMofficial #ZipperDown vinyl: APPROVED! Coming at ya real soon, boys & girls.......... https://t.co/iL92PPHSRy
How 'bout it, Chicago!? Sept 11 @RiotFest in Chi-Town. #RIOTFEST Get your tix here: https://t.co/SMEXwq1RDG Do it!! https://t.co/QhiReQMx6O
RT @hjbyhjj: @EODMofficial #zipperdown follow me because of this duck https://t.co/6B0QGOhm9J
We need follow more of you pretty peeps on here. Tweet us using #ZipperDown saying why we should follow you.. and we'll probably follow you!
RT @KerrangRadio: #np NEW @EODMofficial - Complexity straight up windows down blast it out your car kinda rock n roll @hellojackoliver https://t.co/FWPzYagGng
@carl__wilson welcome aboard!
Not sure film posters come any sexier than this one here. @jesseEODM @gutterdammerung https://t.co/N9ocPPAf14
RT @pitchfork: Iggy Pop, Grace Jones, Henry Rollins, & Jesse Hughes to star in silent movie, @gutterdammerung https://t.co/KaWnTYqrc4 https://t.co/FoBqNMszN6
Tonight. Ya heard? #Beats1 Info here: https://t.co/7tXAt61KCZ https://t.co/8czCdrIRKE
Tonight. Ya heard? Info here: https://t.co/xRnnJD1RRx https://t.co/FTt5h13FzV
RT @jesseEODM: Hard at work with the lovely Toni Lou at No Pain No Brain Berlin https://t.co/H99sN9Ja1U
TOUR DATES! You ask for more, we book some more. Brooklyn 9/17, Cleveland 9/21 + LA 10/19 - onsale FRIDAY MORNING! https://t.co/8FMkAbqbRk
Even though it's Monday..... We still want you. So hard. Enjoy. https://t.co/lIc1oPGUWs https://t.co/d1p3vhnXb3
RT @chen17: Can't believe this just happened.. @jesseEODM took a selfie on stage with my boyfriend's phone😊😊 https://t.co/ZmlqpbZEKO
RT @Snowdrum_AV: @EODMofficial brought the house down in Tel Aviv last night. Thx @jesseEODM & band for an unforgettable night! #TLV https://t.co/zBJTBc2TJj
RT @ayalalevy: Thanks for the eargasm babe! EODM rocked Tel Aviv! Love you @jesseEODM @EODMofficial https://t.co/bF6RksO7oC
Wanna roll the dice? #tbt https://t.co/oZzufRJslB
RT @TJChristman: Just found @EODMofficial absolutely bad ass
ICYMI: A first taste of Baby Duck's "The Alligator Hour" on #Beats1 @AppleMusic: https://t.co/3FPEhztjAF https://t.co/CCVnVsCEpM
RT @kexp: Eagles of Death Metal [@EODMofficial] will be LIVE on KEXP 9/2 at 1 PM PT! Playing @ShowboxPresents that night! https://t.co/PVBEOAbtN7
RT @NME: Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes on the sleazy punk-pop power of the new Eagles of Death Metal LP https://t.co/K1Wiif81Rl https://t.co/lTnM6MOIda
Hello @AppleMusic...Damn glad to meet ya https://t.co/NEbQ7eHLYh
What would an EODM Friday be without....MORE NEW TOUR DATES??!! Holland/Denmark/Sweden/Norway/Croatia -- you're up: https://t.co/MbfbdfSwLa
"You didn't want to scratch but then you got the itch" #Complexity #ZipperDown https://t.co/7PtCC1V95D @Spotify https://t.co/OVSwO7q9fP
via @jesseEODM When you gotta go...... https://t.co/kxJjxi9cGy
RT @amazonmusic: Pre-order Eagles of Death Metal's new album, 'Zipper Down, ' on MP3, CD, vinyl and... cassette! https://t.co/XO34RDZrVI https://t.co/fjffhtzegI
Mega thanks go out to @DanielPCarter @BBCR1 @Radio1RockShow for spinnin’ the sexy sounds of Complexity. We love you mightily! #ZipperDown
RT @BBCR1MusicBot: Now Playing Eagles of Death Metal - Complexity @EODMofficial https://t.co/EhSYlpP1WQ
@WickedLilFairy0 Sold out, my dear. But stay tuned for another shot.....
RT @AlistairPritch: Great show in Victoria, Spain with @EODMofficial @ranchodelaluna @jesseEODM @A7ENT @freeznE @JeffFriedl @mattmcjunkins https://t.co/k7ssF7JXRc
We may be starting to sound like a broken record, but..... MORE TOUR DATES!! Dublin, Brussels, Barcelona & Madrid: https://t.co/Mbfbdga7CI
RT @JeffFriedl: The only dude I know who roller skates to warm up before a rock show! #France #eaglesofdeathmetal @EODMofficial https://t.co/IrgkdJSW1m
RT @jesseEODM: Wanna watch the premiere of @VICEUK's film about lil' ol' me (and WITH lil' ol' me) on July 1? https://t.co/avREmY6zuR https://t.co/t54tBcWGqs
RT @DuffMcKagan: Jesse from @EODMofficial is the coolest rock n' roller breathing rt now btw
Jesse, Joshua, and a few special new friends have some exciting news. Have a watch: https://t.co/NXd6VnBbvw #ZipperDown
#BootsElectric #BabyDuck #ZipperDown ! https://t.co/w0RqA1sb2P
@ColinHanks thanks man. you're an excellent human being.
RT @ColinHanks: Let it be known. On earth as it is in rock and roll heaven: @EODMofficial #ZipperDown https://t.co/m5RURvUnlo
NEW ALBUM. NEW TOUR DATES. NEW MOVIE. Come on over here for all the deets: https://t.co/E4eBhxV8o4 https://t.co/SNqAJeokXF
RT @RollingStone: Eagles of Death Metal announce first LP in seven years with new song “Complexity” and goofy, #StarTrek-inspired art: https://t.co/wXQu5YoyBf
RT @Gordon: There really are fewer things better in life than a loud, sweaty, dirty, sexy, rock gig. Thank you @EODMofficial that was fuckin aceballs!!!
@iquoth We love you.
RT @pitchfork: Eagles of Death Metal (ft. Josh Homme) share "Complexity", amazing art https://t.co/xUilxf8KAJ https://t.co/wzttsR0WlZ https://t.co/AgFEtLajcE
RT @Rockasaurusmac: Sweet baby Jesus, i'm off to see @EODMofficial tonight.
RT @griffunk: The only time it is always acceptable and necessary for a grown man to shake his butt and play air guitar is to @EODMofficial #sweat #butt
MORE NEW TOUR DATES?! HELL YES! 17 Winter dates in Europe + many more worldwide TBA next week. https://t.co/Mbfbdga7CI https://t.co/UmyFazMyVr
RT @Esthernagle: Note to self, don't listen to Speaking in Tongues by @EODMofficial if you want to appear to be a calm and rational person in public! :)
RT @muse_a_reign: .@EODMofficial @ Trianon Boots Electric & Baby Duck ont électrifié la salle. Rock & love. A gig beyond awesomeness. https://t.co/3PJgAd4jwX
RT @musicissacred: Watch Josh Homme perform with @EODMofficial in Paris https://t.co/CnjCJUDLrA via @diymagazine https://t.co/7blfAT7sDL
RT @JOIZTV: Die @EODMofficial konnten wegen einer Panne nicht spielen. Zum Interview kamen sie trotzdem. #GF2015 #OpenAirRush https://t.co/GGS4CRsfBi
RT @Carodemaigret: Eagles of Death Metal @jesseEODM @EODMofficial at @LeTrianonParis with double drumming of Josh Homme and @JeffFriedl https://t.co/waU1aLPBHl
@Thebubblegunman Oh it's proper. We're out for 7 weeks all over Europe, baby! With more to come later this year. https://t.co/Mbfbdga7CI
Paris, you were so beyond sexy last night, it isn't even funny. EODM is comin' for you next, Switzerland..... https://t.co/1jGf309DEc
RT @ranchodelaluna: crazy birthday. thank you @foofighters @EODMofficial @rockamring for such a special day!! https://t.co/QeKhTKMHUL https://t.co/UZuPrh7yQH
RT @mattmcjunkins: First #EaglesofDeathMetal show in the books! Lookin' good, feelin' good Nuremberg! fatherbadass… https://t.co/fWGmfGZTj4
RT @dharma69: Mustache rides courtesy of @EODMOfficial / @jesseEODM on this #ConcertTshirtFriday. https://t.co/GFYRvpCwUf
MORE SHOWS! Denver, Chicago, Toronto... we're coming. Full @RiotFest details + tix: https://t.co/yOwzNJ06oD #RIOTFEST https://t.co/HAGjH0uTyq
CALI: We're playin' @monstermusic @aftershocksac 2015 on Oct 25! Get tix 10am WED 5/27. Info: https://t.co/n4CSuft7gG https://t.co/TP3JvnDTcA
Rehearsal time. To be up on Bobby's wall at Mates is like winning an award… In fact it's better!! Photo by @jesseEODM https://t.co/75dV0B4a5Y
A timeless bromance. #TBT https://t.co/O02gawOIHS
@robinleighx And we love you right back!
RT @robinleighx: I 💜 @EODMofficial. That is all. https://t.co/TYW2ZSV1b6
RT @TicketmasterUK: #tmAnnounced Want tickets for Eagles Of Death Metal so hard? @KOKOLondon date on sale 09:00 Thursday: https://t.co/BpwIZSLGVU @EODMofficial
RT @EricCorton: @EODMofficial Hey you guys..... See you at the Pinkpop festival ;-)
TOUR NEWS! The summer grows. Keep those eyes on https://t.co/Mbfbdga7CI for new shows, ticket info & more TBA dates. https://t.co/RwupH9ZKjO
RT @iamrubyhart: I AM FREAKIN' OUT!! @EODMofficial https://t.co/Fy8RXF6FRY
RT @DawBell: Supporting @EODMofficial on their UK and Europe tour in June is... @DolomiteMinor! https://t.co/sKSpl3JhsO 😎 🚀 https://t.co/P37bREbUwZ
RT @DolomiteMinor: Heading on tour with @EODMofficial in June! Dates in both UK & Europe. Full info here: https://t.co/Gth9shpC2q https://t.co/WO2kGVwzzB
RT @gigsandtours: ANNOUNCE// @EODMofficial perform live at @KOKOLondon on Wed 17th June, on sale Thurs at 9am. https://t.co/XQ3A3y9Zbk https://t.co/MfFygL4SaB
RT @triplegmusic: Announcement: @eodmofficial show in Glasgow at @garageglasgow (16th June, 2015) https://t.co/INztrQptUS
RT @jesseEODM: Summer weather in February = even more reason to come rock with us at @theVIPERroom tonight, LA. Excellence guaranteed. #BootsElectric
RT @jesseEODM: Did ya miss me in January? #BootsElectric @theVIPERroom residency all month long, babies. https://t.co/ODWLufFzW3 https://t.co/9bpvep7At0
RT @Festicket: .@AzkenaRockFest: Toast rock 'n' roll excellence such as @EODMofficial & @RedFang in Spain: https://t.co/t3sQpnnzfG https://t.co/QD9rEWCEWz
RT @aestusthoughts: @EODMofficial is the only band I can classify as "greasy, dirty cool". I mean that in the absolute best way possible.
Wednesday greetings, ladies & germs. https://t.co/lIc1oPpk4U
RT @ExitFestival: #musicmonday @EODMofficial - Cherry Cola https://t.co/3AXSX7QaFQ #RockAtExit #EXIT2015 <3 https://t.co/MsXSJuTNVk
RT @jesseEODM: Which of you excellent people will I be seeing at tomorrow night's #BootsElectric @theVIPERroom show? Be ready to rock. Be ready to shake.
RT @jesseEODM: JAN 22: Shall we dance? @theVIPERroom to kick off a rockin' 2015 w/ @fatsojetsonband, @spirit_american, @Ramonas_uk https://t.co/Lv0JJEcM5n
2015 worldwide tour dates are coming.......... Are you? https://t.co/lklQmB4ZsY https://t.co/caw8VSKcHN
RT @festivalsforall: Motorhead, Eagles Of Death Metal, Škrtice and Eyesburn For Exit Festival @ExitFestival @EODMofficial @myMotorhead https://t.co/ujZa19V2s3
December 30 @jesseEODM @theVIPERroom - yes please. https://t.co/3EbgrTvjpa https://t.co/VWOmE7pO7E
RT @FestivalSupreme: Who are you planning on seeing tomorrow? https://t.co/dwRSTqnSWL
RT @TheAbbyTravis: Playing bass in @EODMofficial tomorrow night @FestivalSupreme https://t.co/3CCfrAqM6G Super stoked about #CheechandChon…
Set times for our show @FestivalSupreme this Saturday at @ShrineLA - Get your asses there! https://t.co/6mSmq4624g https://t.co/UKMoCjKbgz
RT @FestivalSupreme: Make sure to check out last weeks @Loveline Podcast featuring @jesseEODM from @EODMofficial! https://t.co/EGJvfcz8s0 #…
RT @jesseEODM: Going live on @loveline for #FestivalSupreme week right now to answer your sexy questions. Hit me: https://t.co/FT2wK9yws1 or…
RT @jesseEODM: Catch me on @loveline w/ @drdrew & @MikeCatherwood tomorrow @ 10pm PT for #FestivalSupreme week. It's gonna get hot! https://…
RT @marcmaron: Yup. Hellarocks. #vinyl https://t.co/e8vNcgrQns
Is that a Roman candle in your pocket or are you just happy to see us? Have a smokin' July 4th https://t.co/ofeItrgQ33
Throwback @nikesoccer #WorldCup ad by director Guy Ritchie featuring "Don't Speak" #TakeItToTheNextLevel #tbt https://t.co/SuLiGecgfK
RT @JohnAxford: I absolutely love this @nikefootball ad, but my favorite part is that they used @EODMofficial as the Soundtrack! https://t.…
Check it out - @jesseEODM recently teamed up with @SinnerSinners for a live version of "I Want You So Hard" https://t.co/2P3q4GWRgU
Join us at @FestivalSupreme in Downtown LA 10/25 w/ @RealTenaciousD + more - Tix on sale Fri https://t.co/j8E7I4cBGq https://t.co/UVgCPK4hUm
RT @qotsa: It's all Smooth Sailing from here on out. https://t.co/us6epI8H3a
Baby Duck via @jesseEODM https://t.co/uDpQFkM98j
On an airplane bound for the US of A after another epic @soundwavefest - Always sorry to leave you Oz #SW14
RT @SidewalkHustle: That time we rocked the fug out to @jesseEODM & @EODMofficial at the Hi-Fi Bar in Melbourne, Australia. DAMN --> http:/…
RT @pushtofire: Have you planned your day for @soundwavefest? Who are you keen to see? We recommend @thisisletlive @AFI @EODMofficial @Cros…
RT @jesseEODM: Valentine's Day @theVIPERroom rocked balls. Thanks @AngelaHoltzen for the photo sexiness https://t.co/gv42iIlTmC
RT @striffle: FUCK YEAH! There's no question about getting these tix! @The_HiFi: JUST ANNOUNCED @EODMofficial, @RFTCRFTC & @MUTEMATH play T…
Flashback. @jesseEODM @GlastoFest '09 https://t.co/cZuu2Z70hy
New dates on-sale in Australia: @The_HiFi https://t.co/Nr1MNcV20P
Want in her pants? Do this for Valentine's Day. Join us at @theVIPERroom 2/14. Get tickets at https://t.co/FrIQD1S8II https://t.co/AS05H6X1Xx